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Top 20 Headless eCommerce

One can surely say that the headless eCommerce industry is at its peak in the 21st century. However, this sudden rise in users is due to the COVID-19 pandemic or people are getting used to online shopping, the eCommerce industry has shown a lot of improvement and vast growth.

Though, soon the eCommerce industry is going to lose its head. Yes! You read it correctly.

The next big thing in the eCommerce industry is headless commerce. The popularity of headless commerce in the eCommerce industry is gradually increasing.

Somehow, when it comes to learning about headless eCommerce, there is a lot of buzzwords out there. We feel like headless eCommerce is the most discussed and the least understood topic in eCommerce. To set it out straight and clear all the confusion, stay tuned to this blog post. It will help you know about headless eCommerce from basic and discover the top 20 headless eCommerce platforms.

So let us begin with the definition of headless eCommerce.

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What is Headless eCommerce?

The simplest definition of headless commerce is:

Headless eCommerce is a separation of backend and frontend of an eCommerce application. Headless commerce architecture offers complete freedom to brands and lets them build whatever they want.

In other words, the presentation layer, which is also called the ‘frontend,’ is decoupled from the back-end interface in headless commerce. In headless eCommerce, the backend is responsible for the overall functionality and features of headless commerce architecture.

This decoupling of frontend and backend in headless commerce applications allows developers to make changes without affecting the user experience. The headless eCommerce store manages and delivers content without any presentation layer (frontend).

The head in an eCommerce application is a template or a theme. It is removed in the headless eCommerce application leaving the backend for the delivery of content. So, front-end developers can solely focus on how to represent that content using whatever framework they require.

Now you know what headless eCommerce is, let’s move to the best headless eCommerce platforms in the industry. To assist you, we have created a list of the top 20 headless eCommerce that features the best headless eCommerce solutions for your web store.

Top 20 Headless eCommerce to consider in 2021

Here is the shortlist of the best headless eCommerce platforms:

1. Shopify Plus

Shopify PlusShopify is a headless commerce platform for big brands with high volume & growth, agility, coupling speed, and the scalable foundation to these brands that need to grow faster and bigger.

It lets you break the rules of traditional eCommerce through unlimited integrations, extensibility, and customizations. Also, it provides accelerated as well as customizable checkouts and localized customer experiences.

Pricing of Shopify Plus  $2000/month

Top Brands Using Shopify Plus  FashionNova, Budweiser, RedBull, Colourpop, etc.

Official Website of Shopify Plus – ShopifyPlus

2. Magento Commerce

magento headless ecommerce

Magento Commerce allows developers to deliver customized applications based on user’s requirements. Thus, Magento headless ecommerce platform lets you experiment with your website due to the system being divided and operations not being disturbed at all. The decoupled ecommerce architecture allows the integration of new functionality at a faster rate.

Magento Commerce headless ecommerce platform offers rich, out-of-the-box features, seamless third-party integrations, and complete freedom to customize. It also provides powerful SEO, marketing, and optimization tools for catalog management.

Pricing of Magento Commerce – $1988/month

Top Brands Using Magento Commerce – Liverpool, Nestle Nespresso, Ford, HP, ASUS, etc.

Official Website of Magento Commerce –

3. Commercetools

commercetools headless ecommerce

Commercetools is an omnichannel headless ecommerce platform that leverages the revolutionary eCommerce architecture. It offers its users a sale functionality over a cloud deployment.

Commercetools efficiently manages the data flow between the frontend client and the backend ERP system. It is a fully API-enabled platform, and all the functionalities are covered by APIs.

Commercetools consists of important inventory management features such as tracking inventory, return management, adjusting inventory, multi-store management, and much more.

Pricing of Commercetools – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Commercetools – AT&T, LEGO, BMW, Express, Express, Vistaprint, etc.

Official Website of commercetools –

4. Elastic Path

Elastic Path is a headless ecommerce system that allows template-less ecommerce solutions to integrate as middleware into the ERP systems. It is an entirely -API-based system, specially targeted for enterprise-level organizations.

