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Instagram Joins the Queue of Video Ads after Snapchat and Tumblr


Following the success of Vine and its system that enables people to create enticing, six-second video clips and then easily share them over the Internet, social marketing giant Instagram rolled out Instagram video ads that can run as long as 15 seconds at a time.

Twitter’s Vine app took off in January 2013, with major companies such as home improvement retail chain Lowe’s, which put out informative videos to help customers take care of various repair tasks.

With iOS and Android versions of Vine, the app had good market penetration. However, Instagram is home to a number of enormous advertisers, such as Starbucks and Nike, and their fans have coalesced into vibrant communities that help encourage the spread of short video messages.

Soon enough, Red Vines manufacturer American Licorice Co. rolled out a series of short Instagram video ads that drove more fans to the company through social networking. The candy company’s efforts were among some 5 million video ads uploaded to Instagram during the first day of launch.

How Will Instagram Video Ads Work?

Users will see video ads as they scroll through their feed. Instagram users enjoy applying filters to the moving images they generate, and will likely be attracted to video ads that make good use of the platform’s editing and image adjustment features. Since social networking data drives how advertising is going to be targeted, you can expect that users who “like” certain companies or types of products will be exposed to Instagram ads that speak directly to their needs and desires.

Geo-targeting is another important aspect to these kinds of ads. Since smartphones and other mobile devices readily reveal their location through GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation as well as through various “check-in” features in apps, companies can choose to display their ads to customers when they are near their brick and mortar establishments.

In What Ways Will they not Work?

The user base of Instagram signed up to share images with one another without giving consideration to having ads hyper-targeted to them. Accordingly, the system will not work well if people start seeing too many advertisements in their feeds.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has indicated that the company keeps an eye on video ads posted through its platform to ensure that they are not merely repurposed ads that they already created for the Web and conventional TV. This means that companies have to work on their short clips from scratch when they make their Instagram ads.

Looking to the Future

The rise of short video clips to advertise goods and services underscore the importance of targeting customers as precisely as possible. As entities such as Facebook and Twitter continue to harvest data about their growing user base, it will become even easier for organizations to use Instagram video ads and other similar tools to reach their demographics.

Because social platform advertising is eminently scalable and can give you vital information on how people see these ads on devices ranging from desktops to tablets and smartphones, it opens the door to letting even small companies put their brand in front of the people who will most want to see it.

Advertising through social media gives greater insight into customer desires and interests than was previously available through traditional TV monitoring.

It’s worth noting that organizations that have already racked up some significant marketing experience using Vine or Snapchat will have a better chance of success with Instagram video ads and similar services. Organizations will need to become accustomed to presenting their messages in much tighter clips if they want to capture mindshare among their most valuable potential customers.

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