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If Drupal Is Good Enough For The White House, It Is Good For You Too


You read that right. The site made for the White House is powered by Drupal. Drupal powers several other important Government and Non-Government sites like The House of Representatives, The Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Defense, Health, Justice, Transportation, Homeland Security and Agriculture; Stanford University, Warner Music Group, Tesla Motors, NASA, The Economist, Magento, Docker and in fact has so many more in its kitty.


#1 What Exactly is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open-source web content management platform with limitless potential. It is a tool-a customizable platform that helps you with your content management strategy. It has native features and module extensions. It is the most technically advanced Content Management System – the best option for enterprise level usage.


#2 It Builds Responsive Sites And Apps

It is easy to go with Mobile-First strategy with Drupal. You can easily create Drupal web applications with good UX and UI that fulfill all the specific requirements of the clients. Drupal supports the best practices of responsive design. Web apps made on Drupal provide you with seamless experience even when you use them on different devices. Go for Drupal development teams that have plenty of experience because the learning curve is steep.


#3 Drupal Is Secure

Drupal is a secure CMS and application framework with wherewithal to stand up to most critical internet vulnerabilities. Drupal’s strength lies in it being Open Source. It has a thriving community which keeps Drupal sites secure. In addition to your in-house teams, you can rely on the community to be your extra eyes and ears out there watching for you. They help in identifying vulnerabilities and creating/delivering patches automatically to protect your sites and your businesses. Drupal supports a wide variety of password policies such as minimum length, complexity or expiration. You can configure Drupal for extremely strong database encryption if you need high security applications.


#4 Provides Extensive API Support

Drupal has API – First focus. It integrates easily with business and digital marketing applications. It helps you get the right mix. It is a very good content management platform. With Drupal it is easier to distribute content to other platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Google Apps, Google Analytics, Facebook – all the popular applications provide extensive API support for Drupal sites. It is easy for developers to create customized modules by using a well-documented API. RESTful API is part of its core and it enables the developers to serve HTML or JSON code.

#5 Drupal Ensures Scalability


Sites powered by Drupal have the capability to handle extreme traffic bursts. Drupal ensures easy scalability to sites like, and The Economist which see heavy spikes. It has twig – a PHP based secure and fast engine. If you expect sudden heavy traffic from your users go for a site build on Drupal. Your site will be up and available all the time. It accommodates content growth with aplomb. Users can edit text on any page. It is the best bet when you want to make a content rich website.

#6 Drupal can be Localised

You can configure Drupal to provide you a localized version of your site. It is multilingual. You can create and manage sites in different languages for your users based in different regions. You can provide a local experience simultaneously to different audiences. Drupal helps you save time and money. You can quickly build multilingual sites or multilingual web apps using multiple admin languages, and translation workflows.

#7 It Helps You Create Right Content Architecture

You can use Drupal’s admin interface or program the right content architecture into the site. Drupal provides you with powerful display mode tools and views. Drupal sites have powerful taxonomy with blocks, views, tagging and categorization for proper organization of website content. You can use different kinds of media like pdfs, images, videos and more. Create comfortable, user friendly customizable menu to create pathways to content across different devices. It has easy content creation, editing and publishing tools like a customizable WYCIWYG editor. It can help you manage different kinds of authentication and permissions. Site admins, authors, publishers, and developers all can access the features they specifically need.

#8  Drupal is highly Customizable

Drupal provides plenty of choice. It has more than 2000 different responsive themes, more than 26,000 free plug-ins and modules. Drupal can easily handle large volume of content. You can create a news site, wiki, blog, online store, a social network and more. Drupal doesn’t tell businesses what it is all about and how it should be used. In fact, businesses demand that Drupal be all that they want and Drupal delivers. Unit testing is built into Drupal to ensure that the developers successively meet exacting business goals. Configuration setting of the CMS can be committed to source code tool which will enable the migration of configuration changes from development to staging to production environment for enterprise level projects.

A Drupal business site can create solutions that support business needs. Technically, President Trump can add his twitter feed to the White House Website anytime he wants to, to reach his goals – to reach out directly to Americans who support him. But that wouldn’t work. It’s true. Won’t work. So, let’s drop the idea. But you do get the gist, right? Right then.

That is all from my desk for now. Until next time. Adios.

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