7 Mobile app designing tips by OpenXcell Technolabs

An ideal mobile app is one that keeps the users engrossed with its functionalities and offers a great user interface that eventually compels them to come back over and over again to relive the flawless experience. OpenXcell Technolabs, having technical expertise and profound experience in designing numerous number of creative apps from various disciplines, will take you through some insightful tips on designing an app.

It is important to know Why a good app design is critical to leverage your app’s success:

  • A well designed app in the key to attract, engage and retain the mass for a lifetime.

  • An app that is successful in providing the best user experience through its well formulated UI, is more likely to witness a satisfied and dedicated user base.

  • A well designed app suggests you are prepared to provide a flawlessly functioning app which will inevitably increase user engagement.

  • Consistent user engagement leads to increased user acquisition and thereby helps you to earn a good ranking in the app store which further drives more visibility.

  • Also, congregating a design that is appropriate for the platform and exploits its controls to the maximum, certainly boosts up the value of the app in the app store.

Here, we have discussed 7 tips on designing an mobile app by professionals from OpenXcell Technolabs.

Tip 1: Creating an outstanding visual design should top your priority list

The first thing that your potential users encounter is your app icon and some screenshots on the app store even before downloading the app. These visual components have a major impact on their decision. Your prime goal should be to design a catchy app icon that displays the best visual elements and also reflects the overall feel of your application’s visual graphics. The best method is to conduct various surveys in order to pick the best one.

Tip 2: Your navigation mode should be in flow with your application’s content

The users should find it easy to navigate and also the ‘how to’ navigate within the app itself. Also, the structure or the mode of the navigation should be in sync with the type of content you are planning to offer. These 10 striking examples of iPhone app Navigation will give you a better understanding.

Tip 3: Tweak between the best and appropriate color schemes and theme

This aspect demands you to put your creative skills forward as the ultimate goal would be to make your app aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful platform to engross with. It is always better not to incorporate more than couple of colors especially into the app icon as it would end up making the tiny area clumsy and not so attractive. Let the overall attractiveness of your app explode with least complexity, because you are designing an app and not a website.

Tip 4: Different platforms have different principles to deal with: Design accordingly for each

It is important to understand that your app design matters to the app stores as well and it can be overwhelming for them to encounter an app that has managed to exploit their platforms’ UI and UX principles exceptionally. Also, App store optimization is another area to deal with and each app store has its own specific algorithms to value and rank the applications on the basis of the app’s design elements. The idea is to closely study and  analyse the Android design principles and iOS design principles to deliver accurately.

Tip 5: Pay attention to the smaller aspects as those will make the biggest difference to the overall user experience

We are talking about accurately working on the typography and the selection of the font size. Within the app, you would be dealing with the titles, subtitles and other content and finding a way to differentiate them elegantly. Take your time out to choose the best ones with regard to the size, color, and the style of fonts. Keep in mind, that you are not just working for pleasing your client’s expectations but to help them choose the best one.

Tip 6: Don’t miss out on creating a great splash screen

Splash screen is what your users will encounter the moment they open the app, definitely with a lot of curiosity to know what lies ahead. It is the time when your application is getting geared up and the users are suppose to wait to access the app. You can contemplate to make this instance visually interactive but in the most subtle manner. Or may be you can come up with an extremely appealing visual graphic that is fun to look at and grips their attention for a while.


Tip 7: The design should be consistent with your product or brand’s corporate design

The alignment between your app’s design and and your brand’s core design is critical. There are certain elements of your brand that can be extracted and incorporated in the application so that users can actually feel that the interaction is personalized and it is taking place with a specific brand. It might be difficult to enforce those design elements in a particular template as you would need to personalize the same. Make sure you tweak between a couple of templates so as to find out which template fits perfectly and can be best manipulated for personalization.

WRITTEN BY Jayneel Patel

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