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Augmented Reality! The future lies in the hands of this technology

Augmented Reality

What’s Augmented Reality? I think many of us know now. The best example to put in is Pokemon Go. Gosh! People have become crazy behind this game. Though, it’s not new. The game concept is picked from the popular cartoon show Pokemon which propelled users to leave their couch and chase for the characters.

Our Openxcell in-house game experts described Augmented Reality in a simple way.

“Reality means the view captured via camera. Augmented means you are adding extra information in the view making it more useful.” Therefore, the major input we get is from the camera, GPS is useful to track the location and compass helps you to rotate and scale the 3D object across the view.

Whatever applications that are or will be developed using AR have the base of the above three major parameters; Camera, GPS, and Compass.

Application like mapping  is the perfect example of AR;

For instance, you are new to the city and in search of a restaurant, the application like Mapping will track your location, the camera will help you view the direction and within a fraction of seconds you will have a list of different restaurants nearby.”

Isn’t that amazing!

Moreover, you can develop any utilitarian applications helping users in many ways and not just engage them in playing AR games.

Hololens technology

Hololens is a type of glasses that you wear on your eyes allowing you to view 3D holographic images in the real world.

For instance; how about editing your MS Word file? Wearing hololens you can easily access your Word File as holograms and can edit, add or view it without looking at your computer screens.

I think you don’t believe me. Watch out this video.

From the above, we can conclude that Augmented Reality is not device specific. There are many devices which can have augmented reality; the majority are smartphones, hololens, and concepts like pyramid.

Hey! I left to talk about Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

“Virtual reality or virtual realities (VR), also known as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality, is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction. Virtual reality artificially creates a sensory experience, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell.” – Wikipedia

For instance, you wanna design your house but you are in dilemma as in interiors, exteriors, and the whole infrastructure.

Designing your dream house using Virtual technology will help you tour it from inside. You can closely look at every angle, every corner and move or rotate the interiors the way you want.

Another example is games; today due to VR and AR technology, the craze of playing games is upsurge. We can say the days of playing video games are back again. Video games like Contra and Mario which were on my top list are developed again in VR technology and available in app stores. Only thing is, the device has changed.

We have noticed that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality both are mostly used in game development. But do we really know which technology to use where and how?

AR and VR comparison

Diving deep into this realistic technology, I got to know that AR has great potentials in business and education.

#1 Retail:

Nowadays, people are inclined towards online shopping more rather than going out, travelling miles to the physical stores and waste their almost half a day.

Online shopping has made it convenient for people to pick and buy essential stuff from e-stores and receive the order within a day or two’s time .

Augmented Reality can change the way you shop. Wanna See?

For instance, many girls struggle before buying the cosmetic. And we know what questions we ask ourselves. With Augmented Reality, you can click your pic and apply different shades of blush on, foundation, mascara, lip liner, lipstick on your face that blends properly with your skin colour and give you a complete makeover before you get decked up for the party.

The best makeup application with AR technology is SHISEIDO.

AR- Retail

#2 Education:

This is the era of visualization. Today, many schools and colleges have adopted visualization approach to give a deep understanding of various topics to students.

You might be thinking how AR technology will help students to learn in a better way?

For instance, you want to study how the brain functions, there is an Augmented Reality Education App which features a 3D interactive model of a brain and allows you to learn easily.


#3 Real Estate:

House hunting has always been a difficult job.But who cares now! With AR technology, you can take a tour of different houses and pick the one you like.


But today; virtual technology holds an important place in real estate industry. More than AR, agents make use of VR to help people in searching the best house that fits their requirement.

Augmented Reality has still time to build its space in this industry.

#4 Interior Designing

Interior designer face tough times designing the house and make it look beautiful. It includes more of travelling and continuous hours of work.

Why not make the designing easy and still, let the house blossom with your creative designing efforts.

You might have a walk through the popular IKEA video which gives you an idea of how the AR technology allows you to pick and place stylish furniture from the IKEA catalog and make your house look OSUM.

There are applications available in app stores allowing you to include your creativity. Though, the applications are less in numbers but are worth to be installed in your smartphones. Try them, you would definitely get a wonderful experience of doing interior designing without putting hard efforts.

#5 Marketing

Since the dawn of digitalization, marketers are looking for something unique to connect with more users and enhance consumer experience for their company and brands.


And, I must say marketing is a strong arena for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. As stated above in the comparison, AR can be best used for demonstration and yay! You can use this technology to demonstrate your newly launched product and its usefulness to your customers.

Whilst, there are many ways marketers(you) can make use of this spellbinding technology to present beautiful stories of your brand in front of your consumers and increase user engagement.

#6 Travel

Travelling is an amazing experience that makes travellers acquaint with vivid places across the globe. Therefore, why not make this experience more interesting with this sparkling technology?


As we know how much time we waste to decide which place to visit and which hotel will be the best to stay in?

Augmented Reality makes it easy for travellers in taking quick decisions by giving them a real view through virtual objects about the favorite destination spots, hotel view and other interesting places to visit.

There are a few apps available for travellers in the app store that makes the planning of the trip much more easy, interactive and useful.

If we are talking about travellers, how can we forget to include Google’s augmented reality app “Wordlens” which is useful for business travellers in identifying the signs? This app lets them aim at the signs and translates them in their known language. Isn’t that great?

#7 Medical

Augmented Reality has been the most useful equipment from past 10 years helping medics to understand the actual problems while medicating patients.


If you have gone through this amazing article you might have got an idea how this technology has helped medics in saving lives of people. Due to this technology, we have seen a lot of advancements in medical science and now the possibilities of curing dreadful diseases have also increased.

Well! There are myriad of medical applications available in the app stores that have played a vital role in the medical field.

#8 Automobiles

Have you ever thought that before designing physical prototype of the car, you can tour the car from inside and understand the experience from a customer’s viewpoint?

AR- Automobile

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have made it possible. Automobile company like Ford is using Virtual Reality to design cars and understand the user’s experience before .

Last year in the month of October, a conference was held focusing on the use of augmented reality in automobiles covering the topic how AR can be used across the board of production to sales.

#9 Construction

The days are gone when the design of any construction model was sketched on paper and later with the help of AutoCAD a 2D model used to get created.

With the advances in technology, we have come across technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality that have evolved the way of representing things completely.

Augmented Reality can help designers (you) in viewing the 3D model not as a virtual 3D object but as a fully realizable, virtualized construction.

Ending Note:

This was a quick tour of Augmented Reality and it’s use in various fields. Will soon be back with an e-book covering a detailed study on Augmented Reality.

Here is the e-book;

The Path to Next Generation Technology: AugmentedReality

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