5 Great Apps for Managing Your Remote Workers (Guest Post)


Contrary to the concerns of some of the skeptics, a remote working arrangement is not necessarily a danger to productivity. As a matter of fact, in many cases, it’s the exact opposite. Studies have shown that a remote working arrangement can create a great boost in productivity for businesses that implement it.

Remote working has also been linked to an overall higher level of morale. Successful remote working teams get more done, hit milestones faster, and are left feeling less stressed in the process. However, these ideal benefits are most easily achieved with the right technological solutions to manage your remote team.

Here are five apps that can help you get organized, boost productivity and manage your remote workers.



Slack is a team messaging app that helps you streamline and deepen the entire team’s flow of communication. It allows you to quickly share important ideas and files, without the need for other apps or email platforms.


Slack has the ability to create designated communication channels, both public and private, for specific topics. It also allows you to easily transfer photographs, documents, and videos. You could either message an employee directly or establish a virtual meeting with all team members at once. Within Slack, there is collective communication power that meets the team’s needs in one intuitive package.



Managing remote employees can bring on a lot of stress to managers. Unfortunately, this is one of the disadvantages of employing a telecommuting policy. Since all of the employees are not physically present at the same place and often aren’t required to be available at the same time, it can get difficult to manage them. As a result, managers need to be extremely skillful at coordinating multiple projects and doing many things at the same time.


With WorkflowMax, you can have a clear point of view on every ongoing project. If any projects happen to be running late, you’ll be able to address the most urgent time crunches as soon as it becomes apparent that they’re cutting close to the deadline.

The application not only allows you to check up on projects in progress but also serves as an invoicing solution as well. You can easily adapt and integrate the app into just about every industry.


Google Drive

One of the most common speed bumps your remote team can run into is the dreaded back-and-forth email volley. Not only is it tedious to trade emails in succession, but there’s also a risk of overlooking or deleting important information by mistake. With Google Drive’s cloud storage, the team can collaboratively work on the same document together and be free of the need to trade endless drafts between their inboxes.

google drive

After you’ve granted the permissions on the Drive document, select team members who will be fully capable of updating it with any needed edits and comments. Now the team can easily work together online. If you install the Google Drive extension on the Chrome browser you can access the app’s documents offline as well.



Sometimes, technology can start acting in unpredictable ways at the most predictably unfortunate times. Even if the problem isn’t necessarily one that takes an IT expert to fix, physically relocating to fix it might still cost valuable time and money that you don’t have. When you’ve got a remote team to manage, minor IT problems that compromise your communication flow can be more than just a headache.


With TeamViewer, you and your team can handle these problems easily. This app allows you to connect remotely to your employees’ computers and can help you diagnoses and addresses IT issues. This can help you stay on task without missing a beat.

TeamViewer also allows you to share your screen and transfer files which come very useful when holding presentations. Just like all the other apps on the list, this one is smartphone-compatible. This means you can freely connect, communicate, and manage while mobile.



As a manager, you need to have an organized list of work tasks and this is just as important for a remote team as it is for an in-house team. With Evernote, you’ve got the ability to create a specially designed note for one or more important tasks. You can create these reminders as a picture, in simple text form, or just as a scheduled reminder.


Also, you can store all created notes in the cloud and synchronize them to each of your devices. Whenever you need them you can search for them and quickly pull them up. You can even use handwritten elements to search for documents that have them.



Each of these applications can help you make the most out of a remote working arrangement’s proven potential to boost your team’s productivity, efficiency, and morale. With a low learning curve and top-notch organization, you can use these apps to take your remote worker’s competence to the next level.


Lisa Michaels

Lisa Michaels

Lisa is a freelance writer, editor and a striving content marketing consultant from Portland. Being self-employed, she does her best to stay on top of the current trends in the business world. She spends her free time trying out new recipes or reading Scandinavian crime novels.