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Looking For A CRM Solution For Your Business?


Businesses constantly look for ways to manage their processes in a better way. A good CRM, Customer Relationship Management software can do wonders for a business. It can smoothen and align the processes of finding leads, nurturing them through the sales pipeline, cutting out confusing manual hours and related errors. It can help in building and maintaining relationships with existing and potential customers. It integrates related data with the software to give your sales and marketing team clarity so that you can strategise and plan better.


What can a good CRM system do?

Let’s find out. A good CRM system boosts your sales. It helps you find new leads from different channels like website visitors, social media, newsletters sign-ups, inbound calls and more. With pre-drafted and preset emails your CRM software nurtures and follows up the leads automatically. It acts as a contact management system and helps you in staying connected with all your vendors, affiliates, partners and customers. It helps you manage customer profiles and enables real-time sync of customer details. It gives you important customer metrics and gives you detailed analysis and insightful reports. It ensures you don’t waste your time filling the same entries in different forms repetitively or writing the similar mails again and again for different customers. It keeps your email lists in order. It ensures that you never forget at which stage your customer is at in your customer lifecycle of the related product or service so that you send him right messages.



What happens if you don’t have a CRM software in place?

Without a CRM software whether you are a big business or a small one, you spread yourself thin. Your customer centric efforts are not streamlined. Information about customers lies scattered at different  places – important emails can remain un-responded.  You miss calls which you shouldn’t miss. You are not able to track the performances of your sales and marketing staff. Segmenting and targeting customers is difficult.  It is tough to maintain a time table for the follow ups and yes, sales get lost, leads drop – just because you are not able to take care of the business efficiently at your end. Instead of one integrated solution you end up using too many different tools and solutions and end up with different pockets of data which sometimes is difficult to decipher. It is difficult to see the big complete picture. You are unable to see the performance of your sales pipeline clearly. In short, it is difficult to support your customer optimally without a good CRM software in place.


What features does a CRM solution for retail companies include?

Retail companies have their unique requirements. A top notch CRM solution for a retail company would provide you real-time and automatic sync of customer details, integration with storefronts, marketplaces, accounting platforms and more. It can provide you with tags for easy categorization and search. It helps you track customer activity. It would help you manage customer profile. It enables chat interface for quick communication. It provides user access for sales and support teams so that they can solve customer queries and support them when needed. It provides for API integration with third party CRM systems for quick migration. We at Openxcell have the expertise in developing CRM solutions for retail companies.

How to find out a good CRM software for your business?

There are different CRM solutions available in the markets. You need to be ready with your list of the things you want in a CRM software for your business. If you want a CRM software that can create sales quotes and invoices, can help you with order tracking, sales forecasting and performance tracking of your sales representatives and more – you can scout the markets to look for the solution that meets all your needs. You can also opt for a customized CRM software solution that can be designed just the way you want. There are teams of experienced solution providers and consultants who first try to understand your CRM needs and then suggest you the procedure to develop the best solution possible. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, skilled developers with experience on CRM platforms can deliver just the kind of CRM solution you want.

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