Everything About Apple Watch Series 6: Apple’s Take on Wellness

Apple Watch Series 6 Update

Apple Watch Series 6 Update: The most awaited Apple Watch Series 6 is here. The latest watch unveiled in Apple’s “Time Flies” event on September 15th. This watch may look identical to the previous versions, series 4 and series 5, but I bet they cannot match this watch’s processing speed and high-performance. 

Blood Oxygen Sensor in the Latest Apple Watch

Apple has taken a step towards wellness with the new feature in Apple Watch Series 6 with a blood oxygen sensor and an app that measures and displays your oxygen levels. With an approach towards a healthier and active life, this watch on your wrist will keep you updated about your fitness levels every second. 

Apple leverages the fact that oxygen levels account for indicating health. The sensors on Apple Watch constantly monitor your body’s oxygen levels and give you reading anytime you wish. It is always checking in the background, 24/7. 

The blood oxygen sensor has a cluster of 8 sensors, out of which 4 are LED clusters, and 4 are photodiodes. These sensors are mounted on the back and provides you to the blood oxygen levels. 

The LEDs emit green, red, and infrared lights into your skin through the watch to calculate the blood oxygen levels. The photodiodes will assess the amount of light reflected, and then various algorithms will determine the color of your blood to calculate your blood oxygen levels. 

Apple Watch Series 6 Features to Watch Out For

Apart from the essential features offered in the previous versions of Apple Watches, there are a few new and exciting features infused in the original watch. Of course, the most exciting and helpful feature is the blood oxygen sensor. But many other highlighting features make this watch worth watching out for,


There is an app configured with an Apple watch that can generate the ECG. Thus, you can get critical data just by sitting at home and saving a doctor’s visit. You just have to touch the crown on the side of the watch, and in 30 seconds, you get the ECG waveform. Also, a sleep app allows you to set a bedtime routine by tracking your sleeping trends and gives you personalized goals to achieve and maintain good health. 


Apple Watch Series 6 is taking a severe toll on making it as wellness worthy as possible. You can set your routine with the fitness features by choosing from various activities, say running, swimming, yoga, cycling, cardio, etc. It measures and tracks all your moves.  With a powerful retina display, you can see your metrics even in broad daylight. You can keep yourself fit with this little device clinging on you 24/7 and tracking all your movements. 

Family Setup

There is a new feature launched that says Family Setup. This feature allows you to connect and manage Apple watch for your family members. By giving this feature, Apple has increased the communication and connectivity among the family members. The significant benefits of family setup include personalization, communication, access SOS in case of emergency for kids and aged family members, create and enjoy family activities, etc. For older people, Health Checklist can be prepared and managed with the new Apple watch. 

Always-On Altimeter

With f the always-on altimeter’s introduction, you can now get the real-time elevation data for the entire day. Using GPS, powerful barometric altimeter, the watch can provide you notifications for even the slightest change in the elevation. Also, with a built-in compass, the user can get more accurate direction, latitude, longitude, etc. 

watchOS 7

Apple Watch Series 6 update has the new watchOS 7. This operating system gives users a new watch interface, a higher level of personalization, better health and fitness features, Siri providing language translation, mapping of cycling, and many more to enlist. This operating system gives watch face options such as stripes, GMT, artist, and Chronograph Pro. 

Apple Watch Collection 

Apple has launched a vast collection of Apple Watch Series 6 with unique colors, cases, bands, etc. to suit your style. This time the watch is available in blue, silver, space gray, and gold aluminum colors. Apart from these colors, there is a unique product, i.e., Red Apple Watch, with red bands. 

The Apple Watch Edition has natural and space gray titanium, and the stainless steel model includes graphite and classic yellow gold. The bands are not equipped with clasps or buckles to give the users a comfortable experience. 

The new collection of Apple Watch Series 6 is priced between $399 to $1349 with a vast range of colors to choose from, and making Apple’s wearable range a complex and interesting one for the user. 

Apple Watch SE

Along with the launch of Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE is announced. This watch is twice as fast as the Apple Watch Series 3 with the Apple S5 SiP. It has the same size and offers a retina display, which needs to be turned on, unlike Series 6, in which it is always on. 

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Apple Watch SE offers heart-rate monitor, emergency SOS, fall detection, etc. But it does not provide the main feature of Series 6, i.e., blood oxygen sensor and ECG report. In two cases, Apple Watch SE is available 40 mm and 44 mm cases, in gold, silver, and space gray aluminum finishes. The price of Apple Watch SE starts at $279. 

Sum & Substance of Apple Watch Series 6 Update

With the release of this revolutionary gadget, Apple has reformed how wearables can are used for wellness and fitness. This watch can transform how people can use their watch to get their prior health status and stay fit. Thinking to get exciting applications for your Apple Watch, then share your ideas with us. 

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