20 Best App Advertising Platforms to Maximize App Monetization

Best App Advertising Platforms

There are multiple ways that your organization can make money from apps after developing them, ranging from the initial sale for paid apps to in-app purchases. Many companies find that the most suitable way to monetize their apps is by using an advertising platform to get them a higher return on their investment.

You have a number of app advertising platforms to choose from but may not be sure where to start. Our team regularly evaluates these platforms so we can provide our customers with the best information to guide them in their selection. With that in mind, here are the 20 best app advertising platforms to bring you maximum revenue.

1. AdMob

One of the most impressive advertising platforms currently available, AdMob’s major claim to fame is its massive base of advertisers. It is owned by Google and provides an integrated software development kit to connect over popular mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. AdMob has a high CPC to help you get the best ROI.

2. Millennial Media

Millennial Media

Millennial Media’s is known for being the first mobile ad network that went to the next level through an initial public offering. This platform provides a wealth of research and intelligence, and you can use it to quickly set up a campaign for advertisers to compete for your business.

3. Tapjoy


If you have developed a mobile game, you’ll want to consider Tapjoy because of its expertise with in-app purchases. It enables your users to earn virtual currency that they can cash in for content in more than 20,000 games to date.

4. Chartboost


Looking to get more information on what your users are doing with your game? The Chartboost platform provides integrated analytics and serves ads primarily to meet your cross-promotional marketing campaign requirements.

5. Flurry


The team at Flurry has amassed a treasure trove of user data from more than 700 million smartphones and other mobile devices. Use it for interstitial, takeover and video ads on iOS and Android.

6. Vungle


Not all ads are boring to users. Think of all the people who pay attention to the amazing ads that air during the Super Bowl, for example. Vungle is devoted to helping you monetize your app with interesting and engaging video ads that your end users will enjoy viewing.

7. AppLovin


AppLovin enables you to offer personalized recommendations to users along with targeted promotions and other offerings. This platform serves requests for more than 7 billion ads each day along with 10 TB of user data.

8. Adfonic (Byyd)


Adfonic, now re-branded as Byyd, offers a 95 percent fill rate on average for Android and iOS platforms. Focusing on rich media ads, Byyd delivers ads from major agencies and brands including ESPN, Amazon and Samsung. A major benefit of Byyd is the ability to set up and manage multiple accounts.

9. Aditic


Created and owned by mobile marketing company Sofialys, Aditic is a major ad mobile network that provides you with support for a number of platforms, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, Java and Samsung Bada.

10. Kiip


Use Kiip to reward your end users when they play your game on a mobile device. When they earn enough rewards, players can redeem them for actual items, such as snacks and drinks.

Above all these, there are many more geographically targeted Mobile App Advertising Platforms which helps local Indie developers to market their apps. Some of these are:

11. Hunt

Does your app target a Spanish speaking audience? Hunt is a premiere independent mobile advertising platform that focuses on all of Latin America as well as the Hispanic market in the United States. It provides reporting API tools and a software development kit to help you better target your audience.

12. Admoda

Based in the United Kingdom, Admoda was founded in 2006 and provides a number of mobile ad solutions, such as Click to Call, banner ads and text ads. You can select CPC, CPM or a flat rate payout structure to best monetize your app.

13. NativeX

Are you seeking to make your fortune with a free-to-play game? The NativeX platform is an ad exchange platform that is designed to help you increase revenue with reward-based ad campaigns. It will give you a measure of control by letting you create your own contextual ad forms for improved placement within the game.

14. InMobi

India’s own InMobi advertising platform has impressive credentials, having reached at least 578 customers in 165 countries with more than 93 billion impressions. Use it to serve up HTML-5 rich media ads.

15. Madvertise

If your app is designed with German speakers in mind, consider using Madvertise, a Berlin-based mobile ad platform service that promises to get you into a top app position for at least one day through its KatAPPult solution.

16. MobFox

Looking to gain absolute control over the ads shown in your mobile app? MobFox supports more than 10,000 publishers. It features an open-source software development kit, dynamic floor pricing and real time bidding through more than 30 integrated ad networks.

17. Mojiva

Mojiva promotes its system for scouring through publishers’ mobile websites for significant keywords thanks to its crafty algorithms. Indexing these keywords lets Mojiva effectively match them with ads that advertisers are interested in placing.

18. MobPartner

Providing what it bills as risk-free marketing campaigns that are based on performance, MobPartner has an international presence in more than 200 countries and uses a cost per action or CPA model to support CPI, CPL and CPS.

19. MoPub

If you want a rich variety of advertisement options, MoPub enables interstitial ads, expand ads, landing ads, banner and HTML 5 ads, as well as static images and ORMMA rich Media ads. This takes place in a marketplace that lets bidders quote fees for your organization’s desired ad impressions for your app.

20. RevMob

Pop-up and interstitial ads are often the best method for reaching users in your games, which is why you will want to consider going with the RevMob platform. It provides reporting data and instant analytics and supports Android, Corona, iOS and Unity.

The knowledgeable team at OpenXcell has vast experience helping our customers monetize their apps, and we stay on top of developments in app advertising platforms so that we can advise you on the best solution for your particular needs. For more information on developing your next app and ensuring that it brings you maximum revenue, please contact OpenXcell today.


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    Hey Jayneel, you forgot one of the emerging networks in the marketplace, Pollfish (http://www.pollfish.com) which delivers surveys instead of ads through mobile apps.

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    Hi! Thank you for the review list. My favorite one is ad-maven. I use that monetization network for 2 years. Can not find anything better.

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