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10 Best Innovative Apps on iTunes (Guest Post)

Innovative Apps on Apple Store

Some days it feels like your smartphone is attached to your hand, like a personal assistant, helping you to keep everything in order as you check things off a never ending list. But as helpful and convenient as she may be, Siri can’t do everything for you. So, in case, you were wondering, yes, there’s an app—or 10—for that.

Who knew that your life could be so “drag and drop-able” until now? Here are 10 of the best innovative apps on iTunes.


Image Source: Business Insider

#1. Ampme

Don’t just go to a party—be the party, says Ampme. This innovative app allows you to sync up your phone’s speakers perfectly with your friends’ phones to play your music loud enough for everyone to hear. The best part about Ampme? You can’t “join the party” without your “party code”. Aw yeah.

#2. BigOven

Big Oven

If your collection of handwritten recipes and cooking notes scrawled into the margins of worn-out pieces of notepad paper has you feeling harried and disorganized (a too-many-cooks-in-the -kitchen kind of a feeling) the BigOven app will gather them all together for you. You can also search their extensive library of recipes for new ideas, “clip” recipes you found online or type in some ingredients on their leftovers feature for dinner tonight.

#3. Sunshine

This high-tech weather app aims to be the best and most precise in interactive software. It delivers personal weather forecasts to your phone by gathering data from your local area so you’ll be prepared for the whole day. Just make sure you give it feedback because the more data it receives, the more accurate it can be.

#4. Hopper


Hopper helps you to plan vacations and save money by predicting when the most affordable flights will be. It analyzes billions of flight prices every day to alert you of the best deals and provides secure storage of your flight information so you can book instantly.

#5. Lark

Imagine having your own personal nutritionist and weight-loss coach contained in an app on your phone (sort of like Jillian Michaels, but nicer) and you have Lark. Lark counts calories for you, engages in pleasant and encouraging conversation, and will track your sleep, eating, and exercising habits to help you lose weight. Created by health and fitness professionals, Lark is there to support you on your weight loss journey 24/7.

#6. Shyp


Shipping items tend to be a hassle that is rarely ever quick and easy. The Shyp app aims to solve this problem and make shipping convenient and as the New York Times calls it, “magical”. Simply take a photo of the item with the app and a professional will arrive within 20 minutes to pick up your item, package it, and ship it to you.

#7. Google Photos

Google Photos

Image Source: Simple Good Supply

If you have ever struggled to find a photo on your phone or computer, the Google Photos app is here to solve that for you. It organizes and stores all your images (with unlimited storage space) on the app and offers a unique search feature that allows you to simply describe the picture you are looking for. This way, you’ll never lose the “Mom in funny hat” photo — or your audience— ever again.

#8. Workflow

Automate your day with the Workflow app, a software program that allows you to create apps and actions for seamless and efficient productivity. Simply drag and drop different items and place them in the order of importance for you. And if ordering a pizza is on top, then that’s up to you.

#9. Jet


Online shopping has now become even simpler thanks to Jet. It functions like Amazon by offering almost everything you could need on their app, but unlike the e-commerce site, it will find you more savings as you add more items to your cart. Basically, the more you buy, the more you save. Adding to the convenience is free 2-5 day shipping and free returns. Like Modernize, they are also passionate about delivering the most modern for your money.

#10. Slack

Easily communicate with your colleagues and co-workers across all channels by using Slack. Designed to eliminate the clunky, disorganized inbox, Slack’s real-time messaging, file sharing, and chat room features make every workday as smooth as possible.

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Katherine Oakes

Katherine is a writer, yoga instructor, and vocalist living in Northern New Jersey