How to Hire App Developers – A Complete Guide

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how to hire app developers

Mobile apps have become a necessary form of digital interaction in the digital world. With the developing number of clients accessing the internet via smartphones, having a mobile app for your business gives you the extraordinary and guaranteed ability to reach them. When you choose to create an app, the first inquiry that arises in your mind is how to hire app developers. Regardless of whether you are launching your startup or digitizing your current company. You will need to hire an app developer or a mobile app development company with experienced developers to fulfill your business goals.

If you are maintaining a business and finally choosing to build a mobile app, an inquiry immediately strikes your brain; how much it costs to hire a developer. Before moving forward, let us share some statistics, which will help you understand and decide mobile apps’ importance.

What Type of App Are You Trying to Develop?

There are several unique kinds of mobile app development processes and categories available to you. Understanding what makes them extraordinary will assist you better establish what type you wish to focus on. Although there are many ways to classify apps – from category to operating system – the following are common ones.

Web-based and Native Apps

It creates a React Native app for explicit operating systems on a user’s device. Then again, as the name suggests, a web app, accessing via the internet. Due to the native app, a particular OS design is bound to work and leverage the OS’s capabilities. Also, because a React Native app stays on a client’s device, it keeps up the brand presentation.

A web app allows developers to cast a wide net. Instead of creating various items for each OS, they can make a single app that will deal with most devices.

Hybrid App Development

If seeking after hybrid app development is the correct decision for you, you have to make sure your product functions seamlessly across platforms. This is the place it’s essential to coordinate with development specialists. They can advise on other mobile app development types and affirm if a hybrid approach is a correct strategy for you.

Mobile App Development Types

It’s also necessary to choose what kinds of features and experiences you want your app to offer. Here, your options are wide-ranging yet depend on who your target audience is and how you mean them to utilize your app. You could create a social media app, mobile game, blockchain mobile app, and much more.

Step by Step Process of Finding Mobile App Developer (How to Find App Developers?)

Budget Confirmations

Confirm your budget, list out all your requirements, platforms like Android, iOS, web, and take the first step. Choose whether you want a freelancer or a company. Before hiring, you should be confident whether a freelancer is enough to handle your concept detail and project needs. Never bargain your project concept, quality, functionality, or design due to money constraints.

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Looking for a Developer or an Experienced Company?

Start searching for an app developer for hire or a known company. Freelance websites, GitHub, tech blogs, online directories like They Make Apps, and occupation boards like getting Apps Done, or references from individuals you know. GoodFirms is the best site to locate a well-known mobile app development firm.

If you are searching for an iOS app developer for hire, you may try the iPhoneDevSDK gathering. You are searching for an Android app developer for hire, attempt Android Forums or AndroidPit. Koding, NewAppIdea, Topcoder, Polycom are general app developer communities. You may also check official gatherings of Google, Apple, Facebook, Windows developers. Platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, and even Reddit are useful for hiring a full-stack developer.

Screening or Vetting

Screening or vetting, the next step in hiring an app developer with great experience. You have to choose and list out a couple of developers according to your need. You could check their portfolio and even download a part of their applications and test them. A secure way could be reading customer testimonials or users’ feedback that vouch for the company or the developer. You could contact them and cross-verify whether this is a certifiable and quality service. You even get to recognize what you can expect from the service.

Contact a Company or Developer

After evaluating the developer and their competitors, you should contact them. Talking to them yourself will assist you with giving legitimate judgment. You could ask about their user experience, technology, and designing skills, remembering what you need. You have to make sure that you interview the developers you will hire. A well-known mobile app development agency will give you the option to hire a developer or a team after you see their resumes and interview them.

Tips and Requirements to Hire App Developers?

