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5 New Tips To Spruce Up Your Business Site For Better Ranking


When Google announced that it would be moving to Mobile-First Index, it caused quite a flutter. Businesses needed to ensure their sites were responsive and were able to provide a good user experience to their visitors. The job doubles if they have different desktop and mobile versions of their sites. The job of SEO, development and maintenance teams never ends. Your website needs to make good impression and has to serve your customers optimally. Tweaking your website is a continuous process.  Different CMS systems, constantly changing search engine algorithms and the regular updates keep everyone on their toes. So, what’s brewing? Let’s find out the latest. Here are some new tips to keep both your mobile and desktop sites in ship shape.


#1   Get Rid Of Mobile Pages With Interstitials


Google did say last year, that it would be putting its weight behind “Mobile First” strategy. As mentioned earlier, expect to hear more on Mobile First indexing as we slowly go into the year. The last we heard Google said it is in no hurry to implement mobile first indexing. But – Google loves mobiles – everyone knows.  As a proof of its focused attention on making the lives of mobile users smoother it has started devaluing the sites which have pages with intrusive interstitials (Pop – Ups) that hinder users from reading the content easily on their mobile devices. So if you still have such pop-ups on your mobile site, get rid of them as soon as possible or risk getting lower ranks in search results.


#2  Use Mobile-Friendly Test API


We already have a Mobile Friendly Test Tool to manually check if the site is mobile friendly. Google took all the feedback into account and is ready with Mobile Friendly Test API (Beta). This Search Console URL Testing Tools API enables you to run different performance and validation checks against a single web page. It will make the job of developers easier and will help in getting the issues resolved faster. They will be able to test URLs using automated tools. Google has provided sample codes for users which will enable them to learn all about using this Search Console URL Testing Tools API.


#3 Have Quality Canonical AMP Pages



Google has clarified that it doesn’t use AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for ranking purposes. Google will only judge the quality of your site based on your AMPs if your AMPs are your canonical versions. It means if you tell Google that the AMPs are your primary version for a site, only then Google will rank those AMPs according to its algorithms.

It is always good if you work on your AMPs and make them as rich as the main version. Your visitors want to see you at your best when they visit you the first time even if it is through a mobile device.


#4 Third Party Tools to Check Penalties Aren’t Affiliated To Google


When the ranking of your site goes down all of a sudden there is panic and then there is this tendency to run towards third party tools to find out details on what went wrong. John Muller, the Webmaster trend analyst at Google clearly stated at Webmaster’s Central Help forum that third party penalty checker tools are not valid and not the right option to use. Only Google knows about your penalties and people who have access to your site in the Google Search Console. When there are manual penalties you receive emails in Google Webmaster tools. Algorithmic penalties can be tracked by reading data and by tracking the updates from Google. So, do not waste your time on third-party tools.


#5 Save Your Site From User Generated Spam


You need to keep your site spam free so that the users who use your site and your forums have  good experience. Spammy comments try to get traffic from your site. They could have content and links on topics completely unrelated to your site. To protect your site from spammy comments you should keep your site secure with latest updates. Add CAPTCHAs so that automated scripts cannot be uploaded to your site easily. Keep an eye on users who post too frequently. Enable comment moderation- it will help you be on the top of things.


These are some tips which can help you and your teams. That is all from my end. Until next time. Adios.

Priyanka Garg

Priyanka Garg

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