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Simple Productivity Apps That Make Your Employees Feel Powerful

Productivity Apps For Employees On The Go

To-do list apps? “Er… absolutely loony.” 

Pitch presentation apps? “Um…um… something that belittles your brain power.”

Team collaboration apps?  “Stop it, lady! What are phones meant for then?”

OK! OK! Don’t get so hysterical brother. It only means productivity apps don’t mean much to you. Your company  is firing all cylinders anyways. So practically you haven’t got any good reason to invest in them.

Fair enough!

But then, what are companies like Intel doing with an insane number of apps in their kitty?  When I stumbled upon this fact that this IT giant has got 41 apps, I simply stopped dead. To my mind, it only meant, perhaps there are several good reasons, why good companies are going the productivity apps way, that too in such colossal numbers. Intel, for one, helps each employee save almost an hour, that too on an everyday basis, with its huge array of productivity apps. Think about it!

For sales companies perhaps, apps are the best means to boost employee morale, especially when they are on their do-or-die sales calls. (There are Pitch Presentation apps  for this, more on this in a minute.) Additionally, it helps companies make the most of their time at hand. Team collaborations apps for instance.

More than anything, apps help companies streamline operations, and at the same time propel company’s profit margins at large.

What’s more, employees, specifically, your foot soldiers will be all glad about them, given the Everest high pressures they deal — day in and day out — and the sort of issues they encounter on a daily basis.

Hope, I have enlightened you enough. So why not just go ahead and empower your employees, today, by gifting them a nice assortment of productivity apps.

Here we have shed light on some routine challenges that employees face on an everyday basis in…well, almost all organizations. And the kind of apps that could them bail out from these precarious situations.  Here goes:

Problem #1: Rookie Sales Personnel Honing Skills-sets On Job

Oh hell, this could turn deadly. Goddamn deadly, I mean. But then, is there a choice? Nope. I don’t think so. For there are practical justifications as to why rookies should go ahead and attend all kinds of sales calls — weather big or small. And the need to fine-tune their skill-sets on the go. Trust me when I say, it’s the best hands-on training that any rookie sales personnel could ever think of getting. Isn’t it?

But then, what if the prospective buyer turns out to be a real bully? What if knows more about your product than you do? What if bombards you with all kinds of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts.’  Ah! The risk is always there, you know, unless, of course, you are seasoned enough and have attended thousands of such sales calls and are well-acquainted with every lil’ detail that your company brochure rambles about.

Ah! It’s more like you are starting your academic year in a new brand school and you never know who’s gonna bully you.  Maybe your seniors? Maybe fellow students? Maybe your subject teacher? The risks are enormous. Nonetheless, you need to deal it: perhaps your way.

Solution:  Pocket-Friendly Pitch Presentation Apps

Handle Two-horned Bull (read prospective)Buyers with Pocket-friendly Pitch Presentation apps

Handle Two-horned Bull (read: prospective)Buyers with Pocket-friendly Pitch Presentation Apps

What if  your sales guys have an elder brother around, in the forms of apps, to guard and guide you every step of the way.  A powerful tool, which will make every buyer bully think twice before they hurtle their bull toward your guys head-on.

Yes, the saving embrace of apps for salespeople is magical. It could save them from all sort of tricky situations. Aside from helping them communicate with the prospective buyers in a more engaging way, it also helps cultivate and foster the relationship with prospective buyers, rather than spending their valuable time mugging up company details from the brochure.

FSEnet+ Pitch Presentation App

                  This App is Worth a THOUSAND WORDS

What’s more, when an update occurs, be it in terms of bar codes, or diagrams or anything for that matter, the data gets immediately updated on the app as well. And the best thing about this is that the sales guys are briefed about these changes through push notifications. Last word: Updated materials, zero printing costs, confident sales personnel.

Interested in building such a sales app? Here’s one built @ OpenXcell’s Livewire Labs.

