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Get News Faster Than Blinking: Thanks To These Real-Time News Apps

Real Time News Apps

Staying updated has just gotten easier these days. Just flick open the news app and, in seconds, news from all over the world will start flooding your phone. And guess what, you can even create your own personalized magazine with these news apps. Now no more excuses for not staying in the know…


Scratching your head and scrounging your nose during interviews?

Download the news apps and avoid such embarrassing situations in the future.

In the U.S. supposedly, every business student and every professor puts the Wall Street Journal on the required list of reading materials. (Yeah, I know, for I too am still wondering, how could Mr. George W. Bush Junior not answer that question.)

Tell me about you? Does your heavy business schedule leave you enough time on hand to peruse the latest news of the day? Nope. Fine, fret not. Since there are several wonderful news apps, which will help you stay updated on the latest sports, stocks, local and global news on the go. Just squeeze in a second and you’ll know who’s the current Prime Minister of India is.

Without further ado, here’s goes those 10 real time free news apps, which will keep you updated on all the breaking news as and when it happens.



Do you dream of creating a personalized magazine for your iPhone? Translate that dream into reality with Flipboard app. Referred to as the Pinterest for news, the app lets you pick information from different websites, news feeds, social networks and lets you design your own personalized magazine. Since the app is connected with different channels, including news, sports, gear and gadgets, it’s easy to pick the news of your choice. If that wasn’t enough, you can share your favorite news with your friends and relations via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter accounts.

Download the Flipboard app for free here.


If its actual facts that gets you the adrenaline rushes, then no other app is as good as the CNN app. A simple tap on the app and you will be flooded with photos and headlines from around the world. And, in case, you are looking for a comprehensive picture on a particular story, just tap on the article, and the full text will pop up, complete with photos and videos. More importantly, you can even share stories that seem to interest you on Facebook and Twitter.

Download the CNN App for free here.


If you and your friends share a similar news gene, then Nuzzel app can turn out to be the right app for you. In other words, the app compiles feed comprising news stories that your friends are already following. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to sign up. Your Facebook or Twitter account is good enough to log in. What’s more, the user interface is sleek and interesting. And, if you want to, you can even set alerts to know the kind of news stories your friends are sharing the most. And just like other news apps, you are free to share your stories on Facebook, Twitter and through email and text messages.

Download the Nuzzel App for free here.

Linkedin Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse

The Pulse is a pioneer of sorts because it was the first news app to use a grid layout and eventually other news apps ended up copying it. To read stories about this app, simple flick the stories from left to right. The row displays categories such as sports, science, politics, and more. Tap on any image to get the full story. In fact, you can pick and choose stories from different sources and tailor it as per your preference. Plus, you are free to add social media handles. And lest we forget, the app is really beautiful to look at.

Download the Linkedin Pulse App for free here.

ESPN SportsCenter

If you are a sports enthusiast, ESPN SportsCenter app is the apt app for you. It comes with the best of both worlds – a clean user interface backed by a wealth of knowledge. More importantly, its fully customizable app, so you can easily follow your favorite teams, not to mention the latest scores news, trade rumors and so on. Recap facility is also available. So, in case, you’ve missed any important match of your favorite team, just tap the game to see the full recap, score and also the video highlights. What’s more, it comes with push notifications, alerting you about important matches that mean the world to you. In addition, the Twitter integration keeps you updated on sports gossip and more.

Download the ESPN SportsCenter App for free here.

Tech Crunch

If you are tech savvy, then you should definitely download this app. The app helps you follow the latest updates on the tech scene and gets all the interesting stories from the TechCrunch’s website.

Download the Tech Crunch App for free here.

Circa News


For a curated and condensed version of the news, circle down on Circa now. The best part of this app is that news here are displayed with their sourcing links. Once you start following stories, you will start receiving push notifications on latest developments as well. Plus, just like other news apps, you can share your favorite stories on Facebook and Twitter.  However, unlike other apps, this app comes with an offline support as well, so you can take your news on the go, though you may have no connection.

Download the Circa News App for free.

News Republic

If visual overview of the latest news is what interests you, News Republic is the go-to app. You can even personalize your home screen by displaying topics of your liking and even by re-sizing the icons. The app’s Tag Nav news navigation system helps you explore related topics.

Download the News Republic App for free here.



As Taptu’s punch-line suggests “DJ your news,” you can literally pull out all the interesting news and then fit them into this app. You can also easily integrate content from popular social networks as well. The app is capable of merging several news into one, and you can even rename and color-code that stream. Taptu’s magic feature learns about the news that interests you along the way and then tailors your stream accordingly. And as in the case of other apps, you can even share news or streams on social networks.

Download the Taptu App for free here.


Just like Flipboard if you wish to create a personalized magazine, Zite app is equally good. Based on your browsing background, Zite App knows what news to send your way and accordingly delivers news, articles, blogs, videos and authors of your choice. And as you thump articles up and down, Zite gets more and more personalized. The app features more than 40,000 topics to choose from. It also has a smart auto-suggest tool to lead you to content that you will really like.

Download the Zite App for free.

Final Thoughts

A well-informed and knowledgeable person is received well in the society. People look up to them. Moreover, such persons are known to make informed decisions. App or no app, squeeze in some time to, go through the headlines of the day.

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