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iOS 14 Latest Updates

In June 2020, Apple came with some big announcements for the latest iOS version, i.e., iOS 14 (iOS 14 Latest Updates). It is all set for all of us to release this fall. Isn’t it amazing?  

As per my research, this is one of the huge updates of iOS till date. It is going to update all features including Siri, home screen designs, Widgets, all new processes, and many more tweaks for the iOS interface.    

Let’s Dive In

Firstly, we will talk about the New Home Screen. To my surprise, it includes support for widgets which I had never thought for.    

Widgets on the Home Screen can be dragged from today, and it can be open to various sizes. The latest widgets can have more data and in all-new sizes as well and can be pulled right off the Today view. 

And its’ not all about Widgets. Siri’s has been improved well and as per the news a full-screen takeover that will become a past.

Siri in iOS 14

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So, when I trigger Siri in iOS 14, it will show the Siri “blob” at the bottom of my display, and with a rich notification at the top of your screen.   

With all-new development, great news for all Apple fans there, Apple’s focus on India Store. Yes, it’s true.          

The world’s second-largest smartphone market in India and chief executive of Apple “Tim Cook stated earlier this year, that they are going to launch its online store later this year, with no change till date and open its first physical store next year.” 

iOS WWDC Event’s Breaking News:    

Apples’ Processor

Till the date, as we know, Apple tied with Intel for the processor. Still, now as per the news, Apple iOS is switching to its Processor (Apple Silicon) for iMAC as a precisely suitable scalable architecture.      

As per the humour, vouch the minimization of data to be taken for practice to be gathered locally.    

It may add a camera, more location, and mic privacy controls, stricter Safari cookie tracking controls, and greater transparency by showing an app’s full privacy credentials directly on the App Store, which you can see before you download it.          

Apples’  Dedicated Map View For Cycling And Ev Users

The most significant update for users who are cycling and for Ev users as well, Apple Maps are far improved for new cycling-specific navigation, among other significant things.     

Apples’ map will help to alert you to increases in elevation as well as a notification if you’ll need to carry it upstairs to get where you’re going.                  

As per the statement of Craig Federighi, “rather than using Apple ID, Apple uses Siri as a random.” And that’s just great for all users.           

Fitness: Updated Apple Watch

Fitness Updated Apple Watch

Apple Watch launched a new hand wash monetization by haptic countdown for 20 seconds. Beyond that, it helps not to worry for any injury or embarrassment while exercising; Apple Fitness watch will track all the necessary things. 

It is one of the biggest news as a Fitness feature for all of us. Due to the COVID-19 situation and by idealizing the precautions, Apple will launch health benefits for you and hope this keeps hygienic even beyond the pandemic. 

Must Know

June 23, 12:05 AM IST: Apple din;t fail to mention gaming to flaunt their excellent processing power advantage. Or it’s just a hint?    

1. Augmented reality scanning – Codename: Gobi   

With the latest iOS 14(iOS 14 Latest Updates), code for a new augmented reality feature included for users to scan potential products or places in the real-time world. Here, the code shows Apple is testing the feature, and as per the tech research, codenamed the Gobi, at Apple Stores to let users view the product, pricing, and more.

The new code Gobi is capable of recognizing specific locations with QR-style codes such as a shop that triggers a companion augmented reality experience.                

2. AirPods Improvements

iPhone fans like me must be planning to have Airpods or already have one. If you have you all will love Apple’s new OS.       

AirPods with the magic feature will automatically switch between Apple devices. You don’t have to choose from settings, it will connect with the nearest one from iOS 14, iPad 14, watchOS 7, and macOS Big Sur.                

3. Ipods 14 Improvements

The new Sidebar works best if you are using an iPad instead of a laptop because the Sidebar makes apps more comfortable to perform all functions without touching the screen.        

A sidebar is all set on its way of making navigation apps much more comfortable. It is already working for Apple Music and other related apps.      

