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5 Little Known Facts That Can Double Your Ecommerce Conversions [Guest Post]

Ecommerce conversions

The Internet is ruling the new age world but what’s ruling the internet. It’s not social media nor is it Pokemon Go, it is the E-commerce sector.  Online buying and selling is the new trend through which people are purchasing things from pin to the plane. Online tickets, the latest gadgets, and the latest music everything is on sale on the e-commerce websites. But with tremendous potential comes great competition as well. With internet reaching every house it’s getting more challenging to operate by the day. So what do the companies do to enhance sales? Here is a small list of some facts that can double your e-commerce conversions.

Fact # 1 Observing the customer’s internet usage time and remarketing

Though this seems to be a very negligible thing but in reality, it is the nectar of the large fruit. Observing the consumer’s time spent on the internet, data and its duration can actually help.

  • The marketing team can plan a better pitch for promotion.
  • This also helps the team filter out whether the customer is frequent over the internet or not and as to how much time does the customer spent in toggling over various websites which can really boost the team judgment of the taste and preference of the customer.
  • This also helps in understanding whether the client uses the internet over a specific period of time of at any time of the day.
  • It also helps in planning the offer by using a reminder mail or call.
  • Along with this keeping a check on a client coming back and checking the same product over varied websites at different times of the day week or month can tell the team a lot about what the client actually wants to buy or can buy in the near future. This is a clear indication that the customer is looking for the product and the more the customer compares the product replicated the desperation or need of that product which can help the team plan the best price suitable and pitch it accordingly. Also, this gives a judgment of the preference of the client as he or she would like to buy a product which would suit a taste or the pocket.
  • Keeping a note of this would also help in pricing the product in the best competitive way possible to keep competitors at bay. For e.g. if a client is verifying the same product on two or three websites including yours then it’s always safe to actually marginalize the price of the product the best way possible in order to cut out the competition and help boost online conversions.


Fact#2 Keeping a record of the customer’s related products view

This is again an important judgment of a potential customer. Keeping a track of the kind of products that the customer has been looking for or has been purchasing can give you a great glimpse and understanding whether that client would buy the product or not.

  • This can be done on your website only but it still has enough capacity to give a calculative turn to the next possible pitch.
  • Sometimes the client has been ordering related products for quite some time. This opens the doors for the major product being ordered in the near future.
  • For e.g. if a client is ordering a cooler motor and cooling mats and perfumes in different orders then there is a bright chance that he would also order a cooler online in the near future.
  • Thus pushing in a premeditated pitch for cooler can be beneficial greatly and can lead to a successful online conversion.


Fact#3 Viewing a Customer`s buying pattern over the internet

Noting what the customer is buying is notably a great observation on behalf of the marketing and sales team. A pattern may be of related products or of a category of products or a brand or of a particular company or a series or a collection, the list is endless.

  • This pattern reflects what the customer likes and what the buying capacity is.
  • This if filtered carefully can actually give a glimpse of the class of customer as well and whether the purchase is regular or seasonal or more related to certain dates reflecting anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Certain products are website exclusives and if the customer has shown interest in them in the past or purchased them then it is also a way to convert an online lead.
  • For e.g. if a client has been buying a certain range of high-class perfume on varied dates generally requesting gift wrap reflects that the client buys it as a gift for family members and friends for anniversaries and birthdays.

A sales survey can be conducted asking for client’s birthdays and important dates which can help pitch the offers on these special dates ad lead to online conversions.

Fact#4 Using Live Chat

Live chats help the sales team gather information about the need of the customer and guide him similarly. This gives conclusive proof of whether the client orders are trappable or not. Live chats help in grabbing the opportunity effectively.

  • This also gives an edge to the company to protect the lead from diverting o competitors and once this is controlled the organization is able to stop the lead from running away.
  • Also, this sets in a sense of belongingness and importance which can actually be the game changers in the long run. With Live chats tools like Acquire, or zopin, you can develop the much-needed factor of trust which is essentially the base of e-commerce.
  • For e.g. if a customer wishes to buy a set of headphones but does not know what to buy then a live chat representative can help the customer with the query and lead him to the point of purchasing the product from your website only holding channeling the leads and converting them effectively.

Fact #5 Keeping a check of customer reviews

This may seem bizarre but it is something which can actually act as a hidden tool during pitching. Customers often leave their comments and reviews over the internet which may describe the product experience or the expectation of quality and service.

  • The kind of comments that the customer leaves on the portals can actually help in calculating what the expectation of the customer is and what he wants.
  • This can give a fair idea to the marketing team to pitch the order correctly and also cover all the expectation even before the customer speaks them out.
  • This establishes a sense of trust and makes order conversion easier.


In Closing

There are plenty of other strategies, but if you take care these facts effectively, I am sure you get a good amount of traffic and conversion.

Sawaram Suthar

Sawaram Suthar is a self-motivated digital marketing consultant and growth hacker. He is the founder of Jagat Media - a digital marketing agency and marketing head at Acquire live chat. He helps small & medium and big enterprises to increase their ROI and overall business. Reach him @sawarams or his blog

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    sarah maxwell
    September 2, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Using Live Chat Is an effective solution to maximize conversions. Thank you for such an interesting article Sawaram Suthar.

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