If you plan to hire an app developer or a team of developers with vast experience, look at the following aspects during the interview:

  • Specialization and technical proficiency (for example, iOS developer)
  • Seniority level and years in the profession
  • Number of successfully finished app projects
  • Participation in hackathons, specialized conferences, meetups
  • Number of technical certifications, acquired achievements, awards
  • Provide deliverables (for example, code sample)
  • Experience working under pressure and with strict deadlines
  • Commitment to your project concept during the interview
  • Interpersonal and communication skills

Tips to Hire an App Developer for iOS

If you have chosen to target the Apple mobile market, you need to hire an app developer specialized in iOS. A decent iOS developer ought to have tech capabilities and perform tasks like:

  • Ability to build up an app for different devices: smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Vital information on iOS programming languages (Swift, Objective-C)
  • Work with most usual APIs and open-source libraries.
  • Familiarity with iOS app distributing to Apple Store
  • Information on IDE, REST/JSON/XML standards; MVP, MVVM architecture patterns
  • Significant testing and debugging skills
  • Business and user experience information
  • Application of KISS and SOLID standards in software designing

Tips to Hire an App Developer for Android

If you are targeting Android mobile users, at that point, you have to hire an app developer specialized in this platform. Great Android app developers have excellent skills in the accompanying aspects:

  • Operate in open-source ecosystems and libraries
  • Have practical knowledge in Android programming languages (Kotlin, Java)
  • Knowledge of Android NDK and architectural patterns – MVP, MVVM
  • Manage and work with Android version updates and their APIs
  • Application of KISS and SOLID standards in software designing
  • Significant testing and debugging skills
  • Understand the app publishing on the Google Play

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Cost and Time Estimation to Hire App Developers

Here, the top mobile app development companies estimate the developer’s rate according to their experience and skills.

Type of ApplicationDetailsHours (iOS)Hours (Android)Hourly rates (average)Hourly rates (Team in India)
Basic AppTemplates, dropdown menu list, device storage80-16080-180$50-$100$15-$18
Data based AppBackend, server storage, integrated150-200170-220$50-$100$15-$18
Message AppVarious data formats, chats, and calls, cloud storage350+400+$70-$120$18-$20
Ecommerce AppFeatures depend on business, device, and server storage250+300+$100-$150$25-$30
Social networking AppThemes, photo editing, backend, server storage300350+$80-$110$25-$30
Game AppSingle-player/multiplayer, unity 3D, rendering, server storage600+800+$80-$120$30-$35

The chart clearly shows that Android developers are costlier than iOS developers. The total development cycle and testing take a great deal of time. So, choose carefully.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire an App Developer

Before you hire any App developer from anywhere, here is a list of questions that are important to ask.

Company-Related Questions

  • What are your specialization and tech stack?
  • Where is your company located? Do you have a local representative?
  • In what industries do you have the most experience?
  • For which operating systems are you able to develop apps?
  • Where can I check your finished app projects? Can you give me links to app stores?

Team-Related Questions

  • What is your company structure?
  • How many in-house workers do you have?
  • Do your app developers have specific awards or accomplishments? What are they?
  • Do you have enough iOS/Android developers to finish my project?
  • How would you allocate suitable app developers for projects?
  • What are your design and user experience capabilities?
  • Are you a project manager, designer, and business analyst part of the team?

Client-Related Questions

  • Who are your key customers?
  • How did you add value to their project concepts?
  • Can you give a list of current and past customers?
  • What level of contribution do you require from your customers?
  • Can you relate to the customers from a similar business circle?

Communication-Related Questions

  • How will you communicate during the development process?
  • What level of English do you and your team have? Can app developers speak fluently?
  • Is (particular time) suitable for our communication?
  • What communication tools do you use?
  • How will you keep me updated about advancement and issues?

App Development-Related Questions

  • What the company applies app development methodologies and frameworks?
  • Which programming standards and guidelines do you follow?
  • What are your design standards; how would you create an app design?
  • How would you see the monetization of my app concept?
  • What might you advise regarding my app concept monetization?
  • What core functionality would you extract in my project?
  • What additional features do you suggest that I incorporate?
  • What complex app functionality have you implemented already?
  • How would you direct app testing?
  • How would you react to and fix issues on the project?
  • How will you manage the project’s security?
  • Do you help with app accommodation to the app store?
  • How would you give post-launch support?

