How Technology is Wavering the Face of the NEMT Industry?

NEMT Industry

NEMT – Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Not all one’s suffering can go for taking medical assistance or go for their appointments with ease. It can be the case for the elderly or those living alone or suffering from some significant health conditions. Another reason, which accounts for 90% of the patients not being able to get medical attention or miss out on their appointment is the lack of transportation. Yes, you got that right; means of transportation, especially medical transportation, is a significant cause. 

With a massive rise in mobile application development in all the sectors and for all the industries, there is a considerable increase in transportation service apps. Still, the ones designed specifically for taking patients to the hospital or individuals to their concerned appointments are the NEMT services. The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation industry is a vast industry that is a boon to reduce barriers for individuals to get medical help at the right time. This industry can be transformed using high-end technologies and robust back-end technologies to build a system that can give users the best experience. 

Current NEMT Industry

The current NEMT industry is a fast-growing one with millions of trips yearly, and the demand is exponentially growing with time. With the expansion of healthcare, there is a noticeable surge in the NEMT industry as well. The need of the hour is to provide transportation with as much ease as possible to the people and maintain transparency. 

Why the NEMT Industry Needs Technological Revamp?

The traditional NEMT industry is facing a number of challenges and malpractices due to the lack of technology and updated frameworks. Here are some of the major challenges faced by the NEMT industry,

  • Frauds & Foul Practices in making bills and calculating the transportation costs
  • Lack of Coordination between the vehicle drivers, patients, and healthcare center
  • Missed or Delayed Appointments due to lack of communication
  • Higher Costs to administer everything physically and need for more paid workforce
  • Upcoding is charging the users for unnecessary medical devices, services, or medicines that have not been used by them.

How can Technology Change the Face of the NEMT Industry?

With technology infused in all the sectors for betterment, NEMT is not left untouched. NEMT, when fueled with the latest technologies and features, can provide the best experience for the people and highly coordinated and efficient software for the medical agencies. If the right technology and practices are used, the desired outputs can be generated from the NEMT industry. Some of the major reformations that technology can bring in the NEMT industry are, 

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Digitized Payment Methods

By adopting digitized payment methods instead of physical methods like cash, cheque, etc. can transform the way in which the NEMT industry is seen. Both, the users, as well as the organizations can manage their finances effectively. The users can pay online, keep track of their payments, and effectively manage their expenses. By revamping the traditional payment system with digitized methods, the NEMT industry can open doors for easy and hassle-free payments for more people.

Introduction of Mobile Applications

By introducing a comprehensive mobile application, it can allow users to complete the entire process via their mobile apps only. This application can include features such as booking appointments, fixing the pick-up and drop-off time, making payments, getting e-prescriptions, giving feedback to the healthcare experts or healthcare centers, etc. By integrating all these services, users can get access to everything from a single mobile app. 

Supervision of Service Providers

Technology can ensure security, as well. When you are enabling the mobile application with location trackers using GPS, you can track the location of the vehicle carrying you or your loved ones. Even the healthcare center you are visiting can track your exact location. This can ensure the security of the patients inside the vehicle and give the healthcare centers a head’s up about the upcoming appointments. Even the driver, attendant, or any other staff present in the vehicle can be supervised and replaced in case of misconduct or lack of satisfactory service. 

Data Analysis for Performance Improvement

When everything is digitized then user data can be collected and analyzed. This analysis can be used for improving the performance of the NEMT service provider. Using the data and feedback from a large number of patients, healthcare centers, and even the agency staff can give you an insight into loopholes that can be improved to do your service even better. Along with record maintenance, the patients’ medical history, payment history, healthcare experts’ patient history, and feedback can be stored and utilized for good. 

Coordination With Healthcare Centers

The traditional system of phone calls and fax can be replaced by chats, automated calls for taking follow up appointments, noting any delay or cancellation of appointments, etc. Technology can be infused to make the process of coordinating with your healthcare expert relatively easy and can give you a sense of reaching them out anytime. The patients or healthcare experts can notify each other about any change in the appointment or cancellation in real-time and save each other’s time. 

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Personalized Experience 

Technology can do wonders, and we are currently witnessing that in a number of sectors, whether it is healthcare, education, or transportation. So, why should NEMT be exempted? By infusing technology into the NEMT industry, users can get a personalized feel by getting knowledge of their healthcare experts, their experience, the healthcare center you are visiting, its reviews, users’ medical history to support the consultation, and many more to enlist. 


Innovation in any industry can revamp it to deliver the best output. The latest technologies coming up each day are the perfect example of this. When these high-end technologies are fused into the existing NEMT industry and its workflow, you can expect this to be a success and feature-filled experience for the users as well as the healthcare industry. If you are churning the wheels of your mind to get some relevant app developed that can upgrade the NEMT industry, then share your ideas now, and we can bring your vision into reality!

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