Apart from the new Sidebar, Apple also redesigned Search on iPad, and it looks the same as Spotlight on macOS. 

It is capable enough to search on the web, search contacts, and much more as a Launchpad-like function to launch apps.

4. Apple’s New macOS Big Sur Software 

Another major update Apple came with is a desktop software update. People like me are waiting to update the desktop called macOS Big Sur

A new design will be much more attractive and comfortable as it brings more functions in line with iOS and iPadOS as compared to the past. 

5. Apple Tv Is Getting Picture-in-picture 

Now, at this stage, we know nothing remains in updates and here comes a new update for Apple TV.

In tvOS 14, any video app will be able to display in a PiP formation on Apple TV. And as a result, without any app switches, you’ll be able to watch all your stuff on your TV. For instance, you can keep tabs on the news while you work out. 

Ohh yes, this is something new. Actually, everything is new here.     

Rolling out to Entrepreneurs    

Business overs are a big competition with all new opportunities lineup. 

Startups and significant small-medium entrepreneurs are at little risk to try out all new Apple’s apps. They need to keep all the above ability to integrate at the iOS level. 

But, till date, nothing is impossible, and well developed mobile app development companies and other tech giants are doing great with iOS app development and instantly gain an enormous install base and boosted sales.               

Ohh, here I should mention the interesting news of iOS 14(iOS 14 Latest Updates), it includes smart downloads. Smart downloads are much helpful as it assists Indian users to download Indian Siri voices and stream Apple TV+ shows over cellular networks.

As per my knowledge, this was not available previously. In addition to that, Apple is also focusing on power lighter-weight AR experiences specially for developers to build full-fledged apps could, and it’s a big opportunity for businesses other tech giants.    

In a nutshell, from wallpaper to fitness, and lost item-finding, entrepreneurs could have a big competitor baked into everyone’s iPhones.     

Rolling out to Developers 

For the developers, and iOS code lovers, the new is “Mac apps are now native apps.”

So, now we are waiting to see the advantage of processing. In addition to that, the humour for Microsoft is they are making a new native Office for the native macOS.           

  • Wubi keyboard, humour for new Wubi keywords from the big iOS market.             
  • Apple, called App Clips, invented a new class of application. A little micro parts-of-apps that allow you to use specific Apps without having to download, install, and sign in to a big app to do a straightforward thing.          
  • A developer can create an App Clip while developing their app, making sure the experience is under 10MB in size, which is easy to download.           
  • App Library is going to help you to feature an App clip, and show an app icon surrounded by a dotted line. 
  • A developer can download the full app or can re-access the App Clip.

Rolling out to Users

As the article goes, there are numerous things for users, and we are grateful to enjoy the same. As a tech geek, we need something new and interesting, and that’s’ what Apple is coming up with.

  • For all Indian fans, Apple is upgrading 18 existing fonts with adding 20 new fonts along with “more weights and italics“. Play with all types of fonts. 
  • Next to the line, we have Group conversations that are getting a lot better where we can see images of everyone who is in the group. Recent people are first in line, and we can set images and names too.
  • With that, it’s easier to know that you’re replying to someone who said four messages ago so that you can reply to messages in-line instead to any other.
  • As we talk about App Clip for developers, as a user, you’ll trigger an App Clip via the web, Maps, Messages, NFC tags, or QR codes. Apple’s making a new “App Clip code” that will let you know one is available.   

When will iOS 14 be released (iOS 14 Latest Updates)?

Recently, there is no announcement for the release date for iOS 14(iOS 14 Latest Updates). But if you are an iOS developer then definitely a way out for you to try the one.   

As always, Apple may release the new version of iOS in September, just before the release of the new iPhone.                        

Apart from that, we all look for something new for our Apple devices. If Apple can build this technology, a mobile app development company can reach the highest level in providing the best services. That might help to build out a developer ecosystem and opens a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to achieve the desired idea.

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