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Blogging ain’t about writing on latest trends or current affairs, it’s about building an emotional connection with the readers. No matter what topic we pick, no matter what we write, what matters is the words that connect us with our audience.

We bloggers scribble, prattle, erase and again start with a fresh, smoking hot cup of tea, thinking about the topic trying to pen whatever springs up in the mind.

How wonderful is to write? To carry a pen and a notepad everywhere isn’t possible. There should be a handy device that keeps us enthusiast and allows us to ink our thoughts whenever and wherever we are.

Eureka! Eureka! I found remarkable blogging apps where we can pen down our creative ideas that constantly flows in and out and let our followers discover what’s interesting in the tidbit?

Here is the list of blogging apps that makes the journey of blogging a smooth sail! From proofreading to publishing I have covered it all.

#1 Hootsuite:

Well! Everyone knows about it. Hootsuite allows us to schedule our posts on social media. Wherever we are, whether we are commuting or standing in a long queue, we can easily edit, manage and schedule our social media posts with a single click.

What? You don’t have Hootsuite in your smartphone. Get it now… Click on Hootsuite for Android or Hootsuite for iPhone to download.

#2 Medium:

It’s my favourite platform where I can ink my thoughts flawlessly and get connected with millions of readers across the globe via comments, likes, and shares. The best part of this platform is, it’s not domain specific. We can pick any topic and pen our thoughts to the length of infinity. Blogs written on medium guide and help us to enhance our writing skills. And, one more thing would like to add, they are very informative.

Would like to tell you that you will love Medium once you add this app in your smartphone. Wait, let me guide you with the links. Click on Medium for Android or Medium for iPhone to download.

#3 Flipboard:

Flipboard is a kind of personal magazine we wish to have while we are off for a vacation or sitting idle. Its flipping feature captivates most of our attention. Whilst, this feature is useful giving us a glance of daily updates in three to four lines. We can even save the intriguing stories or bookmark them for the future read. As it is our personalised magazine, we can select interesting corners from the list which gets displayed while we are on the verge to complete the registration process.

Heya! Don’t let the art of flipping go waste. Get Flipboard in your mobile apps today. Click on Flipboard for Android or Flipboard for iPhone to download. Samsung users, please don’t whoop. If you can’t install Flipboard, you can install Briefing.

#4 English Dictionary:

It’s offline and favourite dictionary ever. I use it while writing blogs and also in leisure time to increase my vocabulary power. It’s useful because it helps add new words in my blog and is offline. Carrying a huge database of word definition and explanatory sentences that too offline slows down the app but this app is smooth and gives me an amazing experience to bookmark the words and store the seen words in the history. We can even listen to the pronunciation of the words we find difficult.

Whoa! My dictionary I am lending you 😉 Seriously! worth an install. Click on English Dictionary for Android or English Dictionary for iPhone to download.

#5 GoodReads:

Quotes, phrases, and sayings, we add in our blogs if it best fits. Before I start writing, my habit is to glance at GoodReads to pick suitable quotes for my blog. It allows us to frame our own quotes and saying and place it on the shelve for others to use.By the way, the app isn’t limited to these, it carries a good collection of books of famous authors in its rack and allows us to read and rate and build our own library.

So, why to carry to laptops when the GoodReads mobile app is available. Click on GoodReads for Android or GoodReads for iPhone to download. 

#6 Pocket:

Just as we keep cash in our pockets, the app follows the same concept and stores interesting articles, texts, images and videos in it.

Do note, it’s a bookmark extension. I use Pocket to store my most interesting things at one place. Not only short texts (snippets), we can also save the entire article, images, and videos in it.

Therefore, don’t just keep cash in your pocket. Also keep your interesting stuff onto it. Click on Pocket for Android or Pocket for iPhone to download.

#7 Spell Checker:

This amazing app allows us to check and correct the spelling errors we’ve committed while writing. We can fast access this application from the notification bar and enhance our writing skills before publishing or sharing via email, facebook,and twitter.

Ohh! You didn’t find the link for SpellChecker. Let me help you with the links. Click on Spell Checker for Android or Spell Checker for iPhone to download.

