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Optimizing Mobile Advertising Expenses for Better ROI

Optimizing Budget
Mobile users are steadily increasing the number of apps they download, with an estimated 56 billion app downloads in 2013, according to the latest figures from ABI Research. Organizations are allocating their advertising dollars accordingly. As more companies invest their marketing budgets to promote apps for mobile devices, it becomes clear that you need to optimize your mobile advertising spending to get the best return on your marketing investment.

When it comes to using analytics, it’s important to determine just what data your organization should be gathering.

In the game industry, for example, many marketers seem to believe that it will suffice to track clicks to measure their success in cost-per-click promotional efforts, deploy surveys to consumers, work with focus groups and place priority on last-click attribution to get the best results. Nothing could be further from the truth. Such tactics are antiquated, and marketers further compound the error by treating each of these marketing channels on an individual basis.

All too often, organizations find themselves comparing oranges to apples, using different metrics to measure different strategies. One problem with this approach is that it results in double counting, because you can easily link your monetization success with two or more different channels by mistake. What you need is a clearer view of how your marketing dollars are working for you, so you can fine-tune your approach for improved ROI.

Ways to Optimize Spend

Mobile advertising delivers almost twice as much impact per dollar spent when compared to TV advertising, according to a recent report from the Mobile Marketing Association. Here are some proven techniques to optimize spend:

Blacklisting and Whitelisting

By keeping track of the publisher IDs for your CPC campaigns, you can quickly determine which ones deliver you high quality traffic and which fail to meet your needs. Put the underperformers on a blacklist and set up a whitelist of approved suppliers to maximize your traffic.

Target by the Hour

Don’t make the mistake of targeting all your users at the same time. Experiment by testing the results you get when you target people in the morning, after lunch and later in the day. How do weekdays compare to weekends? Remember to take into account purchasing patterns during different seasons and holidays as well.

Target Devices

Which mobile devices are giving you the best results? You might be doing better with specific Android model users, for example, or your app may seem to be more appealing to iPhone users. If you consistently see low results even when you are targeting one brand or type of device over another, it’s a sign that you need to reconsider which equipment to focus on.

Try a Local Approach

Experiment with local mobile advertising if your app will benefit by targeting people in a specific geographic area.

Advertising Metrics

Advertising Metrices

It’s not enough to rely on mobile monitoring solutions that keep track of, provide attribution for and make reports on downloads alone. You don’t want to base your advertising budget solely on downloads, because their is a wealth of useful information on events that occur after consumers save apps to their devices.

For example, you will want to measure how many end users are signing up to register the app, what levels they complete (when talking about games), what upgrades they download and any in-app purchases they make.

Ideally, your organization will combine download reporting data with post-use data of your highest quality users–the ones who register the most engagement with your app.

At OpenXcell, we not only support your app projects with a stellar team of designers, engineers and mobile app developers, we also have a first-rate marketing group that can help you strategize the best approach for your mobile advertising spend. For details on our marketing expertise or to set up an appointment to discuss your next app, please contact the experts at OpenXcell today.


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