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Your organization lives and dies based on how well you satisfy your customers. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your goods or services are if you cannot attract a suitable user base and maintain the level of people paying for what you offer.

If sales are stagnating or you have been losing valuable customers lately, it’s time to take steps to build up stronger relationships with them.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is designed to boost your relationships with customers as well as help you determine who your most valuable customers actually are so you can focus more attention on them. Today, a CRM solution can help your organization develop keen insights into consumer behavior so you can fine-tune your approach and benefit your bottom line.


For example, you may be laboring under the impression that 75 percent of your customers are satisfied, based on anecdotal evidence from your sales and support staff. However, you might only have 40 percent satisfaction, which CRM processes will help you quickly ascertain so you can do something about the problem.

When valuable information about customers and sales is spread out among disconnected systems and databases, it can be hard to get a handle on what’s really going on in your business. This is where OpenXcell can make a big difference for your organization.

Value Proposition

OpenXcell’s team of knowledgeable experts has plenty of experience in supporting our customers with CRM solutions. We will consult with you and come up with a cohesive strategy to develop a customized CRM system or upgrade and improve your existing CRM processes.

We destroy barriers between silos of your various silos of customer information. What’s more, OpenXcell will assist you in integrating social media with mobile applications and CRM in the cloud to give your organization the flexibility it needs for maximum success. This is especially critical for organizations that have personnel deployed on the road and need to help them collaborate and share information more efficiently.

We keep on top of the latest CRM developments in academia and industry so that we can consult with our customers to redesign their CRM processes or create brand new CRM solutions.

If you’ve been suffering under an antiquated legacy system that cobbles together unrelated processes, we will help you deploy a modern CRM solution. Doing so will bring more transparency to your organization as well as help you unify activities amongst your various business concerns, such as subsidiaries.

We will integrate CRM with your enterprise applications for maximum effectiveness.

OpenXcell works with leading industry partners to deliver you total CRM solutions, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.

Our goal is to improve your processes and reduce the time it takes you to introduce your new goods and services to the marketplace. Incorporating social media channels and mobile in CRM will further help you expand your brand.

Why OpenXcell?

The CRM solutions that OpenXcell provides are entirely focused on how you can better serve your customers. We consider and involve all departments in your organization, using architecture that will easily scale up to meet your future needs. The name of the game here is consistency throughout all processes and departments.

Thanks to the social aspects of CRM that we will provide, you can transform loyal customers into satisfied advocates for your brand to further increase sales and profits.

Our Valueshore model ensures that our customers who are looking to outsource their CRM get the best possible return on their investment. We follow industry best practices for maximum efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership.


At OpenXcell, our experts provide Customer Relationship Management solutions for a variety of industries. Specialized CRM examples include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Gaming and Hospitality
  • Telecom

For details on how the team at OpenXcell can assist you with a customized CRM approach, please contact us today.

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We are very happy to work with OpenXcell team and looking to work with them again in future.
It may sound strange that what I’ve found unique about OpenXcell is their honesty and integrity.