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February 29, 2016

Containerize your Startup with Docker!

Server Computing is evolving. Catalyzed by cloud, every aspect of software, from development to deployment has undergone massive changes. Let’s talk about deployment, which happens to be a difficult and time killing process. We are all familiar with those ugly fights between the developer, testers, and sysadmins arising from code malfunction across their respective environments. […]

February 4, 2016

Go-A compiler level lingo for modern commercial computing

Newer versions of languages and derived frameworks are continuously being made to break pre-existing benchmarks. However, in the middle of all this, no one really contemplated on building a compiler language. But here we have Google working on GO Lang- a complete compiler level language that challenges the existing paradigm of system architecture. GO is […]

January 28, 2016

5 reasons Node.js is great for startups

Server-Side frameworks have recently started to get a lot of popularity from the development circles. The modern day requirements for processing and consumption of  real-time information is paramount and Server-Side frameworks are doing a great job here. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the performance matrices and application of node.js, but […]

January 11, 2016

Elastic Search- Speedy Search for Startups

SaaS based services are stretching into a number of domains. Speedy search results is one of them. The potential for ‘Search’ within websites has long remained undermined and unexploited. However, as people gravitate more towards an app based environment, Speedy search has emerged as an important feature. SaaS is opening that up and one of […]

January 8, 2016

Firebase-Demonstrate and display data in Real-time

One of the transformative factors within the mobile internet ecosystem is real-time information. Not only the demand for real-time information has increased, but also the way it is being consumed. Firebase has made a name for itself for getting it accomplished in the recent times. Chat boxes changing color, animations for messages read/not read, tracking moving […]

ALGOLIA-Speedy Search for every Developer

Websites with a lot of content face a host of challenges. One of them is searching content within the site itself. People often use search engines to extract content from a particular site they want. But this is not a great thing for the site owner as it may lead users to switch and purchase […]