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Interesting Apps You Must Have On Your Devices


They are around us. You see them everywhere – in restaurants, buses, tubes, shopping malls, and cinemas. People glued to their smartphones. Oblivious to everything else that happens around them.  According to digital trends, an average American spends 4.7 hours per day with his smartphone. Major chunk of his time is spent using the apps installed on his smartphone.

In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion and the number is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.

App Projection


In 2009, worldwide mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 2.52 billion and the number is expected to reach 268.69 billion in 2017.

So many downloads and so many apps. Are people really using all the apps they download on their smartphones? The answer is no. A latest study by ComScore says that smartphone owners in U.S. only use about three apps frequently. It says smartphone users in U.S.  spend almost 80 percent of their app time on their favourite 3 apps.

We can guesstimate roughly same average for rest of the world. Even if rest of the world uses more apps -frequently – on daily basis; the number would not be more than 10 -12 apps a day. It means we have favourites.

Let’s look at some of the favourite apps of the successful and the renowned.


# Pandora


Liza Falzone, CEO of Revel Systems loves Pandora. “I’m a huge music fan, and Pandora has always been a tried and true app for me. It’s always been a great way to access amazing music on the go, as well as discover new artists,” Liza says.

Pandora brings the world of music to you. You can start using the app by naming your favourite artists, composers and songs, Pandora will then create a custom station for you which will play the songs of artists and composers you love. You can create favourites and it gives you lots to choose from.

If you love Pandora, you would love YouSounds – an app developed by OpenXcell, a leading app development company. It can be your go to app for great music anytime, anywhere.

# Stitcher Radio


Ben Affleck, American actor and film maker loves Stitcher Radio. “Stitcher Radio helps me keep track of podcasts I’m into and suggests new ones based on what I’ve liked. It’s like Pandora for podcasts,” he says.

All radio and podcast lovers love Stitcher Radio. With news feeds and curation you can discover new radio stations. There are 15,000 radio shows to choose from. If you connect the app to Facebook you can see and share what everyone is listening to on Stitcher Radio.

# Slack


Blake Garette, Founder and CEO Aceable, loves Slack. “Slack is a modern, convenient way to communicate with your team,” Blake says. “It’s cloud-based and syncs across all devices (web, desktop and mobile) in real-time, but the user interface is what I love the most because it makes it incredibly simple to organize conversations and stay on top of things,” he adds.

Slack is a real time messaging, file sharing app for teams. It is great for group and one-to-one conversations too.

OpenXcell has developed a very useful team communication and collaboration app too. It is called Workhive.  It is a real-time communication platform with intuitive features that allow groups and teams to discuss matters on a single platform. There are elements like search box, file sharing facility, Content aggregation through hashtags, and one-on-one chat etc.,  makes it a very useful app. You can watch this to get a better idea about Workhive.

# Evernote


Eric Liftin, founder and CEO of Tunnel X is a heavy user of Evernote. “I use Evernote for everything. It’s the encyclopedia of my life – article clippings, random thoughts and musings and ideas, longer written work, recipes, and many other types of documents and images,” he says. “Having all of these in one searchable database feels incredibly powerful,” Eric adds.

Evernote is a multipurpose note taking tool. It brings your personal life together. You can write notes, research, add clips, attach files, photos, pdfs, organise bills,receipts and invoices. It helps you manage your life and be productive.

Organisemee is a similar productivity app that uses cloud to store your data. It is a task management tool designed by OpenXcell. It is designed for people who have a lot of different tasks on hand and they keep on forgetting a few of them. This app lets a user manage his tasks with the help of lists.



#  Fitbit


Founder of Affectively, Shiv Rajendran loves Fitbit. “I wear my Fitbit every day and ensure I walk five miles and sleep seven hours a day,” says Shiv. “If I fall below those targets for a few days in a row, I know it’s time to take some action,” he adds.

Fitbit is a health app to track user’s all day activity. You can count the steps, you can count the miles you travel, calories you burn and the minutes you have been active for. You can pair it with the Fitbit device. You can use the app as your personal fitness journal.

# Delectable Wines

delectable (1)

Celebrated Winemaker Mary Wells Coyle loves the app Delectable Wines. “The Delectable Wines app is really cool. It tracks the wines that you’ve tried and maintains your tasting notes—and it’s all shareable,” she says.

This award winning app is gaining popularity amongst wine, beer and spirits drinkers. Take a picture of the label of the wine you are drinking with the app and you can get the ratings, views and tasting notes about the wine instantly. You can follow the world’s leading winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics. You can save a list of your favourites, maintain a personal wine journal and share recommendation with friends. You can also buy wines with the help of the app Delectable Wines.


OpenXcell has a similar premium beer rating iPhone app called Beer Me. It allows beer enthusiasts to compare beers and rate their favourites.  You can see the details of highest rated beer from all over the world. Beer lovers can add new beers they find and love.


Wrapping Up 

As we all know the favourite app of the President of US is on twitter – the networking app. He has more than 31 million followers. He seems to be governing the country and presenting his views to his countrymen and to the world with the help of an app. In the old world order Press used to help the Presidents and governing bodies in getting their views across.


We live in exciting times for sure. Apps have eased into our lives. They have made our lives more manageable. The apps we discussed above are interesting and very useful. Download them and see if they add to your life and help you in being more productive. We have plenty of expertise in developing different kinds of apps. You can have a look at our portfolio. So what are your favourite apps? The ones you cannot live without. Let us know.


Priyanka Garg

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