Top Enterprise Mobility Trends to Look Out for in 2024 & Beyond

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Enterprise Mobility Trends

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility is a term gaining popularity nowadays. In simpler terms, enterprise or business mobility refers to the flexibility provided by companies to their employees to work remotely from their devices and giving access to the required data through the cloud. 

One of the primary reasons the enterprises adopt mobility is the increase in productivity by switching from the conventional office model to the remote working model. Almost all the industries are understanding the importance of mobile-first strategies and deploying them to boost their productivity. Even mobile application development companies designing apps for enterprises focus on the mobility part. 

With a sudden increase in the businesses adopting enterprises adopting this new model, it creates an urgency for others to join the bandwagon as well. Apart from the companies’ benefits, enterprise mobility can add to customer satisfaction, employee engagement, improvement in workflow, etc. are achieved too. 

One can classify enterprise mobility as a model that can target individual employees’ progress and help them elevate their performance and add value to the company’s operations. The rising adoption of enterprise mobility has given birth to numerous innovative trends in the industry. People are finding new ways with each passing year to take advantage of enterprise mobility as much as they can. 

Let’s have a look at some of the enterprise mobility trends that 2024 has in store for us, 

Enterprise Mobility Trends in 2024

As the technologies are updated every year, all the industries show their effects, and enterprise mobility is no exception. So, let’s discuss the top enterprise mobility trends and predictions in 2024. 

1. Internet of Things

In simple words, IoT refers to numerous devices that are interconnected and communicate with each other without human intervention. The devices can be computers, objects, machines, or any human/animal mounted with identifiers. In the current era, 90% of companies are using IoT for data collection. Then they perform analysis on this data to use the results to make crucial decisions for the company. Enterprise mobility can leverage the data extraction and analysis features of IoT for elevating their performance. 

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2. High-Tech Security Models

An underlying query that rises in almost everyone’s mind is of security. Enterprise’ mobility can increase the vulnerability of the company’s data and give attackers more chances to attack. It becomes a compulsion for even the employees to adopt strict security measures. Some of the significant risks include data breach, unethical use of the company’s data, unauthorized access, etc. The emerging technologies are focusing on filling this void. Enterprises are integrating intuitive security models to make the processing as the multi-layered security can lower the data breach’s risk to a certain level. The backend technologies are selected such that they can provide complete protection to the enterprises’ data.

3. Bringing 5G in the Picture

4G has already made its place in the industry, and companies are leveraging its speed to boost their speed and incur high profits. But, the future awaits the next generation of mobile communication to provides an incredible pace for the businesses to gear up for data- transfer at an astonishing rate. 5G will soon greet enterprises with its ultra-fast speed to transform the face of remote working completely. The only prerequisite for taking advantage of 5G technology is that enterprises should make their devices 5G compatible.  

4. Cross-Platform App Development

Another notable trend that is emerging at an incredible pace is cross-platform app development. This trend will benefit not only the enterprises and mobile app development companies, but also developers at the same time. There is no doubt that native app development is losing its essence, but cross-platform app development is making its way by reducing the development time and cost. The developers don’t have to rewrite the code for different platforms, and thus even their time is saved. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

We are already living in the world, infused with artificial intelligence. AI applications are all around us, and even the enterprises are taking advantage of this. Enterprise mobility is continuously adopting AI to give its employees a fantastic experience. Artificial intelligence features such as voice assistants, natural language processing, etc. can transform the customer experience. Fingerprint scanning, face recognition, and other biometric authentication ways can improve security measures.  

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6. Wearable

The wearable market is overgrowing, as people are moving towards the exciting world of wearable technology. Enterprises can power-up their performance by incorporating wearables in their workflow and offering convenience to their employees. Wearables provide the highest level of flexibility to push their efficiency to a new level. Wearables can revamp even the communication infrastructure with a minimalistic and portable approach. It is even more exciting for the employees to adopt this new technology to elevate their workflow. 

7. AR/VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality can transform enterprise mobility management’s future by giving it a completely new look. These technologies can reform the way employees work and even interact with clients. By investing in the applications of AR/VR can elevate customer experience as well as give the employees a transformed way to work. Client engagement also increases as they find it intriguing and exciting to use augmented reality and virtual reality. 

8. Rise of BYOD Policy 

Enterprises give the employees flexibility to bring their device, whether laptops or personal computers, to work. The BYOD model’s increasing popularity allows enterprises to save their infrastructural cost and instead provide enterprise-grade software to make the employee’s devices meet their standards. The advantage of the BYOD model for enterprises is that they can cut on their cost and maintain company standards and data security. It is hard for companies to provide the employees with a customized interface to give them a unique experience. By bringing in the BYOD model, companies achieve the personalization aspect as well as increase productivity. 

9. Blockchain 

Many companies are already adopting blockchain technology to add advantage to their business and boost their profits. Some of the significant applications of blockchain technology by enterprises are enhanced security models, effective technologies to reduce overall costs, improved data exchange rates, etc. Experts predict that blockchain technology might boost shortly covering all the sectors and giving them a transformed workflow. 

10. Beacon

The efficiency and productivity of employees and businesses increase by adopting beacon technology. Beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy modules that broadcast signals to set off alerts in all the applications connected with it. Beacons are battery-operated and can provide the highest security level to the industries, and even employees can install it to get all the required information within no time. Also, the data collected by beacons can be analyzed to improve all the processes to deliver maximum output. 

Key Takeaways on Enterprise Mobility Trends

Suppose you are thinking about adopting enterprise mobility. In that case, these trends might open a jackpot for you, whether it is improving your employees’ experience or giving the customer engagement a new level. We have experts who can reform your enterprise mobility management by infusing your business with top enterprise mobility trends to provide a modern look. Share your business requirements, and our experts will reach out to you with a proposal. 

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