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An app like TikTok has taken the world by storm, and as we can, there were no signs to look back.     

In social media apps and entertainment apps, the best app like TikTok has grown globally and has become one of the popular entertainment options for teens and adults.

It is worth more than the US $75 billion and unbelievably, with more than one billion downloads worldwide in 75 dialects. 

Under two years, apps like Tiktok have developed a noticeable revenue similar to YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. 

What is the TikTok App?

TikTok users can upload their live videos and entertain them by recordings. One can easily short video cuts, include most loved tracks, and post the edited videos on interpersonal business. Isn’t it amazing? 

The plan to join music, video, and long-range interpersonal communication in one mobile app is a great idea to be executed.        

This article is for you if you are looking to develop an Indian app like TikTok in India. A TikTok maker observes that the young generation uses various apps to get videos and music to entertain this app’s idea. 

It is a new digital and fast-moving music app for a creative solution. Let’s see some statistics for apps like Tiktok.    

The most notable features of App like TikTok

features of App like TikTok

TikTok assists users in cooperating by singing, dancing, and re-sharing their content. And it also provides users with extra features, including: 

Video Uploading.

Users can transfer instant recordings to their TikTok account, pivot or yield them, and even change the playback speed. 

Video Editing. 

Much like Snapchat, TikTok has a great toolset of AR impacts for changing the shade of the eyes, hair, and in any event, including cosmetics. There are numerous stickers, movements, and veils. 

Live Streaming.

Utilizing this special TikTok highlight, video makers can make live transfers and get virtual products from their fans bought with TikTok Coins.

Social Sharing.

TikTok clients can share every one of their recordings altered in TikTok on their Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook profiles. 


With geolocation, the application shows clients as of now dynamic bloggers broadcasting live, close by, in a moment. 


Clients can add the main tune to their short recordings from the underlying TikTok library. 

QR Code Scanner.

To allow users to buy into one another, the application gives them a unique QR code. 

TikTok can make a video, include a #duetwithme hashtag, and ask different clients to two-part harmony with them. 

Let us see how to make a music video app like TikTok and make it beneficial. 

Here are 5 major steps to make an app like TikTok

Here is the most helpful information on the best way to change your thoughts into a popular app like Tik Tok.        

Research and Planning

In the initial step, you will likely discover more about your forthcoming clients. For that, you ought to do the accompanying: 

  • Segment profile. You have to become familiar with your clients’ normal age, where they live, what gadgets they use, etc. 

  • Social patterns. Such patterns incorporate diminishing the client’s longing to download something, quickly diminishing persistence for moderate stacking times, low capacity to bear the absence of security, high incentive on the application utility, etc.                

To make a superior product that will react to your clients’ needs and needs, we suggest creating a buyer persona, a product representation of your optimal customers. 

Pick the Monetization model

Since you better comprehend your forthcoming clients, you can choose the right plan of action for application adaptation from underneath: 

  • Raising money:
    At the underlying phase of your task, you can draw in speculation with gathering pledges, for example, cash collection as gifts from people and organizations. 
    Raising money is one of gaining premium mode in any event, for TikTok. As of late, high-class financial specialists supported the application with $3 billion. 

  • In-app purchase:
    TikTok users can do live telecasters with virtual cash, purchased with genuine cash. Clients can trade virtual money or coins for blessings. 

  • Advertising:  
    This app development choice, here are the types of advertising for your app:
    • The Cost Per Click charged each time the client collaborates with the advertisements in their application. 
    • Cost Per Mille charged publicists for every 1,000 impressions of their advertising run the application. 
    • Cost Per Action when publicists pay just for the predefined activity, for example, an application introduces or bulletin information exchange. 

So, in the present, when you realize your plan of action, let us dunk into the application advancement process.      

Cooperate with the app development team

Observing the target audience and plan of action accordingly, you have to contact the app development company and start the project disclosure stage. 

In the early period of a business product, Discovery or Research Phase includes business analysis and prerequisites data. Along with innovation-stack decision, cost estimation, and effort management.      

During the Discovery (Research) Phase, we generally lead the accompanying exercises, which may differ pretty much relying upon prerequisites: 

  • Characterize the task scope, fundamental highlights of things to come programming, and business needs; 
  • Make an application improvement work process, considering the adaptation system; 
  • Distinguish essential application features and client jobs; 
  • Plan a future application idea.   

To build a similar app like TikTok made in India, contact our expert team, who will help build your dream app like Tik Tok. 

Along with all attractive features, a mobile app development company will help to achieve your pre-defined goal through the application MVP process. 

Make an MVP

MVP plays a key role in identifying a business model for app development.

Achieving your task as an MVP or a viable base product helps to get the app built easily rather than making a completely huge and excessive job. 

Thus, you can discover how users like your application and consider their feedback for additional application development. 

We have assembled a component list that needs to be done for TikTok app MVP and estimation in hours.    

  • Consider that designers from various districts have diverse hourly rates. 
  • Developers from England, India, the US, Australia charge from $150 every hour. 
  • Indian designer’s normal rate is $15-20 per hour.

Get a team that can help build the App like TikTok

You need a specialist group with broad involvement in making social applications. 

Your group can represent the moment of truth of your application, in a real sense, so you have to ensure you recruit the correct engineers. 

If you don’t have the correct mobile application designers in-house, you can generally re-appropriate.              

Rearranging is considerably more financially savvy and can help you find exceptional ability to make a ground-breaking online media application. 

Ensure your team completely comprehends the audience you’re providing a solution for, your plan of action, and needs the adaptation system.  

During the disclosure period of your task, accumulate your portable app developers and different partners to plan the idea of your application, settle on features and client jobs, pick the innovation stack, and gauge the expenses. 

Cost to build up an application like TikTok?

76% of overall users spending on mobile games and web-based media networks. A year ago, with around 4 billion mobile users around the globe, $92.1 billion was spent on mobile apps. 

So, when we talk about an app like Tik Tok, it is the pattern they follow, and it has hit the market. 

Similarly, it made its benchmark over all the entertainment apps. If you are looking to make your app like Tik Tok, this article can help get all the answers.

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