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First 15 Game Apps To Download in 2016

Top games apps - 2016


2016 is already here and you still haven’t got time to zero in on the games that should keep you busy … all the time, all through the year.

O.K. O.K., take it easy.  Because somehow we’ve already managed to put two and two together to arrive at the best 15 game apps of  2016. Yes, crystal gazing and all…

Right then… Here’s a brisk walk-through of the most anticipated games, scheduled to be released this year.  Make a mental note and ensure to download them as soon as they hit the stores. Happy Gaming Guys!

#1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands


OMG! OMG! I love this. Just saw the trailer and I felt like watching it, over and over and over again. In short, forever. Go ahead and watch it for yourself and you will know what I am talking about.

The music rocks. The pace of the game is super fast. O.K. Now, the story part.

Yes, it’s gripping. So, if you ever dreamt of becoming a seal or an army soldier, now is the time, this is the game. Join the U.S. Special Forces team and kill the drug lords in Bolivia – left, right and centre.  There are character pilot boats, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles to help you climb mountains, cross swamps, and penetrate villages. You could even grab hold of a sniper rifle and target villains, the drug traffickers basically.  Plus, there are loads of other handy weapons to use to destroy scenery and bodies. So, ready to download?

Platforms:   PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

#2. Quantum Break


A  time travel experiment at one of the top American Universities has gone all wrong. Consequences being the central characters are up to performing some unfathomable things. For instance, they have started manipulating time on a whim now. If one can stop time, the other can foresee things, and makes changes in the current plan of action, and so on.

The catch is: There’s a TV show to complement the game. So, don’t forget to take a peekaboo at the show. It might equip you with good enough strategies and insights, to help you play the game better, and at the same time helps you discover some unique content as well. All the best!

Date of Release:  5th April

Platforms: Xbox One

Available for pre-ordering  for $ 49.99

#3. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst


You seldom come across female protagonists in games. (Or do you?)This is where Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, which will be released this May scores above the rest.  Faith, the heroine of this game, is fighting tooth and nail to seek freedom.  Join her in her arduous journey that’s backed by loads of interesting game plays, features and more.  Nope. The game is not a sequel to Mirror Edge. So easy guys.

Date of Release: 24 May 2016

Platforms: PC (via Origin),  Xbox One and PS4

#4. Fire Emblem Fates


Fire Emblem Fates will have never happened had it not been Fire Emblem Awakening’s stupendous success beyond the Japanese shores. Yep! Fire Emblem Fates is a sequel to Fire Emblem Awakening – a long-running RPG series. The series was supposed to be scrapped after Awakening. But then, the later proved to be such a blockbuster that Nintendo had to let its guard down and make Fates as well.

And the best part about this game is that it offers some mind-boggling combat and relationship management mechanics just like the Awakening. More than that, it offers three different game perspectives that let’s you dive into three altogether new Fire Emblem games. Seems to be worth our time and cost. Isn’t it?

Release Date: February 19

Platforms: 3DS

#5. Persona 5


The incredible Shin Megami Tensei Persona series has been around since 1996. The first entry in the series, ‘Revelations: Persona,’ was released in 1996, and since then every entry and every spin-off has managed to capture the imagination of the gamers. Not surprisingly, Persona 4 was equally stunning, the original version of which was launched in 2008.

Given that the company was able to develop back to back super successful games, the time seemed ripe for the next version as well. So here comes Persona 5.  Just like its previous versions, Persona 5 will be having a  team of high school kids leading double lives. Sometimes they would don the role of masked thieves and carry out things that border illegality. And sometimes they are just plain kids. But then, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Umm…seems irresistible na?

#6. Dishonored 2


The original Dishonored  was a blockbuster. And it’s apparent from the initial buzz that Dishonored 2 will follow suit.  In fact, a little bird has told us that the game app already has a new lead character in the form of Emily Kaldwin, coupled  with some really awesome fresh upgrades. The best bit being that it would look beyond the dark , gloomy labyrinth of Dunwell and present some intriguing new environments to learn and navigate.

Release Date: Q2 2016

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

#7.Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted_4_Thief's End

The release of this game has been long overdue. The first official release of this game was announced in 2014, but then app developer Naughty Dog retreated.  Then 2015 arrived, and went, without a grain of hint, about the game’s possible release date. However, 2016 is here and the game, in all probability, will be released in April.

