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8 Things You Must Know About WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a widely used ecommerce plugin from the company Automattic for WordPress. You can design your complete ecommerce store on WooCommerce. You can sell your services or products online on your online store. You can select any WordPress theme for your ecommerce store and work with WooCommerce to bring your online store into existence. There are customized themes for WooCommerce. Let’s know a bit more about WooCommerce.


#1 It Is A Very Popular Platform

WooCommerce is easy to set up and most customizable ecommerce platform. It powers over 39% of all online stores. Latest data from Builtwith shows WooCommerce powering 42% of all online stores.


#2 WooCommerce is Open Source

WooCommerce is open source and is perfect for small businesses. There are plenty of plug-ins available for you. You can choose the ones that suit you the best. Some plug-ins are good for selling digital goods like books and music; some work well with physical goods like clothes and shoes. There are hundreds of extensions available for you to choose from. As an Open Source software WooCommerce allows third party developers to create plug-ins and extensions. You have full control over your store.


#3 Setting Up WooCommerce Site is Easy

Install WordPress. Install WooCommerce Plugin. After setting up the Plug-in you need to go to the settings to set up the page further. From settings you need to choose ‘Products’ and add the products, product categories, coupons, tags, shipping and taxes details, payment gateway etc. Detailed ‘Getting started’ section which describes every step in detail will guide you. You can move the elements according to your liking. There are Guided tour videos, which are very helpful too. After setting up your website you should test it properly.

You could also take help of skilled professionals who can help you set up your WooCommerce site with expertise.


#4 WooCommerce Is Versatile

With the help of WooCommerce you can easily turn your website into a fully functional online store. You don’t need any licence. You can install your store on the server of your choice. You just need to pay hosting charges. You can opt for Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a kind of business model where stock is purchased only after a sale is made and the products are directly shipped to the customer bypassing the dropshipper.

You could sell physical goods on your store. You could sell digital goods like photos, music, books and more on your store developed on WooCommerce. If you are into Affiliate Marketing, you can develop your own website to promote the products of others for a commission on sales. If you are a content site and you don’t want to give away all your content for free, you can convert it into a membership site with the help of Group plugins from WooCommerce. You can hide select content behind a paywall for select members. You can also have a subscription based site where you bill your customers monthly for continued access.

#5 WooCommerce Helps You With Social Media & SEO

WordPress is known for giving its users plenty of help and tips for SEO. Users edit and tweak content to make it more SEO friendly. WooCommerce is built on WordPress. There are several good third party plugins that help you with SEO of your site. You can effectively manage, analyse and tweak all your SEO efforts to get better results. You could also use dedicated WooCommerce plugins like Yoast WooCommerce SEO which help you on social networking sites like Pinterest, twitter and Facebook and help you at the backend too.

#6 WooCommerce Is Very Safe

WooCommerce is Open Source. Its vulnerabilities are patched quickly at a much higher rate than the other closed source alternatives.  Automattic, the company which owns WooCommerce works closely with WordPress security professionals and other security experts like Sucuri who are the best at what they do. Vulnerabilities are checked and plugged. It is updated routinely. WooCommerce has an easy one-click update system. Getting security updates and bug fixed is therefore very easy. WooCommerce also benefits immensely from the worldwide developer community which helps it improve faster. As a site owner if you take payments, you need to be PCI compliant and get an SSL certificate and follow other best practices to keep your customers safe from your end.

#7 WooCommerce Provides You With Great Analytics

WooCommerce has its own inbuilt analytics. It provides you with neat data and pie graphs. You can get data on daily sales, individual customer statistics, average order totals and more. It is easy for you to know how your website is performing on day to day basis.

You can however integrate other analytical solutions to your WooCommerce site. You can add Google analytics. You can get more from it if you add WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro extension. You can use other tools like Kissmetrics, Mixpanel and Hotjar too.


#8 WooCommerce and AdRoll Integration

This integration happened in September 2016. With WooCommerce and AdRoll integration the users of WooCommerce will be able to target every site visitor with dynamic product ads in Facebook News feed, in their email boxes and other places on the web. With AdRoll’s new email retargeting product “SendRoll” marketers can send triggered emails retargeting visitors who leave stores without making purchases. “The AdRoll integration is a user-friendly way for merchants to run retargeting and dynamic product ads without the help of a developer,” said Mechiel Couvaras, Business Development Manager at WooCommerce.

This is all from my desk for now. New year beckons. Have a great 2017! Adios.

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