What Should a Startup Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?

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Mobile App Development Tips For Startups

Mobile App Development Tips For Startups: In the competitive world today, if you are thinking to start your own business, then its definitely a great idea as you can establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. But in the swarm of startups, if you are planning to dive then you will need a novel idea, a robust mobile app, and a reliable team with caliber. 

In this highly hyped and digitized society where every business relies on mobile applications up to a great extent to be in the lead among the others. And if you are thinking to make a place among the leading names in your business, then you definitely need an interactive and feature-filled mobile application that reflects your brand’s vision. The selection of a professional and experienced mobile application development team or firm plays an important role too. Whether you go for an Android or iPhone application development company, or both, you have to check all the aspects first.

Here, we are going to discuss the aspects that a startup should focus on while developing a mobile application, or you can say mobile app development tips for startups to give you a brief sneak peek into the real-world challenges and scenarios. 

Challenges Faced by Startups

Whenever anything is envisioned, any business idea, however good it is, witnesses slight friction before running smoothly. And when it is about a startup, the list of challenges is endless. Right from the generation of ideas to implementation, marketing, and almost all the phases pose a challenge to the startups. Now, if we consider the challenges faced by startups in case of mobile application development, then here are a few ones that should be considered,

  • Startups tend to let go of the importance of look, feel, and behavior of a mobile application in Android, iOS or any other operating system as it needs to give similar feel but it changes corresponding to the different operating systems
  • Mostly the focus keeps shifting off the target audience and once the wrong target audience is selected, however good your app is, its all in vain and this is the reason for your business to fail as well
  • In a view to providing everything to the users, startups tend to fill the app so much that it starts sucking battery out and this is a big turn off for the audience and eventually your app is uninstalled
  • A not-so-robust backend. Yes, startups forget about making the backend strong while designing an alluring front end for elevating user experience

Key Factors for Mobile App Development for Startups

1. Brand Identity

When you decide on getting a mobile application developed for your startup, the first thing that you need to focus on is your brand’s identity. Making a digital brand identity and maintaining it throughout the mobile application as well is quite important.

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Your mobile application design, UI/UX, features, etc. almost everything should reflect your brand. So, make sure that your brief to the mobile application development company or any personnel developing your mobile application focusses on how you want to portray your brand or business digitally. 

2. USP

If there is no uniqueness in your business idea, the product or service you are providing or the mobile application developed, then you will also be lost in the crowd of thousands of similar businesses. You need a USP to penetrate the market and make a noteworthy place among the leading names. 

You can provide a feature that is specific to your business, which gives users something that can lure them to give your mobile application an edge over other similar apps. Give features, more importantly, something that the user is looking for, more focused while developing your application. 

3. Extensive Market Research

If you are unaware of the happenings in your market, then your mobile app will one hundred percent be a failure. Your awesome idea will go in vain if it is not executed properly. Extensive market research is the first step while developing a mobile application.

You need to understand what is in trend, what the competitors are up to, what the audiences are looking for, what are the real-life issues that you can solve to give an upvote to your application, and many more things that will help in flawless mobile application development for startups. 

4. User-centric Design

The impeccable design of your mobile application is your key to stand-out of the swarm of similar applications and gives you the benefit. UI/UX is for appealing the target audiences but the main task is to provide smooth and usable features that users can luxuriate in.

The design of your mobile application should be intuitive, unique, and most importantly suit your business to maintain the brand’s identity. Along with your desired design, you also need to effectuate the standards set by Google Material Design and Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. 

5. Apt Platform Selection

Take a moment to think about which is the best platform for your mobile application, Android, or iOS. There are a number of aspects that need consideration when you are deciding the platform, right from market share, revenue, audiences that both platforms cater to, which OS harmonizes perfectly with your business.

Study both the platforms, work with numbers, and then decide which platform suits you the best or you want to develop a mobile application for both the platforms. 

6. Best Mobile App Development Company Selection

This is another crucial task for startups, as there are a large number of companies offering mobile application development services with different services and pricing structures. You need to gauge the mobile application development companies on the basis of their portfolio, work, technology stack, experience, expertise, and many other aspects.

It is evident that the entire mobile application development is dependent on the company that you select and so you need to be wise with your decision. Another thing that you need to consider is the maintenance service provided by the company. It comes in use when you are stuck with an error in your application and you need an expert to solve it.

7. Robust Marketing Plan

After creating the mobile application that you envisioned, its time for you to churn the wheels of your head to decide how exactly are you going to market it so that it reaches maximum people and that too quickly. 

You can choose from social media campaigns, press releases, and more to release your startup’s mobile application. But, all this has to be done with a strategy. Create a strategic marketing plan to release your application with a bang such that it can create a stir in the market and your application goes viral. 

8. Keep Updating

The success of your startup not only depends on the development of a robust and flawless mobile application, but also on the fact that how much you keep it live and updated with the latest technologies in the market. 

You cannot lag behind in implementing the latest features in your application when others have already implemented it to step ahead in the game. So, the key is to keep your application running, updated with the latest features, and stay ahead of others. 

Bonus Tips for Mobile App Development for Startups


Study the likes and dislikes of your target audience and keep them engaged by providing them what they need exactly and keeps them glued to your app

Perfect Platform

Choose a platform that can provide the best user experience depending on the type of your startup, whether it will look good only on iOS, on Android, or both

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Relevant Features

Adding too many features may confuse the users, so give relevancy importance while finalizing the features as the users will most likely download the app which serves the purpose best

Keeping it Simple

Simple is better. The more advanced and complicated your application, the more users will find it difficult to interact and eventually uninstall

Offline Support

It can be best if you allow users to access limited features even when there is no internet connection. This can give you an edge compared to your competitors

SEO Friendly

What is the use of your mobile application if it is not developed with SEO as a part of the application development process. SEO is a non-negotiable aspect if you want to increase your reach and allow more people to notice and download your app

Give Ads a Backseat

As soon as ads pop up too many times in your application, the user gets bugged and boom your app is uninstalled. So, give ads a rest and keep the number of ads limited. 


Now, here you have the ingredients and the steps to cook the best mobile application, so startups, gear up, and follow the recipe to give your business a kick-start. Start brainstorming and decide on your ideas, technologies, features, and all the aspects that can give you the best mobile application to stand tall in the crowd of mobile applications. If you are a startup looking for reliable and feature-driven development of the mobile applications, then send in your requirements quickly and we will get back to you in no time.

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