Yes, Nathan Drake, the fortune hunter, will be back this year, with his fourth and final adventure.  Married and retired from his active life, Drake decides to play along with his brother who seems to have some intriguing tales to tell about a vast pirate fortune.  The game is apparently loaded with huge set-pieces, cheeky jokes and riveting emotions.

Release Date: April 27

Platforms: PS4

#8. XCOM 2


The 20-year-old super successful XCOM series is back this year. Armed with a battery of squad tactics, XCOM 2, just like its predecessor, will offer more units, more locales and more possibilities for turn-by-turn tactics. In fact,  you could kick-start your mission on a secret mode and then get yourself smack in the middle of  search-and-rescue missions, which would involve carrying wounded soldiers and all.  Not to mention, there’s a guerrilla warfare feel to the entire set-up. Excited? I too am. Yep! XCOM 2 not only consists of anything and everything that made Enemy Unknown great, it, in fact, it takes the gameplay several notches higher – with a new world to conquer and some real new means to do so.

Release Date: February 5

Platforms: PC

#9. Firewatch


It’s just like the Walking Dead games, but tad innovative. The background is about a remote area of Wyoming, where the protagonist installs himself in a watchtower, meant to ferret out forest fires. But then, suddenly out of the blue, some weird things start happening. What’s it?

Long story short, the storyline is creepy. Will make your hair stand on the back of your neck.

Release Date: February 9

Platforms: PS4, PC

#10. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Procedurally-generated content is what makes No Man’s Sky different. The game procedurally generates galaxy houses, in addition to, 18 quintillion explorable planets, all created by an algorithm that makes use of galactic coordinates and determining variables.  Anybody who plays the game will be discovering the same galaxy and will be sharing the same information. The individual milestones will be catalogued in the game’s galactic database. And once you have discovered your planet, you can go ahead and land your craft there exploring on foot all sorts of new resources and alien life. Intriguing.

Release Date: June 2016

Platforms: PS4, PC

#11. Dues Ex: Mankind Divided


 The setting is of 2029. And the decisions you make now will take the story ahead. So, be careful of your choices you make, because it will have direct consequences.

And so, for all intents and purposes, each player will be experiencing a different end to the story.

For the uninitiated, Deus Ex games are played out in the future, on Earth, and that too with a cyberpunk dystopian society. Several organisations are fighting each other to take overall control of the planet. Sounds irresistible?

Release Date: 23rd February  2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

#12. Astroneer


If exploring the alien worlds is what gives you an adrenalin rush, try Astroneer. The game apparently is a combination of Kerbal Space Programme and No Man’s Sky. You could level hills, carve out tunnels and even dig out artifacts, similar to what you did in Minecraft. But then, here the landscape is unforgiving and unfamiliar. Brace yourself up!

Release date: Early 2016

Platform: PC

#13. Home Free


Hey! Dog lovers, try this game. Because it’s about a lost and alone stray mutt, running helter-skelter in a procedurally generated city. The concept has been generously borrowed from a cult hit, ‘Tokyo Jungle’. Here the gamer’s animal instincts are tried and tested…as the mutt tries to survive against all odds, trying to find food and sometimes even companionship.

Platforms: Mac, PC, PS4

#14. Street Fighter V

Street Fighter

This is no run-of-the-mill game. Armed with two decades worth of experimentation, and a good number of sequels and spin-offs, Street Fighter V promises to be an exciting fighting game backed by a strong star cast possessing lethal skill sets and personalities. Yes, it seems to be a copy of Steet Fighter IV at the first instance, but then let me tell you, changes have been made to the core formula of the game. Suffice it to say, the new game will have new mechanics, new characters, and new risks.

Release date: February 16, 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Linux

#15. DOOM


DOOM is back. Back with a bang. Loaded with pure, classic, nerve-racking, glamorized slaughter, the game is brutal to the core, which could make your parents, focus groups and schools forget what’s cool.  The game equips players with chainsaws  and all that can slice naked alien half.

Don’t worry. The game has no trace of Call of duty at all.

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2016

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

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