The 6 Ultimate Questions to Ask Your Potential App Development Company

Potential App Development Company

Should I Even Make An App?

You go to a marketing company in order to improve your sales, you go to a staffing company to get more employees. Why do you go to an app developer? It’s a question with an obvious answer, but the reasons for developing an app are different from each company or individual. What would an app do for a product, a brand, or a service? Those with only a vague idea of how an app can help their business need to commit to a more concrete business plan for creating e-content their customers will find useful.

What Project Management Process Will You Use?

Getting from point A to point B in the digital development world is far easier said than done. Many app developers like to put down an iron-clad timeline for production, but flexibility can be far more practical than knowing when you’ll get the app ready-to-use in the palm of your hand. A project management process like Agile will allow for team members to collaborate on the project while you get updates on the progress from coding to testing. It’s possible to get even more frequent updates: OpenXcell will give daily tidbits on progress and milestones of the project when they happen.

Of All The Projects Your Company Has Previously Completed, Which One Are You Most Proud Of And Why?

Some companies have a crown jewel that they’re eager to trot out to show customers. Remember that you always want to look at the best example of an app to determine its quality, its ease of use (your parents should be able to navigate through it without a problem), its aesthetics, and its success on the marketplace. Their best example doesn’t have to be similar to your field or desired specifications, but it does need to be a pleasent and practical experience.

How Will We Communicate During The Development Process?

If the idea of sifting through 20 emails per day from the team doesn’t sound appealing to you, set clear guidelines about how to get in touch with your end, including how to resolve potential conflicts and give standard updates. Whether you want a group chat session on Skype or a one-to-one phone call or if you prefer to be keyed into the task management system itself, make certain that everyone is on the same page when it comes to communication.

How Will You Measure The Success Of The App?

Do you want the app to put your company into the black, to register ten thousand new customers, or to be the next viral sensation on social media? Success for app production and distribution can mean different things for different organizations. Ask how they will measure the analytics of the app and how they can interpret that data to determine whether or not its proliferation can be termed satisfactory.

How Do You Manage Updates?

No app is static, especially not when thousands and thousands of users begin to interact with it. Ongoing updates, including (but not limited to) content, maintenance, and customer service will be a necessity. Do you require the app to have some sort of IT management features? Set a schedule for after the app’s launch in order to plan for updates and benchmarks that may require returning to the source code itself.
Inhouse or Outsource

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