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Full Stack developers Vs Specialized developers. Who should you hire in 2020?

Today the world is moving towards technology and for the dynamic application, you will have to go through full stack developers Vs specialized developers to decide who fits best for your business project.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Full Stack Developer?
    1. The Skillset of Full Stack Developer
    2. Full Stack Developer Pros
    3. Cons of Full Stack Developer
    4. When to Choose a Full Stack Developer?
  2. What is a Specialized Developer?
    1. The Skillset of a Specialized Developer
    2. Specialized Developer Pros
    3. Cons of a Specialized Developer
    4. When to Choose a Specialized Developer?
  3. Difference between – Full Stack Developers Vs Specialized Developers.

For the versatile and dynamic solutions, full-stack developers and designers must possess proficiency and skills for diverse frameworks for better user experience and increasing quality expectations.

Full Stack Developers Vs Specialized Developers

Full Stack Developers Vs Specialized Developers

As we all know, technology is going to the next level with the invention of AI, ML, and more towards business intelligence for programming an application. Now, for better user experience and to develop an app that becomes successful, businesses make an effort to hire mobile app developers who are proficient in front-end development, back-end development, and database programming. 

What is a Full Stack Developer?

Full-stack programmers are known for their flexibility. They make the best possible solution for the business by understanding the needs and can handle the project of the organization on their own. 

We all are using Facebook, right? And we love the design and features they provide. Facebook hired full-stack developers for the programming purpose as full-stack developers are highly flexible in development.

Full-stack developers make the best software product and are the most suited to understand the client’s needs in a better context. Yes, full-stack developers aren’t quite an expert, but if your business needs an all-rounder, you should go with a full-stack developer

What is a Specialized Developer?

For a business that requires expertise in any one-specific function of software development, specialized developers might be a superior preference. The knowledge of the front-end development would enable a developer to come up with the most ingenious ideas. 

A specialist developer holds expertise for a language or a framework for seamless development. It implies that the developer you hire is your go-to resource in that particular area. He/she is manageable for the plan, and database structure, area displaying, and substance system. 

The Skillset of Full Stack Developer

  • Well versed in designing interactive user interference.
  • Have reasonable control over markup languages.
  • They possess a great understanding of software testing
  • Know-how for design and the blueprint of the project. 

As per the latest research by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-stack Development will increase from 135,000 to 853,000 by 2024. 

These show that full-stack developers are high in demand for successful applications like Facebook and other social media platforms. 

Full Stack Developer Pros

Quick learners

Full-stack developers grasp new development concepts with ease. They are easy to train and understand the aspects easily. 

Quick identification of issues

In terms of bugs and fixing issues, full-stack developers are familiar with all the stages of software development so they can identify and fix problems in less time. 


If you go with full-stack developers, you don’t have to worry about other resources as they replace two or more specialized developers. 

Reduced development time

Full-Stack Developer is more independent, and they can easily toggle overall tasks development, thus reducing development time.

Cons of Full Stack Developer

May lack of knowledge of latest trends 

Working in an extensive range of ground means that a full stack developer doesn’t have the time to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. 

Difficulty in project tracking

Instead of breaking it into smaller tasks, full-stack developers work on a large piece of a project. So it is not easy to track and identify the completeness.


High attrition rates can see if you are a higher full stack developer. They have more demand in the market due to knowledge of various skills. 


If you are looking to expand your team of full-stack developers, it might be tough to get a number of them. You might feel disappointed as they are not available as and when required.

The Skillset of a Specialized Developer

  • Specialized developers are known for their expertise in a specific area.
  • You can have a strong team of specialized developers, and you can relax in terms of project completion. 
  • With expertise in one area, they have in-depth knowledge and experience in issue fixing abilities.  
  • They are your end time go-to assets for a specific area, from design and databases to architecture. 

Specialized Developer Pros

Expertise in latest technologies

Since specialized developers are working on a specific area, they keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies hence improving the overall product quality. 

High-quality work

You can expect quality work from them due to expertise in a specific field. They end up giving superior output in their particular area. 

Easy allocation of responsibilities

They divide work into various tasks as they are useful in controlling and completing. So the allocation of responsibilities is not a big deal while hiring specialized developers.

Easy to hire

A wide range of expert developers are available in the market; it is easy to hire the best resource for a specific area or a technology.

Cons of a Specialized Developer

High Investment

If you are thinking to hire dedicated developers, it will cost you a lot. As a company, you have to invest more for a specialized developer.


As they are experts in specific technology or framework, it is not easy to replace them till the project ends hence ask for a greater dependence. 


Understanding and coordinating with the team is essential here. To facilitate coordination, more time is consumed for discussions and meetings. 

When to Choose a Full Stack Developer?

Low complexity projects

Low complexity projects can be easily handled by a full-stack developer. As projects with complex functionality, ask for in-depth knowledge, which may be difficult for full-stack developers.

Small projects

If the size of the project is small to medium, preference goes to hire a full stack developer. A mobile app developer can switch between tasks and cover a range of technologies. 

Low on budget

Yes, the budget will not exceed if it goes with a full stack developer. They are highly economical if initially, you are low on budget.

Startups/small businesses

Small businesses can have huge advantages from full-stack developers. Startups sometimes face budgetary constraints, so they can choose full-stack developers for fast Development. 

When to Choose a Specialized Developer?

Large projects

If your idea or project is for the long-term, you must go with expertise that can focus on your project. So, you can divide the project into small tasks and can complete it at the expected time.

High complex projects

Unlike small projects, complex projects require expertise and in-depth knowledge for a particular framework and technology. Specialized developers influence their experience and knowledge to cover complicated features.

Project quality

If you are looking for on-time delivery and high-quality output, prefer a specialized developer. The finest results deserve expertise and technology competence.

Time to take your call

It’s all about organization and project requirements. Hiring a full stack developer vs specialized developer is based on your budget, availability, time, and more. 

All you need to do is an analysis of a project along with planning and expected output. For the same, you need skilled resources to handle a dynamic plan that is expertise is development as well as fixing the issues. 

Difference between – Full Stack Developers Vs Specialized Developers.

  • Full-stack developers are those who specialized in both the front-end and the back-end. 
  • On the other hand, specialized developers are experts in a single discipline, either the front-end or the back-end. 
  • Full-stack developers have the know-how for the visual part of the application and also for the server-side of the application.
  • Specialized developers work for a specific framework and are experts for a particular technology.

As we discussed in detail for Full Stack developers Vs Specialized developers and from my experience here I am suggesting to hire resources as per the need of the hour. In a technology-driven world, the time and needs of business and audience to serve are the necessary aspects to focus before hiring full-stack developers.

Meghavi Vyas
Meghavi Vyas

Meghavi Vyas is a Content Writer and Marketer who is working for Openxcell. A technology writer for 5 years, she is first a reader, an avid researcher, and a tech geek who uses her skills and expertise for well-versed content. You will often find her articles, blogs, and knowledge-based content on AI/ML, Data Science, and Mobile Applications.