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App Texts That Tug At The Heart Strings Of The Users Straight away

AppTexts That Tugs At The Heartstrings of The App Users

Want business orders in busloads?

Then better get this straight: Never let your guard down in terms of app texts. Never ever clear a subpar text thinking ‘there‘s no time for improvisation.’ Never ever toss any content just for some content sake.

The stakes are pretty high, you know, specifically when it comes to business apps.  It might have cost you a bomb. So why not spare some more valuable time on it and get the text right on the first go.     

Don’t forget: App Texts are blazing, hidden bonfires literally. Get them right to drive scorching sky-high sales.    

Now the big question: How to concoct a magical text that makes the users click on to the app, then and there?

Here go some strategies that you need to bear in mind for that:
(Nope. I haven’t got Elizebeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame out of my system so far. So kindly bear with all these Italian dialects given here.)

#1. “Parla come magni” (Italian for “Speak the way you eat”)

say it the way you eat it

Text the Way You Eat

I love this.  It only means that you don’t have to blow your brains while communicating something on the app. In other words, keep your lingua franca simple and conversational just like the Roman food.

In the App context, I would just love to replace ‘speak’ with ‘Text.’  As in “Text the Way You Eat.” Plain and simple.  Don’t make a big deal out of it. Don’t make a big production of it. Simply tumble it on the table as it should be. Okay!

All right. Meaning, no embellishments, no ornamentations at all?

Ah! Okay! Sprinkle a few here and there if you can’t keep that literary bug in check.

Here’s an awesome example from L’Oreal. Their app Makeup Genius has got all the text-spot on. No extraneous text at all.

Makeup Genius

This is the 1st virtual makeup tester from the stables of L’Oreal Paris. And it turns your smartphone into a must-have beauty accessory in no time.  In fact, the app is so designed that you can see yourself made up in just a single click.

Make up Genius - Loreal

My 2 Cents on Make Up Genius’ App Text:

The to-the-point text in the app, besides making navigation a cinch, ensures that the user taps on it, at least for once, if not more, before they shut it up and make their way to other apps.

Sure enough, ‘Tap here to try a Product On’ and ‘Tap here to try on Ready-To-Wear Looks’ compels you to click on the screen without even losing a single second. Ain’t they?

#2.  “Dipingere il quadro” (for Italian “Paint A Picture”)

paint the picture

Weave magic with simple words.  Use them sparingly, but deliciously.  It is darn difficult, I tell you, that is painting beautiful imaginary with plain and simple words. It should be such that it transports the users to a dreamy world and  compels them to act upon your message instantly. Like, for example, Pizza Hut’s order page. Man, it’s simply irresistible.

Pizza Hut

Given that this internationally reputed brand it doesn’t call for any sort of introduction anyway, I believe.  Still, I wish to rant some of its latest stats here: The company has over 6,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in the United States, and 5,139 store locations in 94 other countries and territories worldwide.


My 2 cents on Pizza Hut’s App Text:

Ummmm….I am sold! Absolutely sold!

The line “ Create Your Own Pizza” on its order page has just made me ravenously hungry. Indeed, I am already salivating at the prospect of digging my teeth into those lip-smackingest, finger-lickingest, cheesy, thick, thin (whatever) crusted pizzas.

Hmm… that’s magic of in-app content. If it’s seductive enough, users will cross over to you, singing and dancing; ordering stuff in solid numbers.

In this case, if the company, had gone ahead and spoken elaborately about garnishings as well… Nothing like it.  Something like, go ahead and take your pick in terms of toppings such as Anchovies, Bacon, Beef Topping, Chicken, Ham, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Pork Topping, Banana Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives, Green Peppers, Jalapenos, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Red Onion. Umm…Nope! I can’t wait anymore now. I am gonna order one (or several) rightaway.

#3. “L’ho provato sulla mia pelle” (Italian for “ I have experienced that on my own skin”)

Umm…Think of it this way. Ain’t we app developers, users in the first place?  Don’t we exactly know what users are looking for?   So where’s the problem? Craft a text message as per your experience and know-how, and easily strike that perfect chord with the users. Like, for example, Shopstyle seems to understand its user’s psyche full-on while coming up with its tugs-at-heartstrings messages.


ShopStyle assembles millions of products  from bags to shoes to jewelry to clothes and more  from hundreds of brand retailers and stores.


My 2 cents on Shopstyle’s App Text:

Sure “Search and Filter Your Favorite Stores and Brands” and “Search Millions of Products” are absolutely banal, run of the mill texts. But what stopped me dead in the tracks where the other lines “My Tailored Shop” and the “May Shopping Guide is here.”

Just look at the messages in the app. The company seems to have dissected customer psyche threadbare and has brilliantly crafted some pithy pitch-perfect lines: bloc-by-bloc.  Frankly speaking, which customer will have the heart to walk away from the store without clicking onto them at least for once.

This month-wise shopping guide apparently gives you a sneak peek into the latest, trendiest, hippest fashion to hit the roads every month. Sure enough, users will just go ahead and grab their favorites before your frenemy does.

“My Tailored Shop, ” on the other hand, gives you a fair glimpse of all the brand offerings from high-end brands helping users tailor their shopping requirements.

shopstyle 1

And, ofcourse, this takes the cakeIf you buy 1 dress, make it this one”

OpenXcell’s 2 cents

All said and done, app texts are tricky little things. Some work. Some don’t. But then, you can always get it tested before the app launch…um…by the way, our app marketing consultants can do it for you as well. Just speak to them right away here. Ciao.


Jini Maxin

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