6 Disruptive Trends Shaping the Future of Mobile App Design & Development Sector

top 6 mobile app trends 2019

The impact of Smartphones and mobile application design and development are growing huge in our life. We are experiencing a transformation in everything we do right from the way we conduct business to health to social life to banking to education to every activity we carry out on a day-to-day basis.

Mobile App Trends that Mobile applications have enabled improved productivity within businesses, effective marketing and promotion of the brand, enhancement in maintaining relationships with the customers & suppliers resulting in the consistent growth of the business.

As per Statista, mobile app revenue is predicted to grow from 69.7 US Billion Dollars in 2015 to 188.9 Billion US Dollars in 2020. Besides that, experts in this stratum consider the mobile app industry to be a rapidly growing industry without stopping anywhere.

mobile app trends

This drastic increase in the revenue from mobile apps can be due to the latest hardware capabilities of mobile devices including better cameras and larger memories. The advanced mobile devices available these days are equipped with features like superb graphics, proximity sensors, high-resolution displays, high security, etc. Mobile applications make the most out of these hardware capabilities and features to come up with the functionality best suitable to the users.

Moreover, we are in an era where everything is done at 5G speed. Today’s consumer expects quick connectivity, better communication, and seamless exchange of data within devices. Let’s dive into the latest developments in the mobile application development sector which have helped businesses to fulfill their consumers’ expectations and stay competitive.

IoT (Internet of Things) Creating Buzz Globally

IoT has become a noteworthy part of our life not only as an individual but as a whole society. Smart TV, Smart Refrigerator, Smart City, everything has become smart, and the credit for that goes to IoT technology.

Making our lives highly comfortable and secure, IoT has gained high popularity by connecting even impossible things with the internet. As IoT is being used in almost all the industries like manufacturing, healthcare, supply chain, agriculture, etc. the IoT-enabled mobile apps are obviously in trend and are likely to grow further.

One of the most relevant examples of this technology is the “Amazon Go No Checkout Store”, wherein the customers just need to enter the store by simply using Amazon Go App, select the products and leave without waiting in queue for the payment.

Amazon Go No Checkout Store

(Image Source: cnet.com)

How Does It Work?

The products picked up or returned to the shelf by the customers are detected automatically and tracked until they walk out of the store. After some time, the Amazon account of the user is charged and the receipt is sent automatically. Thus, no waiting in the queue for checking out and payment. This saves time and provides a wonderful shopping experience to the customers.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) Are Enjoying the Hype

The below graph shows that the global market of AR & VR is forecasted to rise from 20.4 US billion dollars in 2019 to 192.7 US billion dollars in 2022. This drastic change is an eye-opening alarm for businesses worldwide aiming to achieve heights in their respective niche markets.

global market of AR & VR

Many people still believe that AR & VR technologies are used for gaming apps. But, in the current scenario, these technologies can be used to help your customers test drive a new car, shop in a virtual shopping space, obtain training on any skill, and things like that. You can conduct a meeting virtually with more than 10 people using this technology.

IKEA is one of those companies that has used the maximum potential of Augmented Reality. The shoppers can view how IKEA furniture and home accessories would look in different places around your home. So, before buying the products, the shoppers can actually try them in their home. It is an excellent use of this technology which can help you in buying the furniture or home accessories of the right size and color.

AR & VR technologies

(Image Source: wired.com)

Mobile device manufacturers have also prepared the hardware for the increased use of AR & VR technology so that mobile app developers can provide applications with great user experiences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Chatbots are Gaining Significance

Artificial intelligence is a theory supporting the development of machines that perform tasks requiring human intelligence. You all might have definitely used Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana, the most remarkable examples of Artificial Intelligence, helping in almost everything like listening to playlists, managing schedules, ordering food, etc.

The best example of Artificial Intelligence we frequently use is Google Maps. It has eliminated our fear of getting lost on a wrong route and wasting time asking for proper navigation to strangers. A Smartphone with Google Maps Application to show us the right route with minimum traffic.

(Video Source: theverge.com)

Acquiring valuable data & mobile app trends, and insights is no more a difficult job if Machine Learning (ML) is incorporated with mobile applications. Machine Learning actually makes mobile apps smarter than humans by allowing decision-making and provide a better user experience.

