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8 Categories of Real-Time Apps to Fast-track Your Life

Real Time App Categories

Stephen King – does he need an introduction? One of the most prolific and popular authors of this century, wouldn’t have been living today, had the next-door neighbor not noticed, a tiny little toddler crawling on the roof of a building, all by himself. Stephen’s nanny was fast asleep when this incident took place. Only if Stephen’s late mother, Ruth King had Sygic – the family locator app, she wouldn’t have let the situation escalate to this extent and, in all probability, would have thrown that nanny out, on her first day itself. Being a working mother myself, I can sympathize with Ruth King.           

No wonder, apps have become an indispensable part of my life now and, also an inevitable part of many other lives too.

Want to make up with your hubby at this very moment? Cheer up, there’s WhatsApp at your service.  It will relate your emotions verbatim. Want to break up with your hubby at this very moment? Fine enough. Collect crucial evidences against him via a spy app. The apps only job is to track your spouse’s whereabouts. There’s a meeting to be attended in New York, but you are still stranded at California Airport?  No worries. NetMeeting is a VOIP app that could connect you to the board meeting, where ever you are. World Cup is on, but you have been ordered to stay put in the office? No problem, there’s cricket score app that gives you a blow-by-blow account. Want to reach home early to attend your daughter’s birthday party? Take the road less traveled with real-time traffic information and voice-based navigation app. Yes, nowadays, there’s an app for this and there’s an app for that.  And, before we forget, there’s an app for real-time sun protection advice as well.

By far, the apps have added both pace and peace to our lives. Here we consider some 8 amazing real-time app categories that could help accelerate the pace of your life, thereby usher in some peace into our lives. 

1] Real- Time Instant Messaging / Chat apps

Real- Time Instant Messaging

If you are of this world you cannot miss out on instant messaging/chat apps. They are so common and handy. Late for work? Inform the HR personnel via Whatsapp, or whichever app you are comfortable with. Appointment with your family doctor? Just drop by a message at MessageMe app and your doctor knows you are on the way. No more phone calls and leave applications. This is a real-time world and information and updates have to be offered on the fly.

The top 3 most popular instant messaging apps to behold are: WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat.

2] Real-Time VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Apps

real time voip

As you already know, VoIP is known by different names, like Internet telephony, IP telephony, or Voice over the Internet (VOI). Today, there are several telephony applications available, which helps reduce the cost of calls (as it uses the internet to make calls), simplifies administration process and improves collaboration and productivity in an organization.

Case in point: CoolTalk and NetMeeting are two popularly used VoIPs. These apps come bundled with popular web browsers. However, there are stand-alone products as well.

No matter where you are headquartered, CoolTalk helps your office employees scattered anywhere in the world to reach you and vice-versa. It connects Skype to landlines and mobile at really low costs. It also supports audio conferencing, whiteboard, and chat tools. Even NetMeeting app help businesses collaborate on a larger scale and make things work more efficiently than before. Besides official purposes, one can even use both these apps for socializing, maintaining relationships and more.

3] Real-Time Collaboration Apps

Real Time Collaboration apps

There are hundreds of team collaboration apps that claim to increase productivity and optimize the work flow of the company, but only a few walk the talk. And the ones that have drawn our eyeballs are Drop Box, Skitch, Salesforce, Dynamics business analyzer, Google Apps, Tempo, and Evernote Business.

One of the most popular apps in this category is the Dropbox app because it’s the best app for file sharing and collaboration. You can easily share PDFs, files and folders across devices. You can even star a file, and view it offline. The app comes with 2.5 GB of free storage space. You can even upgrade your account at a flat rate of $ 100 per year for 100 GB of space. The app also offers 250 MB of storage space for free once you finish five of the seven Getting Started tasks.

4] Real-Time Location Tracking Apps

Real Time Location apps

It’s 1-O-O Clock in the night and your teenage son hasn’t returned home. Click on the eZoom app and it will help you zero down on your son easily. eZoom is a portable tracking and safety GPS locator. It not only helps you track your kids, it can also be used to track vehicles, assets and valuables. It’s waterproof and extremely durable. There are other tracking apps as well, such as Tile app, Nearby Friends , Foursquare, Life 360 and more. Nowadays, there are special child tracker apps, spy apps to spy on your spouses and more.

5] Real-Time Whiteboard Animations Apps

Whiteboard_animation apps

Time flies by, especially in the business realm. Suddenly, business rambles are considered  time-consuming. This is where the whiteboard animation app comes into the picture. You can convey complicated strategies and points by simply drawing sketches on the board. Since the entire process gets recorded, you can view the presentation, time and again.

Additionally, you can kick some life into your boring business presentations with this delightful tool. Just download the app to make your presentations as interesting as possible. You don’t need the technical know-how to create them. The app helps you to quickly, easily and creatively kick your boring business presentation into high gear.

6] Real-time Dashboard Apps

Real Time dashboard app

Monitor all your business activities in real-time with real-time dashboards. Be it social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure or any other data related to your business… view all at one place with real-time dashboard. For example, the Cyfe app helps you view all the required data in real time.

7] Real-time Storage & Sync Apps

Real Time Sync

Storing and syncing data in real-time with real time apps have become easier, thanks to fast internet availability in different parts of the world and easy availability of services like Jumpshare and Dropbox. How does the real-time storage and sync app actually operate? When data changes, updates are instantly sent across devices via web or mobile. So you don’t just store data, you get to sync it across devices. If a key member is making any change in the document, other group members will come to know about it through this real-time app. Copy is a great new file sharing and cloud storage service. It’s available for desktop, mobile and web. The service makes file sharing as well as collaboration simple and intuitive.

8] Real-time Strategy & Multiplayer Games

game of thrones real time strategy game

Games have become a ubiquitous part of almost all children’s and adolescents’ lives. About 97% children play for at least one hour per day in the United States. And with real -time Strategy and Multiplayer games being launched, the craze has reached its crescendo. Even experts vouch for these games saying that it’s enhances the mental health and well-being in children and adolescents. Simply put, children use online games for achieving emotional mastery in their lives.

The top 3 real-time apps for iPhone and Android are Starfront Collision, Anomaly Korea, and Plague Inc.


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