#8 Vocabulary Builder:

How about learning while having fun? We have a wide ocean of thoughts that keep on flowing and we keep on penning them on papers. Huh! Aren’t we getting bored? We can revive ourselves switching to this app and engage ourselves learning 1200 new words daily playing vocab quiz in three levels Basic, Intermediate and Advance in order to test our vocabulary power.

Found this app interesting?  If yes, Click on Vocabulary Builder for Android or Vocabulary Builder for iPhone to download.

#9 WordPress:

We bloggers are familiar with WordPress. In fact, everyone who loves to write is acquainted with it. It is proved to be the #1 blogging platform helping us to publish blogs efficiently adhering the SEO schemas. While publishing the blogs, we come across HTML tags including heading tags (h1, h2, h3), ordered list, unordered list. These tags help us to differentiate between main and sub points making our blogs look presentable in front of the readers plus it is effective for SEO purpose as well.

Hence, there is no need to switch on computers or laptops, WordPress is available right in app stores. Click on WordPress for Android or WordPress for iPhone to download.

#10 Evernote:

Do works like a notepad? Yes, kind of. We can type the important notes, points and other things in Evernote but it carries more features than a notepad. It allows us to create to-do-list, notebook carrying notes, save photos, important links and organize our documents in chronological order. Besides that, we can sync files with our teammates, share them via social media networks and even set the reminder if in case we want to get notified of our important notes.

Evernote is available in web and app stores as well. Click on Evernote for Android or Evernote for iPhone to download.

#11 Google drive:

Is there anything to say about Google drive? The most useful app that allows us to share files of larger size (more than 25MB), store vivid types of files like sheets, docs, ppts, etc in separate folders and retrieve files stored long back.

The reason why it’s handier;

  • Stores history of files
  • Checks revision history (in case we want to restore the previous write-up and avoid creating the copy.)
  • Allows to convert and download files
  • Can Comment, Edit, and Suggest
  • Transfer of ownership of the document and more…

If you don’t this app, get it now and sync your files. Click on Google Drive for Android or Google Drive for iPhone to download.

#13 Ginger Keyboard:

This app is worth to have in blogger’s smartphone. The reason, it helps us to deliver quality write-ups checking all the punctuations, exclamations, and commas which we place haphazardly while writing. Just like simple keyboard inbuilt in our smartphones, Ginger keyboard too supports Emojis, GIFs, predictive text, swipes and other enthralling features like language translations, grammar checker, spelling checker, dictionary, and proofreading. There are 58 languages available in the list helping us to translate our text hassle free.

This app is worth an install. Do it. The links are here. Click on Ginger Keyboard for Android or Ginger Keyboard for iPhone to download.

#14 Writer plus:

Writer Plus facilitates us to write novels, lyrics, scripts, poems and any piece of content we want to type down on our device instantly. This app allows us to be as simple as possible with our thoughts making it easy for others to read. Apart from that, it works like MS Word allowing us to open, save and edit files with the words and characters count and acts like a social media sites letting us share our contents anywhere we want.

Alas! The app is available only for Android Users. Click here to download.

#15 Jotter pad:

It’s a perfect app for creative writers who are always in search of the handy device that let their ideas spill flawlessly without any distraction. Jotter pad gives us a wide room to write novels, poetry, lyrics, essays and screenplays with an extended keyboard. Alike Kindle, jotter pad also contains inbuilt dictionary that acquaints us with new words and also helps us to find phrases making our content more explanatory.

Alas! The app is available only for Android Users. Click here to download.

#16 Blogger:

Just like WordPress, Blogger allows us to compose and publish our informative stories adhering the SEO schemas. The header tags, ordered and unordered list and so on… to make our content look presentable and easy for others to read.

Oops! Only Android users can use Blogger app. Click here to download.

The Closing Note:

You can also suggest the blogging apps which you use but is not in the list. And, if you are thinking to develop similar mobile apps, you can even contact us and share your ideas.


WRITTEN BY Roma Kapadiya

Hi friends, This is Roma Kapadiya, a Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Consultant & Blogger at Nimblechapps – fast-growing hybrid app development company. I have over 5 years experience in SEO. I love to write on new and upcoming technology, startups, programming tools, and business and web design. When I am not writing, I read, so I can write more..

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