Problem #2: Sales Personnel Doodling Away Their Precious Hours In The Office

Sales personnel are supposed to be sweating at their battlefields all day long, right  — cozing, cajoling, coercing their buyers to buy their products. Simply put: Every darn minute is a life and death situation for them

Despite this, it’s sad that sales guys end up spending 50% of their time in offices, doing basically nothing. OK, they might mail, might as well attend meetings, and, of course, perform other office jobs as well. But then, ain’t there new age ways to manage this?

Ah! Your Foot Soldiers Are Meant To Be In The Battlefield And Not In The Office Corridors

Ah! Ain’t Your Foot Soldiers Meant To Be In The Battlefield?

Solution: Team Collaboration Apps

Accept it. Sales guys are always on fire. Partly, because of their Everest-high targets they face. Partly, it’s pressure for pressure sake.

But then… well, it’s easy, you know… to ease their pressures. There is this amazing tool called ‘team collaboration apps.’ The purpose of collaboration apps is to get the entire office on the same page literally – from the CEO to the rookie sales guy, to the peon waiting on them. Given that up-to-minute updations take place here, it spares your sales guys from attending the office.

Small companies, could, in fact, be the biggest gainers of these apps, given that such apps could easily be tailored as per their processes and departments. (Yes, apps are like chameleons; known to easily blend with the environment.)   


               This App Is Worth A THOUSAND MEETINGS

And just like said earlier, Intel is big time into productivity apps. And you know what? The company saves about 57 minutes a day, that is almost equivalent to an hour, of each employee by employing these productivity apps. Of course, not… all the employees ain’t supposed to operate all the apps – only a handful of them, in fact.  Last word: Saving one hour per employee means million of hours saved in toto.      

Interested in building such a productivity app? Here’s one built @ OpenXcell’s Livewire Labs.

3] Problem #3: Juggling Too Many Jobs At A Time: Failing To Prioritize

It’s obvious. Employees are loaded with work – all day and all night. Needless to say, some big jobs go unattended. So before the buyers raise a hullabaloo over it, get back to them on an immediate basis before its gets too late.

Solution: Track them with To-Do List Apps


                   This App Schedules THOUSANDS Of YOUR JOBS @ A Time 

There are awesome productivity apps available these days that helps employees keep track and manage their daily activities on the go. And, it comes with solutions like: Do Now, New Task, Lists, Manage Lists, Priority and Scheduled. Last word: Ease your employees workload with to-do list apps.

Interested in building such a productivity app? Here’s one built @ OpenXcell’s Livewire Labs.

4] Problem #4:  Files and folders scattered all over the place. Fail to access on the go

Yes, it’s usual tendency among employees to save their files and folders at all places. It could be in the Box, or the Dropbox, or the Skydrive, or  Docs, or it could be any other cloud storage service, making it really, really difficult for them to access it when it’s absolutely urgent for them even on their laptops, let alone on their smartphones.

Solution: One-stop source App For All Your Scattered Files and Folders

Top Docs - File Manager

                                     This App Streamlines THOUSANDS OF FILES AND FOLDERS @ A Time 

Thanks to applications like Top Files, all these cloud storage platforms can be brought under one roof. Which means, the employees/executive in question, has to just open a single app to source all the documents that s/he might have stored across various platforms including Dropbox, Skydrive and more.  Not to mention, the app also allows users to rename the files and folders and save them as attachments. Plus, you can play music and videos as well.

Interested in building such a productivity app? Here’s one built @ OpenXcell’s Livewire Labs.

OpenXcell’s 2 Cents:

Simple Productive Apps are the best tools to make your employees feel superhuman, and at the same time drive sky high-profit margins for your company. They have emerged to be the catnip and the kryptonite for all enterprises.

Any Productivity apps on cards for you? Just let us know and we will ensure to rustle up all our resources to live up to your app aspirations. Don’t take our word for it. Just check out our case study pages to know more.

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