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How to avoid and overcome 5 major problems in mobile app development


It is rightly said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Today, every business is trying to create magic by developing a ‘mobile app’; one of the most constantly evolving technology that has uprooted the conventional mindset of the humans and their way of living as well.

There is nothing wrong in plunging into developing something that has been so widely accepted by masses across the globe, unless your app idea is born out of some serious thought processes and backed with number of rooted principles. The only concern that needs attention with the mobile app development process is, you need to delegate the entire strategy with utmost accuracy, in order to minimize the possibilities of making mistakes and avoid falling prey to circumstances that can ruin your efforts of making a successful app.

Below we have listed 5 main problems that should be strictly avoided by entrepreneurs. And on the contrary, learn how to alter these pitfalls into win win situations.

1. Failure to target right mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Symbian etc.

There are number of mobile platforms in the market that are run on different principles, and most importantly the attributes served by these platforms differ from each other. It is always a matter of concern for the entrepreneurs to decide which platforms should they consider for their app and why. For instance, planning to target all of them together is equal to calling failure at your doorstep. You end up investing large amount of money by targeting too many platforms at a time, without having proper customer feedback and surity of success.

The best way to choose appropriate mobile platforms for your app is conducting a thorough analysis based on few factors. It includes, knowing the key strength of various platforms, find out which platforms will best cater to your potential clientele, considering the technical aspects of each platform and analysing the platforms based on your app’s future development. It would prove more lucrative to target not more than 2 platforms at a time and then manage to exploit their UI and UX principles to maximum based on user feedback.

2. Developing dull UI that fails to serve user experience & usability.

This could be one of the biggest mistakes and it could straight away compel the app to encounter downfall. Your application’s UI and navigation mode are supposed to be easy to understand, fun to use and consistent across all your updates. Complexities within the functionality of the app is something that users tend to avoid as they want the interaction with their chosen app to be extremely smooth and user friendly.

It is important to have very experienced UI/UX designer to design your application. Designer should have proper experience in terms of app usability. The navigation of app should be very easy for even layman to understand. It is completely understood that such user experience cannot be achieved in one go. Following are ways you can improve your user experience :

a) Take feedback from your customer or ask user to use app in front of you. ( cheapest way )
b) Use mobile analytics tools

Following are best mobile analytics tools:


Flurry: Since the beginning of the mobile revolution, over 150,000 developers have trusted Flurry to track over 500,000 apps. Integrate Flurry Analytics in five minutes to get basic insights into your users and app performance, or set up advanced analysis of complex events to get a deep understanding of everything your users are doing. From initial launch to the top of the charts, Flurry Analytics is free at any scale.

Kissmetrics: Google Analytics tells you what’s happening. KISSmetrics tells you who’s doing it.

Mixpanel: We’ve built the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. We analyze 24 billion actions every single month.

Localytics: Localytics is the leading and most powerful analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps.

You can also go through blog link :

c) Use visual analytics tools

Following are best visual analytics tools:


Heatmap: Heatmaps has been created by the AppGuru team. We have stumbled upon a lack of good usability testing tools for mobile apps, so we created one. Because it helped us to understand our users and create better software, we made Heatmaps available to everyone.

Heatdata: HeatData tracks activities to give app owners a full picture of how people interact with their apps, information that could lead to increased revenues

Appsee: Appsee’s mobile app analytics platform automatically tracks all users’ interactions in your app, provides insights into their behavior and helps you keep them happy.

d) Do A/B testing of app:

Best way to analyze your customer behaviour is to try A/B testing with your app which would include app icon, app nagivation, app registration etc. To do A/B testing of your app following tools would be very useful :

Sr No Tools Description
1 Apptimize Apptimize does A/B testing, feature flagging, phased rollouts, and analytics for native Android and iOS apps. A/B testing is the basis of the systematically improving your app for your users by sending different versions of your app to your real users.
2 Leanplum Leanplum enables product managers and marketers to unleash the value of customer data by making it easy to optimize mobile content and messaging.
3 Arise You no longer have to guess which version of your app is best! Instead, you can use our native iOS and Android mobile A/B testing tool to show different variations of your app to different users and then measure the results to reveal which version is most effective in achieving your specified goals
4 Appiterate Appiterate launched at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF 2013, enables developers and product managers to run real-time A/B tests on virtually any element of a mobile app, including button formatting, button placements, text, images, UX flows and get real-time insights. All this is possible with an easy and quick visual drag-and-drop interface.
5 Optimimo Optimimo should help you do A/B testing for mobile apps as well as a lot more like controlling what to show on certain device and what not!
6 Vessel A/B testing with Vessel allows you to deploy any test instantly. You have complete control over each part of the process – from color to messaging to test group size.

3. Incorporating too many features that offer so little

Yes, it is important to exploit some of the built in features of devices and smartly incorporate them in the application, but literally not each one of them. With the dire need of making the app more appealing and productive, entrepreneurs tend to lose focus and miss out on adhering to some basic elements such as keeping it simple yet functional, atleast while rolling out the first version of the application.

Every developer should aim at offering usefulness through minimal features and functionalities. It helps you to closely focus on fewer aspects and thereby witness better end results. It will also give you many opportunities to roll out valuable versions packed with crucial features.

4. Failure to develop pre launch app marketing strategy

An app is of no value even if it attributes the best functionality, if it is not backed with a well thought out marketing strategy. It is critical to know how your target audience will discover the app, and it demands conducting a research just while you are developing the app or before you launch the app. The process comprises of, from picking the right app category to deciding the most lucrative platforms on which you would consider marketing the app.

Strategies such as, conceptualizing the marketing content that is to be published on social media networks and creating and publishing app launch press release needs attention prior to the app launch; so that your app starts making news the moment it is out in the market.

Following are companies which can help you in app marketing strategy:

AppN2O: AppN2O as a prominent app marketing service provider is thoroughly dedicated towards serving the finest app marketing and monetization strategies for your app. AppN2O is a brainchild of Openxcell Technolabs Company; one of the leading Mobile App and Web Development Company that knows what it takes to create a successful product.

Comboapp: ComboApp is a full cycle communications and marketing solutions provider for a global mobile marketplace.

5. Underestimate the importance of serving your app in more than one language

You thought that launching your app in a single language will do justice and you would be easily reaching out to your target audience, is certainly not the truth. While doing so, you are missing out on your potential customers from across the globe who might be looking for similar functionalities that your app comprises of. You should aim at conducting research and targeting more than one region that shows relevant tendencies of catering considerable target audience for your app. To summarize, you should conduct thorough market research and then localize your app in more than one native languages just while the development process is on. Mobile app localization will definitely give your app more exposure and increase its scope of attaining success.

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