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Top 40 ready to use Mobile app analytics tools, it’s types and importance.

Analytics for Mobile App

The proliferation of smartphone technology has reached such a density among users that organizations are increasingly developing their own mobile apps to reach people where they are accessing data the most—while they’re on the go.

Companies also have to contend with the fact that consumers are resorting to using multiple screens simultaneously on a regular basis, such as checking information with their smartphones while watching TV. Any organization investing in mobile apps needs to know that mobile analytics are crucial for the success of its endeavors.

The Importance and Role of Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics

The first thing you will want to know is what is happening with users as they work with your app. You’ll need to measure basic information such as the number of installs, relative rankings amongst other apps, the revenue that’s been generated to date, the number of purchases and how your competitors rank compared with you overall.

What’s more, you need to determine the amount of crashes users experience, the bounce rate and any other events that are unique to your app. There are a number of platforms to let you set up customized events that you can then easily monitor.

Another important aspect of mobile analytics has to do with advertising and promotions. It’s crucial that you develop a thorough understanding of where your installs are coming from, and the types of users these installs represent.

A strong mobile analytics platform will let you keep track of and identify which sources of traffic are most valuable to your organization. The number of total installs is only one consideration. What’s really important is whether your users are generating value for your organization, either in terms of customer engagement or the amount of revenue or the number of purchases you get from them on an ongoing basis.

What Types of Analytics are Useful for Mobile Apps?

To ensure the success of your mobile app project, we need to use a variety of analytics.

1. Advertising and Marketing Analytics

You use advertising and marketing analytics to keep tabs on your campaigns and their outcomes. This lets your organization allocate your money and resources more effectively.

Keywords in particular are important for search marketing. They let you know what your targeted customers are thinking of. Keyword data available with each click will help you improve your business strategy.

Customer support comes into play here as you begin to understand what your users find difficult in using the app and how you should deploy your support team to address their issues.

What’s more, you can spot emerging trends when you keep track of changes in keyword usage frequency to help you better predict the behavior of your potential customers., Apslar, Ad-X Tracking, iMobiTracking and Adobe Marketing Cloud are examples of tools used for advertising and marketing analytics.

2. Cross-platform Comparison Analytics

How is your app functioning on different platforms? You might be targeting users with iOS devices (the iPhone and iPad), Windows phones or Android phones, for example, and you will need to see if there are significant differences from one platform to the next. You can use tools such as Medialets and Adobe Marketing Cloud for these metrics.

3. In-App Analytics and Behavioral Analytics

You need to determine whether your app is meeting the expectations of your users. In-app analytics show you exactly what people are doing when they use the app and how they interact with it. You will get information including device profiles (the manufacturer, what kind of device it is and what operating system it’s running).

The demographics of your users will also be collected, letting you know details such as the location where they are using it, their age, gender and whether they are returning or new users.

Ad4Perf, Applicasa, Bango and ClickTale are examples of tools used for in-app analytics.

4. Performance Analytics

Use performance analytics to get a handle on the number of clicks, impressions and user engagement with your app. Tools such as Pre-Emptive, App Annie, Localytics and Applicasa will help in gather performance analytics data.

5. Visitor Analytics

What kinds of people are using your app and how are they using it? Visitor analytics will tell you crucial metrics including bounce rate, sources of traffic and which keywords are driving the most visitors to your product.

Tools for visitor analytics include Ad4Perf, Bango, Mixpanel and MyRT.

6. Visual Analytics

Heatmap AnalyticsCourtesy: Appsee (

Visual analysis tools should require a limited amount or zero coding, as a graphical user interface makes it easier for collaborating with members of a team. The tools should include basic charts that you can customize, as well as templates that you can then expand for use in related upcoming projects. Examples of tools for performing visual analytics include Ad4Perf, Bango and MyRT.

What are the best Mobile app analytics tools?

Our team researches, tests and reviews mobile app analytic tools to ensure we get the best possible data as we develop new apps. We’ve found great value in using the following tools.

1. Flurry

Using Flurry Analytics, we have been able to greatly improve our apps and in-app purchase rates. We now know what users want in the app and can provide that with confidence.
– Patrick M. Byrne, Chairman and CEO

2. App Annie

Incase you didn’t hear @distimo has been acquired by @appannie! Looking forward to doing great things together.

— Tanisha gupta (@tanz0906) May 28, 2014

3. Distimo App Analytics

Distimo provides me the tools and data analysis I need every day on the field of battle with disgruntled avians, falling blocks and virtual farmers who are my competition in the business of gaming. – Gavin Niemi – Senior Business Manager, PopCap

4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is such a powerful analytics tool. If you are serious about customer engagement and retention, you should really check it out.

– Bart Jacobs

5. Localytics

In the first month of using Localytics, we were able to pinpoint the key weaknesses in our app and identify optimisations to increase engagement by 50%
– Trinity Mirror plc

6. Adobe Marketing Cloud

The Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you standard mobile analytics features and enhances them with SMS, search advertising and QR codes. You can also measure channels including websites, social media and email.

