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OpenXcell’s expertise will enable you to explore and navigate the potential of Blockchain and pilot solutions customized to your business line.


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The Blockchain technology is re-inventing the way we transact. Its activity is exploding globally.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. Similar to the Internet where exchange of data happens, a Blockchain will enable exchange of values to carry out any transaction. Data stored on a Blockchain cannot be manipulated. The model poses to be absolutely resistant to theft and tamper.

Applications of Blockchain

Blockchain can support a wide range of applications. The most well known is cryptocurrency like Bitcoins. Blockchain-based applications include any business transaction that can include right from Business order tracking, Supply chain, Banking and Finance, E-learning, Healthcare, Online shopping portals, Insurance, Travel, Music, Renewable energy, Contract validation and so on.

What can you expect from Blockchain?

  • Automation
  • Reduce data storage cost
  • Reduce time
  • Eliminates duplication of data
  • Enhance data security
  • Reduce risk

So, are you tempted to transact via a Blockchain? Then, the only quick time solution is to get in touch with OpenXcell. Our skilful expertise in Blockchain development can develop and design all the services ranging from simple to advanced Blockchain architecture to meet your business specifications.

OpenXcell is the right place to explore the gamut of Blockchain services that can help you increase your business productivity.

Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract

Smart contracts are software linked to the Blockchain. Smart contracts guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency of many online processes.

Smart Contract Audit

Every smart contract requires a review – an audit. OpenXcell team will get your smart contract codes behave the way it is intended to.

Private Blockchain

Private Blockchains are built for organizations and are operated by the organizations only.

Supply chain Blockchain

Blockchain enables the creation of a transparent supply chain process with the clean dissemination of data by developing a distributed ledger for your supply chain.


Ethereum is an open software platform based on Blockchain technology that facilitates the development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (ĐApps).


Buying, selling or exchanging multiple cryptocurrencies are possible through a Cryptocurrency exchange. OpenXcell specializes in developing custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions.


Hyperledger is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger based on Blockchain technology that uses smart contracts.


Ethereum based applications and smart contracts are written in a language named Solidity. It is used to execute smart contracts in any Blockchain.


A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that acts as a digital wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to extend a high level of security.

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