Agreements-Related Questions

  • Can we sign the NDA before we continue with the project details?
  • Who owns the project materials (code, design, etc.)?
  • What are your payment terms and processes?
  • Can I check the draft of the agreement beforehand?

Common Mistakes While Hiring an App Developer

The most common mistakes to avoid while hiring an app developer:

To go with the cheapest option.

Quality doesn’t oblige a cheap price tag. Capable app developers who have great experience definitely value their work.

No understanding of your business and Lack of experience

It is better to hire an app developer who has worked on a similar app concept and is aware of your business niche. This helps to align business aspects and ensure a clear understanding of the technical requirements within a product.

Taking the only price into consideration when hiring app developers

This means that you should not proceed with the most expensive option like a boutique development firm either. An expensive developer does not guarantee the implementation of a classy app product.

Start coding without proper project evaluation

Before any app development starts, it is crucial to complete a discovery phase. App developers should understand the project’s complete picture based on the finalized concept, market analysis, and functional specifications.

Not considering the post-launch app phase

Planning from a long-term perspective is also vital. Think ahead and understand how the app developer can help you with further project scalability, maintenance, future product versions, troubleshooting, and bug fixes.

Not establishing the Project budget and timeline

Once the project concept discussion, the functionality, and covering all the essential project details are done, ask for an estimate before hiring an app developer. Professional teams deliver an estimate and the next development steps in the form of a project proposal.

Best Websites to Find and Hire an App Developer From

Every business person faces a challenge while hiring app developers. All things considered, app developers and the best professionals can assist you with achieving your business targets. Here are a couple of companies that can help you to overcome this challenge:

  • Toptal
  • Your Team In India
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Indeed
  • Get Apps Done
  • They Make Apps
  • LinkedIn

The Best Choice To Hire Application Developers in India

There is no issue in finding an app developer nowadays, yet it can be challenging to choose an app development agency to suit your business. The most innovative app development company should offer a wide range of customized services in mobile apps, website development, game development, blockchain, and much more. The company should deliver the product or services without compromising on quality and time.

Key Features That a Company Can Provide:

  • Data Backups
  • Data Protection
  • Client-Centric Development
  • Agile Development
  • Enhancement
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Excellent Support
  • Quality Deliverance


Whether you want to get an iOS, Android, or Hybrid app developed, you have to keep all the above points discussed in consideration as each of these aspects holds importance to get a desired and perfect app developed. So, if you have finalized an idea or just envisioning an app, then just drop in your requirements or thoughts at OpenXcell, and the experts will contact you with a comprehensive solution in no time. Share now!

FAQs for How to Hire App Developers

Does the app development location affect the app development budget?

Yes, the place where you decide to build an app plays a vital role in determining your app development budget. You get developers on different hourly rates in other countries. So, suppose you are looking to develop an app on a budget. In that case, you must hire mobile app developers from Asian countries like India, as developers in Europe and North America are quite expensive.

What is the cost to develop a mobile app?

There is no fixed cost, each app costs in an unexpected way, depending upon the features and the time required to build it. However, here are a couple of variables that influence the mobile app development cost:

  • Area of app development
  • Hourly rate of the development team
  • Features
  • App Complexity
  • Group size
  • Kind of app

What advantages will I get from hiring an app developer from a trusted app development organization?

When you hire app developers, you will get a preferred position of spared time, project and risk management, business, and legal support. This firm will assign app developers with vital tech capabilities just as tech authorities specialists in a specific field.

How to pick an appropriate portable app developer?

To hire a proper app developer for your undertaking, it is essential to evaluate viewpoints like tech capabilities and expertise, a long time in a calling, level of English, communication skills, etc. If considering our staff a developer from the IT firm, you ought to likewise examine the organization’s site, online presence, portfolio, team size, and structure, request references just as software development lifecycle and development practices and tools are utilized.

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