7. Google Analytics

Everyone knows about it. 🙂

8. Geckoboard

Geckoboard puts crucial information in front of my team every minute of every day. It brilliantly captures information from the services we already use. Setting it up couldn’t have been easier, and now I can’t imagine going without it.
– Jonathan Nolen, Director of Developer Relations at Atlassian

9. AppsFlyer

@AppsFlyer Raises $7.1M To Keep Mobile Ad Attribution Honest. A @pitango portfolio company. via @techcrunch — Nechemia J. Peres (@chemiperes) March 6, 2014

10. Chartboost Store

Charboost is known for being a platform to promote mobile games. It is still in beta mode but should be a useful tool for any organization that is focusing on game apps.

11. Clicky

I love the service. Period. It’s so easy that even my grandma can use it for her recipe blog. I like being a SPY with Clicky. – Ankit,

12. iMobiTracking

With iMobiTracking, agencies, brands and affiliated partners can monitor their campaigns and optimize them for whichever mobile device they wish to target. Use it to monitor IPs and which device, OS and manufacturer is being used.

13. Appsee

By using Appsee we got amazing insights into the use habits of our clients. We were able to analyze which sections and functions of the app are used and how they are being used. – Thilo NeumannMobile Product Manager, Handelsblatt GmbH

14. Ducksboard

Pretty much every employee at Wrapp has Ducksboard in a pinned browser tab and checks the numbers several times a day. – Andreas Ehn, Wrapp

15. AppBoy

Appboy’s unparalleled team of mobile marketing and engagement experts took great care in helping us define an effective app strategy. Our consistent interactions and their flexibility make it feel more like a partnership than a product purchase – Tricia Bertero, CMO of textPlus

16. from Adeven is touted as being the most advanced tool for tracking app downloads. It enables you to compare numerous traffic sources, such as banner ads, QR codes and mobile ads running on Facebook.

17. Ad-X Tracking

The Ad-X Tracking tool provides mobile analytics for BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone, with a focus on advertising. It gives you click and post download analysis and enables you to compare statistical information for DAU, LTV downloads and user engagement.

18. AppCodes

This analytics tool helps you optimize your app store. Use it to monitor your own keywords as well as keywords being used by your rivals.

19. Apsalar

Apsalar provides a free tool for mobile analytics that you can use with its DSP platform to keep on top of your mobile ad campaigns from one convenient dashboard. Apsalar’s features include tools for analyzing audience segmentation, conversion funnels and the automated tracking of revenue earned with the app.

20. Medialets

Medialets is an ad network that lets developers use  its Medialytics tool. It is designed for measuring the performance of your mobile campaign, including custom metrics, clicks, the number of impressions and user engagement statistics. It’s also useful when you need to perform cross-platform comparisons, such as Android versus iOS devices for your app.

21. Countly

22. AskingPoint


24. Leftronic

A Leftronic real-time dashboard is the best way to monitor KPIs from every corner of your business. Get automatic updates from your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, servers, and more; all in one place!

25. Applicasa

26. Ad4Perf
Ad4Perf is a unique and leading technology, which has overcome these barriers and enables you to track your mobile app installs from any mobile source as well as your in-app user activities behaviors such as in-app searches for flights, hotels, car rentals, account registrations and of course purchases.

27. App Annie

28. DecStats

29. Upsight

Working with Upsight gave us a new opportunity to reach our consumers and continue a conversation about SEGA’s other mobile games – Mike Evans, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, SEGA of America.

30. CrashAnalytics

Everything is working great and I can already see how valuable your product is! I am really excited about this. – Ryan Triggs, Yammer

31. Distimo App Analytics

Distimo provides me the tools and data analysis I need every day on the field of battle with disgruntled avians, falling blocks and virtual farmers who are my competition in the business of gaming. – Gavin Niemi – Senior Business Manager, PopCap

32. FlightPath

Fortune 500 companies, investors, top publishers, independents, students… from experts to beginners, they’re all here. Most of the world’s developers rely on the TestFlight platform for beta testing, crash reporting and analytics.

33. ClickTale

It was Clicktale’s visualization that impressed the most. The ability to see exactly what your users do on your website, where they interact, and how they behave was invaluable to us – Abercrombie & Fitch

34. AppClix Mobilytics provides detailed analytics for mobile web sites and applications.

35. AppViz

AppViz 3 is a must upgrade. Visually striking and presents financial, statistics, reviews and financial information in an elegant way. Excellent work. – Marco Napoli, IdeaBlocks

36. AppStatics

37. ByteMobile

Citrix delivers greater economic value and performance for operators… ByteMobile aligns the right amount of computing power with the needs of the local and regional datacenters. -Joseph Hoffman, ABI Research

38. Mopapp

39. CoreMetrics

Coremetrics is now part of IBM Enterprise Marketing Management

40. Apptentive

An amazing tool that revolutionized how we interacted and supported our mobile customers.” – real networks

41. Swrve

Swrve has been an excellent partner to EA. Their platform has helped us gain a deeper understanding of our players and improve every aspect of our mobile games. – Dan Nord,Core Product Management, EA Mobile

42. AppFigures

43. will help you setup mobile app analytics and lot more integrations.

Analytics.js by is awesome. Signing up for analytics providers took longer than integrating it

– AJ Coppa, Software Manager at Rackspace

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