Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Developing An App


If you are into app development, you need to be careful about a few things. App development involves controlling scope, budget issues and handling a lot of resources like designers, developers, analysts, testers, and technical writers amongst a hundred other things. One needs to ensure that the project is always on track – sequentially, with minimal wastage of time and resources.

It is important to learn from mistakes and it is important to learn from other’s experience as that is the only way to shorten the learning curve. There are some blind spots that need to be taken care of. If you are designing an app, you need to avoid these 6 mistakes.

#Too Many Features

Are you trying to cram every feature of your website into the app? Don’t. Your app should have a simple navigation with features that are necessary – nothing more and nothing less. More features will crowd the space and confuse the user. Less features will irritate the user and make your app less user-friendly. Focusing on too many features can prove deadly for your team’s morale. The product gets delayed and while you are busy perfecting the product you lose out on the chance to collect useful user feedback.

Always remember your target audience – the ones you are developing the app for. Run tests, conduct polls, ask questions, prepare long questionnaires for them, research and find out what the users expect from your app; which features they prefer and then go forth and meet those expectations. Start with bare minimum – the core features and add the other features on the way – as you go along – as and when required.

#Developers and Designers On Different Pages

It is very important for the app development and designing team to be a cohesive unit. The process of app development is smoother with lesser hiccups when both developing and the designing team are on the same page. It is important for the designers to understand the view of developers as developing and coding an app takes time. A designer should have a general idea of the man-hours and other resources that are needed for an app development job. Unless he is Steve Jobs, a designer’s insistence on specifics without taking into consideration the developer’s viewpoint can cause fissures in the app development and designing teams which may result in avoidable delays. A developer on his part should try to understand a designer’s view. Developers can suggest options of a design during initial meets before finalizing the design of the app which should preferably be done as a team.

#Building For Several Platforms, Together

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It can be tempting to start building your app for multiple platforms together but it is not prudent. When you start building for multiple platforms together you multiply the engineering costs. The project takes more time and eventually your app takes a longer route to reach the app store. If you focus on building on one platform you can get your MVP (minimum viable product) out sooner in the stores and you start receiving the feedback too. It is easier to make changes and course correction on one platform. Once an app is finalized on one platform, then think of building it on other platforms. That way you will be clearer and your app on the second platform will reach the app store with minimal hiccups as you won’t be repeating any mistakes. Simultaneous build-ups can have similar mistakes.

You can opt for cross platform tools to build apps on different platforms simultaneously.

#Not Being Ready For Disrupted Internet Connection

Is your app totally dependent on constant and uninterrupted internet connection? It is not always possible. But if your app can have its core functionalities work even without constant internet connection, it will make your app more adaptable and more popular with users who do not have smartphones connected to internet constantly. In many countries, users turn off their cellular data from time-to-time to prevent apps from using it in the background or are not able to access internet due to poor connectivity or access. According to ‘The Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2015′ in India, consumers increasingly use Wi-Fi at home, at a place of study or work for accessing the internet instead of cellular data. The Wi-Fi usage has increased from 43% in 2013 to 45% in 2015 and cellular data usage declined from 57% to 55% during the same period.

#Not Having a Good Project Manager

Do you need a good project manager when developing an app? Yes, you do. Why? What does a project manager do? Well, for starters, he remains a reliable and a single point of contact for all the information you need. He keeps all the stakeholders of the app-in-development-stage in the loop. He knows about everything that is going on and at what stage. He knows when things are on track and when it is time for a course correction. He manages the project’s scope, budgeting, resources and other issues that may arise during the development stage. He prepares the product specification document and product maps which are specialized jobs. A good project manager leads from the front and delivers. Having a good project manager may cost you a bit more but he is worth every penny. He handles all the variables and crises and in the end helps you save more time and money.

If you are not able to find a good project manager, or developers you could consider hiring a good professional app development company. A good company will have experienced project managers and expert teams who have necessary skills and expertise to design and develop the product you have in mind. OpenXcell is one such top ranking app development company, which is headquartered in New York, USA. It can help you with all kinds of apps.

#Not Having a Good Marketing Strategy

If you are developing an app, you need to think about how you are going to market your app too. You need to have prelaunch – launch and post launch strategies. Poor marketing can stall the reach and distribution of your app and all your efforts can go down the drain. People need to know you exist.

You can use blogs, you can pitch your app to marketers, bloggers, reviewers and social media influencers who can then reach out to the masses in their own way. You can have a promotional website, promotional social media accounts and a PR team to create a buzz for the app.  Don’t forget to have a dedicated team for APO – App Store Optimization.


The Wrap

There are many things that can go wrong when you start designing and developing an app.  If you pay attention and ensure that the key elements are in control and in place, the project cycle becomes easy to manage. You can opt for professional experts to help you with different aspects of app development, if you feel you lack the skill and expertise or if you feel your project is spiralling out of your control. There are several companies which provide you quality apps at right price. When you develop apps with us we take care of the basic issues discussed here and ensure that you have productive app development sessions with your designated team. Godspeed.


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