How Can Mobile Applications Help us Fight the Next Pandemic

How Apps Help in Pandemic

How Apps Help in Pandemic: The current situation of the world demands the advent of a way to fight or stop the pandemic in any possible way. Whether it is the healthcare industry working hard to find medication and treatment for the pandemic, or any other industry is trying their best possible ways to fight the pandemic. Technology plays a crucial role in fighting against any pandemic as it capable of powering up any industry in combating the pandemic. Mobile application development can play a crucial part in fighting the pandemic by using the latest technologies. 

How Apps Help in Pandemic

The significant factors that affect finding a solution to fight against a pandemic include, firstly, accurate information about the pandemic, causes, symptoms, prevention, control measures, etc. Emerging technologies can help develop a mobile application that can help fight the pandemic by implementing robust back-end technologies, AI-powered features, and more.

Current Scenario of mHealth & Telehealth 

With the arrival of new technologies in the healthcare sector, the rise of mHealth and Telehealth has turned tables, ultimately making healthcare more efficient for treating patients and giving them aid remotely. 

mHealth mobile applications have gained popularity, and reaching everyone as the use of mobile phones has increased considerably. In this era, almost everyone has a mobile phone, making it easier for them to access mHealth apps and get information about their health conditions and essential remedies, medications, etc.

In many areas where healthcare centers are far away, or it is tough to get medical aid immediately, mHealth is a boon. These applications can help in providing all the necessary information about the pandemic and giving precautionary measures, updates, helpline numbers, etc. 

Types of Mobile Applications to Fight the Next Pandemic

Whenever there is a pandemic situation, all the sectors are affected, and a vital they work hard to fight the pandemic in all possible ways. Technology plays a very important role in fighting the pandemic, and mobile applications are one of the significant reasons to aid people. Some of the types of mobile apps that can help people in standing up against the next pandemic are, 

1. Pandemic Awareness Applications

The primary requirement during any pandemic is to provide people with a basic understanding of the pandemic. A pandemic awareness application can give ordinary people with all the necessary information about what actually the pandemic is, symptoms, possible causes, initial steps to be taken if people are affected by the pandemic, and contact details about the nearest healthcare centers to contact. If the people are not aware of what the pandemic is, then the situation can worsen and it can spread more. These applications can offer features such as, 

  • Detailed information about the pandemic in layman terms
  • List of symptoms causing the disease
  • Precautionary measures that need to be taken for staying safe
  • Early diagnosis of the symptoms 
  • A comprehensive description of the severity of the pandemic
  • Contact details of the nearest healthcare center 
  • Pandemic helpline numbers

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2. Symptom Analysis Applications

In any pandemic situation, the first and foremost need is the safety of people, that can be achieved if people stay at home. Now, if people are at home, they must be provided with mobile applications that can aid them if they feel that they have any symptoms. Such apps allow users to analyze and assess their symptoms to be sure whether they are safe in the pandemic or need medical assistance. Some of the features that these apps must include are, 

  • Feed symptoms in detail to get instant results
  • Self-assessment options to be ensured about safety
  • Options to contact the nearest healthcare center immediately

3. Contact Tracing Applications

Any pandemic can be brought to a halt if the affected people are traced, and the new medication is provided to the ones who have come in contact. The contact tracing applications can be installed on everyone’s phones to be notified if they come in contact with any patient. These applications trace the patient’s movements and even tell nearby individuals about their connection with the patient so that they can get tested as well. These applications have features such as, 

  • GPS Tracking of patients location
  • Notification of any infected person comes in contact
  • Constant update of the location to check for any infected contacts
  • Feature to update your health status

4. Healthcare Applications/Remote Consultation Apps

Applications that allow remote consultation can help people to consult their doctor via mobile apps. With the advanced technologies available, it is possible to consult doctors online and get the necessary medication to avoid going to the hospital in the pandemic situation. These applications can allow you to choose your preferred doctors, date, and time for consultation. You can also have an option to order the prescribed medicines online or schedule lab tests. Features that these apps have to offer, 

  • Schedule consultation with a preferred healthcare expert
  • Consult from the safety of your home at the desired time 
  • Select options for regular health checkups
  • Order prescribed medicines online
  • Track your health, set medicine reminders, save e-prescriptions, etc
  • Order for lab tests with sample collection from home

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5. Surrounding Scan Applications

Mobile applications that can give you a heads up about the place that you are currently in, whether it is safe or not. These applications are equipped with location trackers that notify you when if there are any potentially infected patients near you. With these apps, the government can do constant data collection from nearby devices to keep the databases updated and allowing the government to monitor the pandemic situation. The primary benefit of these applications is that the government can focus on the areas with maximum infected patients and focus more on those areas. 

6. IoT Applications for Patient Care Management 

With the increasing influence of IoT in making smart homes and smart devices, even the healthcare field is fueled with the power of this technology in effectively treating the patients. IoT applications can help the patients, whether they are in the hospital or taking treatment at home. With these applications, real-time monitoring of patients is possible, speeding up the decision-making process in case of emergencies. Along with this, automated data collection and a streamlined process to track the patients can reduce the burden from the healthcare experts. 

Wrap up

The entire medical ecosystem is elevated with advanced mobile applications, build with the latest technologies, equipped with the most useful features, and more. Any pandemic can be considerably fought with advanced technologies and helping the healthcare experts in all possible ways. If you have any such ideas about a mobile application that can help in fighting the next pandemic then drop your requirements to get the app developed and make your contribution to society. 

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