How Did They Do It: Artistic Look Like Prisma

Prisma App

Don’t try to deny it; you love to harness the filters of this cool and stylish app.

What? It’s obvious. The app is a discussion point nowadays; And above all, social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are flooded with the app’s artworks and you know what, mine too is flooded and it simply looks Wow!

Nope, I am not a Prisma fan. But yes, my friends and friends’ friends are definitely. They are the biggest fans and enjoying the “Prisma spree” 😉 Jokes apart!

Today, it’s on the list of top-grossing apps. Surprised? Don’t be. There are many more surprising elements which I would be sharing.

 Right then, Be prepared…

  • Are you using Instagram? Of course yes but not the same way you used to do before going Prisma.  Am I Right? The internet is buzzing a loud saying “The glow of Instagram is diminishing”.
  • In comparison to Instagram, Prisma has 33 artistic filters listed in the app helping you to transform your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns.
  • This one is shocking! No marketing strategy. No Fake users. Purely organic. Are they kidding? This was my first reaction. Honestly speaking! They aren’t. 52 million users have downloaded the app till now with 4 million active users per day and the count is increasing constantly.
  • Soon, the app will have image processing offline. But yes, the photo transformation time will get increased from 2 seconds to 7 seconds and heavy images will take time to get transformed into the artwork you’ve picked. This feature is expected to get introduced first in Android.
  • You may be thinking, this kind of apps have a short lifespan. And yes! It’s true because the clones are on the verge of hitting the market and are a good substitution.
  • Nope, the Prisma team will never let this happen. They are on the constant research of implementing new features and what they found is, users are converting photos of each frame using the app and making short videos of 15-30 seconds. What is the use of taking so much pain? The team has started the development of video feature which will be processing online using the vacant space of the image server.
  • The video feature is live and app users can use to create artistic videos of 15 seconds. But it is only available in iPhone. Its development in Android is in process. Soon Android users will also enjoy recording and creating artistic videos.
  • Background Clipping is a new and magnificent feature for selfies. So you can now blend your regular selfies with hypnagogic environment and add life into it.

The excitement is not yet over. There is a lot more to get unveil! As said above, Prisma will not let the clone apps hit the market.

  • The team is soon going to launch “Daily styles”. So, get ready to style your pics with new looks everyday.
  • One more interesting thing coming over. Prisma is a mobile app but it will allow active users to create their own image filters using the desktop tool.
  • They are planning to add in-app “store” to add filters. The app that offered free image filters is now thinking to monetize with sponsored ones . With that, it will also allow users to rate it and let others know how the filter looks.

Isn’t things going great with Prisma? Users have a lot to prism around using this OSUM app. Eager to know, what did they do and how?

One and only thing would say, Keep Reading!

1] Technology

How the original pic is transformed using the image filters

Day by day, we come across apps or blogs that speak on the technology advances and influence us to get into the trap of it.

Prisma app did the same. Just after the week’s launch, the app was at the peak. Not marketing, it’s technology. The Prisma team developed the app using deep neural networks algorithm that separates image content from the image styles.

Previously, the algorithm could only identify the style and image content as one piece of data but after thorough research and performing various experiments, researchers could make things possible like identifying the style and image and transform it the way humans create art.

This is how Prisma fulfilled the dream of everyone who wanted to get sketched from the great ancient artist.

2] How does it work?

Below image will explain you the working of the app.

Transform photo into artwork

Click the high-resolution pic or pick any of your favourite image from the gallery you want to prism. Either crop it or rotate it the way you want. Select the filters from the bottom, swipe left or right to change the intensity of filters and preview the artistic look giving you an experience of being sketched or painted.  Last but not the least, share or download your prismatic image and allow others to see your new look on different platforms.

Prisma UI with and without tabs

In the latest update, Prisma broke out the grid layout and got transformed into a full image screen consisting of two more functionalities in addition to Camera. Feed and Profile.

The camera and video function as-is. What’s alluring is feed and profile. Should I say it a drawback or a plus point? Feeds get displayed only after enabling geolocation. Prisma is another Instagram for profile. The same pattern for shares, like and comment and almost the same UI.

3] Marketing

You won’t believe but it’s the fact, no marketing strategy was executed around the web. The downloads were made purely organic way and in a week’s time,  the number increased to 52 million with per day 4 million active users using this app.

Ending Note:

Due to the technology used for image editing, the app is worth an install. I too installed the app after getting influenced reading a list of blogs and you know, it’s simply Wow! Enjoying getting prismed. If you haven’t installed then do it right now and experience the use of artificial intelligence in your smartphone.

The post is in line with the “How Did They Do It” post that appears on Openxcell blogs.  

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