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How to identify if your business needs a mobile app

Today, one in every 5 person in the world holds a smartphone and these people tend to spent a reasonable amount of time in surfing the web and engaging with the app activities on their smart phones. In a way, a large amount of core media consumption is taking place on mobile devices. People today are ready to indulge in everything that seems exciting and utility driven in the form of an application. On the other hand, businesses are trying hard to make their way to the top in order to witness evolution in their businesses by providing an app. There are coffee shops and then there are Youtube fitness stars who have managed to encounter twice the success by developing ingenious apps that are serving quite a utility to the users.

With the growing competition, more and more businesses have started to sight applications as a platform to leverage their brand value. But, can this platform prove equally lucrative for an array of businesses? If you aren’t sure, it is crucial to know whether your business type can offer an ingenious service, engage the users and retain the customers or not.

We would be discussing few critical questions that will help you decide whether your business should have a mobile application or not.

Is your target audience inclined towards using smartphones?

Whom are you planning to target with the app? Are those potential customers of app as well as existing customers of your business dedicated towards using a smartphone? If yes, how many of them are actually using smartphones? You need to dive into some more questions before you jump to the conclusion. After all, your user base will be leveraging the success of the app and you are meant to serve them in the best possible way. Therefore, know your target audience’s detailed demographics. Find out their most preferred mobile OS. Having a better hold over these aspects will provide you few basic answers that will clarify your initial queries.

Would you be able to provide a service through your app that is interesting and stays true to your core business idea as well?

No matter you sell beauty products, luxurious lights or some gourmet food. With an app for that, your ultimate goal should be to be able to engage your users with the app functionalities that you provide them with, which all together is in line with your business. A clear-cut way to leverage your brand value. But, if the audience won’t find the features and functionalities engrossing enough, there are minimal chances of them to continue engaging with the app as they might not find it useful enough or worth spending time on. This will require you to go to the core idea of your business and tweak between some good ideas that can eventually lead you to a unique concept.

For instance, an already popular Youtube fitness guru decided to cater her dedicated youtube followers with a brilliant fitness app. This app is not just confined to cater monthly workout calendar and her youtube fitness videos, but it also suffices the users with healthy recipes and a dedicated forum where in the users can interact with each other. And to top it all, the app displays an intriguing UI. The app has managed to attract good number of dedicated users for one simple reason; it offers a bundle of usefulness more than what the users would have expected.

Are you determined to retain your customers ?

Another important aspect that will give you the glimpse of the potential longevity of your app. Of Course, you don’t want users to install the app only to find them uninstalling in a short span of time, as it would strongly reflect on your profitability. So, you need to be well-versed beforehand with the future prospects of the application’s functionality and features. Some questions you will have to ask yourself are; Is your service capable of coming up with ‘something new’ at regular intervals? Are you sure you will be able to maintain the accuracy of the updates every single time? Answering these questions might give you loyal solutions to deal with the users’ fickleness.

Recently, Starbucks launched an improvised version of their app. It is interesting to know how cleverly they have incorporated useful features within the app which will let them retain their enormous user base. Have a look here.

How much amount are you willing to spend on app development and app marketing?

This is a major factor that decides the scope of the app. You need to be honest with your expectations in terms of the expenses that are going to be incurred in the process of developing and marketing the app. Your budget can be limited or exceeded on factors such as the number of OS you wish to target. Also, another factor that you need to keep in mind is that, will you be able to derive profit that exceeds the cost that you wish to bare by a fairly good margin?  This will give you even better vision for planning the budget.

To summarize, think over and try and come up with answers to these questions as precisely as possible. It is always advisable to consult an app development and app marketing company that can guide you further with your basic idea on developing an app for your business.

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