ML is being used almost everywhere like to predict the traffic, online product recommendations, fraud detection, and many other activities which can make our life easy.

Chatbots are being highly used in the banking sector, online stores, travel portals, Government institutes for providing seamless customer service.

The below statistics show the acceptance of AI-powered Chatbots by customers worldwide, as of 2017. (For different sectors).

acceptance of AI-powered Chatbots

Pizza Hut is using Chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Twitter for assisting their customers trying to order Pizza. The customers can now easily ask for suggestions or solve their queries relating to their orders and make payments through the messaging app while placing the order for their favorite pizza. This saves time and provides a better food ordering experience to the customers.

Chatbots Development Company

(Image Source: venturebeat.com)

Blockchain Technology Is Fueling Businesses Worldwide

We are very well aware of the transformation Blockchain technology brought to the finance sector through cryptocurrencies. The further enhancement of Blockchain technology includes its usage in various other industries like healthcare and insurance.

As per Gartner’s prediction, Blockchain technology will create around $176 billion in business value in the year 2025. Also, the report & mobile app trends have estimated that in 2020, Blockchain technology would initiate drastic growth.

Blockchain technology

Thus, Blockchain is considered to be the future technology that would highly contribute to the surge in business revenues.

For example, enterprises like LG, Facebook, and Microsoft have already started using Blockchain technology in mobile applications due to its advantages like –

  1. High-level security
  2. Allows cross-border transactions
  3. Maintains confidential data
  4. Centralized records and transactions

Including Blockchain technology in mobile apps has proven to be beneficial for Banking, Insurance Companies, and other financial organizations where accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality are considered to be mandatory.

Overstock.com – an online retailer was foremost to accept Bitcoin. Even Walmart is now out of its test phase for its food-based blockchain mobile app which would work towards reducing waste and managing food contamination.

These examples show that it is always beneficial to have a futuristic approach when it comes to mobile app development, as the scalable mobile application is the requirement for businesses wanting to stay ahead of time.

Cloud Integration – The Most Vital Element Required By Trend-Setting Mobile Apps

Cloud integration in mobile apps offers low-cost hosting, quick loading, and improved business operations. Cloud integration has been able to solve many security-related concerns which enable mobile apps to be more reliable and user-friendly.

Now it is possible to create mobile apps with cloud technology like Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, and many more.


(Image Source: blogs.dropbox.com)

Mobile users expect applications that support cloud storage so that they can save space on their devices and get things done quickly.

Growing Market of Wearables

As per the statistical report, the Wearables devices sales revenue is expected to reach around $33 Billion by the end of 2019.

wearable app development companies

Smartphones hold the primary control of wearable devices. With the growth of wearable devices, the users would also require mobile apps through which these wearables can be operated.

Apple Watch is one of the most renowned examples of Wearables these days. Apple Watch connected with an iPhone can monitor your health-related issues, manage business transactions, help in communicating, listening to music, and simplify many other tasks.

Whether it is about sending notifications on Smartphones about your BP level, paying for a transaction through Apple Pay, or sending an important voice message, Apple Watch can really make your life easy with its versatile features.

Wearables like Apple Watch can save lives by sending notifications in case of health-related emergencies and also help in various business processes. Companies like Zomato and Uber are also investing in wearable app development so that they don’t miss out on targeting the increasing wearable users these days.

As per Mobile App Trends, Mobile applications these days are developed with the aim to support these advanced features of wearables and thus help in improving the lifestyle and meet the expectations of consumers in this era of arising business opportunities.

iphone app development company

(Image Source: Adage.com)

Mobile App Trends in 2019 & Beyond…..

In this Mobile App Trends blog, we have included the significant Mobile App Trends in 2019which can guide you through the features you would like to include in your business app with a futuristic approach.

Consumers these days expect quick-loading mobile apps with versatile features and high-end security. Abiding by the Mobile App Trends mentioned here; mobile app developers and companies can definitely help the businesses in meeting the growing demands of their consumers and achieve desired sales goals exponentially.

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