Don’t Waste Your Money Getting App Developed From Grade B Teams


In this age of IOT, you look for opportunities that can help you scale up your business. And you need a great big idea to leverage the potential. You want to leverage the technology available to you. Your business can do much better with a few apps, you think. And then you start thinking about app development. You think about the kind of app you want made. You start researching on the kind of apps your industry already has. At times, certain thoughts keep you awake. Will you be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors? Who will help you do it? How much homework would you need to do on your part to achieve that distinction? How will you find the right team of engineers who will help you find your niche? And how will you know the app developers and the team you choose will be the right fit for you?  Will they deliver the project on time and in budget? You need to ensure all that.

We might have a few ideas to share that can help you lessen your concerns. We know you want a good product made – on schedule and in budget. We know you want a good ROI on your investments. We know you don’t want B grade engineers to develop and design your app. We have certain tips for you to help you find the right team of A Grade app developers and engineers for your apps.

How will you spot a Grade A app development team?

A good team of A Grade Engineers focuses on taking a Full Product Lifecycle approach to app development. According to a Gartner report, Organizations typically lack basic app development life cycle skills. Many a times they don’t spend much needed time on the intermediary stages. Sometimes Development engineers are too busy cocooned in their corners programming. They have no idea about the demands and requirements of the business they are in. And then there are positive personality traits that help them succeed. Let’s have a look at the skills your app development team should have.

#1 Grade A Development Engineers know All About The Business They Are in

Development teams need to be aware of the scope of the business they work for. They understand the business, its strengths and weaknesses. Development engineers know which development teams from their industry are doing well; the technologies their competition is using; the platforms. They study the apps that have been successful in past and in future. They try to be a step ahead of their competition in predicting which industry would do well with what kind of an app offering. They are aware of the app trends in global markets.

#2 They Work On Agile Technologies

You need to be as quick as possible with the development process and bring the product into the market as soon as possible. Agile development helps the A Grade engineers do that. Agile development enables you to move quickly and easily. It divides the tasks into short phases of work, followed by reassessment and then adaptation of plan based on assessments.

#3 They Have a Great Rapport With Sales & Marketing teams

Development and Marketing teams in an organization cannot sustain themselves on different silos. Good app development engineers know that the product design and development is best when guided by client feedback. That is one of the main principles of agile development.  Grade A engineers build customer feedback received from the sales and marketing teams into the product development process.

#4 They Learn New Skills & Know About Useful Third Party Tools

Grade A app development engineers do not shy away from experimenting. They are innovative. They try to find out the best way of doing things. They constantly learn about new technology, new tools and new platforms. Each day there is a new tool or a new way of doing things in the development landscape. The changes need to be embraced. They have a handy list of preferred, tried and tested 3rd party tools. They ensure the learning is diffused in the team. There is interdisciplinary learning.

#5 Project Managers Value Cost-Effectiveness & Are Resourceful

A project manager of a Grade A Engineering team keeps everything together. He is responsible for prioritising tasks, managing the resources optimally and keeping a watchful eye on the budget. He manages risks and provides feedback to all the other stakeholders. He values client’s money and knows it is his responsibility to be cost-effective. He is the person in charge to ensure the client gets best deal on his investment.

#6 Technically Strong With Impressive Team of Debuggers

Grade A engineers are all technically very sound. As Canadian Computer Scientist Brian Wilson says debugging truly is twice as hard as writing the code. Grade A companies have impressive team of debuggers.  A good debugger amongst other things keeps an audit trail, has a consistent style, limits global data, is methodical. Most of the times a debugger is able to tell you precisely why a code failed. Expert programmers along with expert debuggers make a pretty good team.   

#7 Experts in Data Analytics

App business involves a lot of data. There is a lot of data gathering, data analysis and overall data management. Any company that doesn’t pay attention to its data management loses out on opportunities. It is not able to use the information that data mining provides. You cannot make good apps if you don’t analyse the app data you collect. You cannot figure out the right reasons for crashes and other failures. Grade A engineers make good use of data. They have the right people in place in teams to prepare databases, repositories and guide them with data analysis to improve operational efficiency and make a quality app.

#8 Ensure Security of Apps

Grade A engineers ensure they develop and deliver a quality app for you. The team has specialization in mobile security. It tests the app thoroughly. If any possible security breach is detected in an app, the team re-programs the app and provides you tips on handling the attackers for the future. To make the app development process secure only trusted third party codes are used. Data caching vulnerabilities are addressed, best practices of encryption are used, SSL certificates are verified,   patches are developed and applied quickly and a lot more. Grade A engineers watch out for your apps, even when the apps are in stores.

Grade A team engineers have many more winning attributes. They have good communication skills, lot of patience, ability to withstand failures, the fortitude to be with a problem until it is solved, and most importantly are enthusiastic and skilled professionals with positive attitude. They ensure you get the best possible product. They learn from each other’s mistakes, share learnings, seek out challenges and grow with each success.


Is the team you are considering meeting all the right criteria?  We, at OpenXcell work with Grade A engineers. Why invest your time and energies elsewhere when you know you can count on one of the best teams in the world. Go for app development companies that have talented A Grade professionals and you can rest assured you will get the best returns on your investment – Quality Apps at reasonable cost.
And that is all from my desk for now. Until next time, Adios.

Priyanka Garg

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