Partnering Openxcell

Our expertise with internet and mobile technology, high quality and innovative solutions, reduced total cost of development and flexible delivery model helps you achieve your business objective in terms of timeline, quality and budget.

We, at OpenXcell, understand the value of immediate scaling at same time maintaining operational excellence and reducing liabilities for our partners in dynamic global ever-expanding market. We understand need for our partners to expand rapidly to take advantage of opportunities and gain competitive advantages. Our services and solutions, at OpenXcell, are devised and delivered to effectively deal with the business challenges and objective of partner companies.

As a OpenXcell partner, you enjoy the advantages of

  • Depth and breadth of our service and solution portfolio.
  • Offshore development cost differential.
  • Trained high quality global IT workforce with diverse technology skills.
  • Enhance your market competitiveness by focusing on your core business functions.
  • Higher productivity and return on investment.
  • Referencing through our website.
  • Full technical assistance.
  • 24/7 – hour technical support.
  • Quality solutions developed by following standard and rigorous quality processes.

OpenXcell offers following Partnership Models

  • Outsourcing Partnership
  • Extend your office to an offshore location in India.
    Enjoy cost-cutting up to 60% by extending your office to India.
    Stop worrying about staff entitlements, personnel management, pensions, safety and regulatory measures.
    You no longer need to recruit, train and update skills when scaling or rescaling or shifting technology domains.
    Stop worrying about technology turns, equipment upgrades, software licenses, software upgrades, instead, simply make OpenXcell your outsourcing
    Partner and start gaining full advantage from day one.

  • Reseller Partnership
  • Resell your own services to your existing and new clients according to your pricing model and brand. It is like having your own software development company. OpenXcell will provide you with required services which are sold at your cost and brand value. In such setup we take all responsibility of development, project execution, programming and maintenance on determined timeline and budget, while you focus on marketing, expanding your customer base, gathering project requirements, transferring project details to development team. We will sign non-disclosure agreement, maintain strict confidentiality and keep ourselves obscure from your clients.

  • Representative of OpenXcell
  • As per this partnership model, you will represent OpenXcell technolabs Pvt. Ltd and its services in your specific geography. All inquiries from clients in your geography will be directed to you. You will be providing client interaction while openXcell team at offshore centre will execute the project. For each successful project, OpenXcell will share pre-determined commission percentage with you.

  • Referral Partnership
  • You can promote our services to your relationship. If the referral leads to an successful order for OpenXcell, we will be delighted to pay you referral fee.

    For more information Contact Us. Our Business Development Team will present you the specific details needed to start our partnership.