Elastic Path is a business-ready solution, and it is flexible enough to fulfill its user’s requirements across B2C, B2B, B2B2C, geos, brands, and multiple touchpoints.

Pricing of Elastic Path – Quote Based Flexible pricing, Calculate using GMV (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Elastic Path – Swiss, T-Mobile, CD2 learning, Pella, etc.

Official Website of Elastic Path –

5. SAP CX Commerce Cloud

SAP headless ecommerce

SAP Commerce Cloud is a market-leading headless commerce solution in the eCommerce industry. It has a varied and broad customer base of 3500+ customers across 20+ industries in 100+ countries.

Customers trust SAP due to its ability to scale and deliver services with consistency. Also, the content and product data are stored centrally and are made available on a singular platform.

Pricing of SAP Commerce Cloud – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using SAP Commerce Cloud – Bosch, Insight, Office Depot, New Era Cap, ALBA Group, etc.

Official Website of SAP Commerce Cloud –

6. OroCommerce

OROCommerce headless ecommerce

OroCommerce is a complete enterprise-grade B2B ecommerce solution built with comprehensive modern features to suit any B2B commerce model. It is the best headless ecommerce open-source solution for B2B users.

The developer community of OroCommerce has complete transparency of code, better security, high product reliability, and the option to deploy on the cloud and on-premise.

Pricing of OroCommerce:

Community Edition – $0, Free Forever

Enterprise Edition – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using OroCommerce – Animal Supply Co., TruPar, BME, Aldo, BEAM, etc.

Official Webiste of OroCommerce –

7. Spryker

spryker headless ecommerce

Spryker is a modern-day Platform as a Service (PaaS) ecommerce platform. It is a future-proof commerce solution with API-based architecture and transparent code, making it suitable for business users and developers worldwide.

Spryker has achieved immense fame because of its world-class performance and faster time to market. It is suitable for every business model, including B2B, B2C, D2C, and marketplace across multiple touchpoints. It has a customer base from industries like fashion, manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, retail, consumer goods, home improvements, and many more.

Pricing of Spryker – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Spryker – Toyota, Ricoh, Aldi, Sourceability, Hilti, etc.

Official Website of Spryker –

8. Snipcart

snipcart headless ecommerce

Snipcart is the easiest solution for a shopping cart, and it allows you to transform any website into a customizable ecommerce store. Snipcart’s integration is effortless and can be completed within few minutes.

All of the ecommerce templates and logic are managed in the frontend, which makes it very simple to integrate with static sites, web apps, or even old-school traditional CMS.

Pricing of Snipcart : 

Standard Fees – 2% transaction + Payment Gateway fees

Special Fees – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Snipcart – Patrick Roger, YWCA Toronto, Flambette, Etc.

Official website of Snipcart –

9. FoxyCart headless ecommerce

Foxy, generally known as FoxyCart, is a fully customizable headless ecommerce solution for web developers and designers. It offers easy-to-use and powerful ecommerce solutions.

Foxy’s most prominent feature is its flexibility, which allows the users to create a unique cart, store, and design that fits their business models. It is specially designed for faster checkout and an easy shopping experience for users.

Pricing of FoxyCart:

Standard – $15/month (Billed Annually)

Advance – $250/month (Billed Annually)

Enterprise – $2000+/month (Contact here)

Top Brands Using FoxyCart – Bayer, OXFAM, Absorb, Crosley, etc.

Official Website of FoxyCart –

10. BigCommerce

bigcommerce headless ecommerce

BigCommerce is a leading SaaS headless ecommerce platform suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. It lets its users build, innovate, and grow their businesses.

As an open SaaS headless commerce, BigCommerce delivers world-class functionalities, high performance, customization, ease of use, and simplicity. It has thousands of customers across 120 countries from various industries that have utilized BigCommerce for its online store.

Pricing of BigCommerce:

Standard – $29.95/month (Billed Annually)

Plus – $71.95/month (Billed Annually)

Pro – $269.96/month (Billed Annually)

Enterprise – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using BigCommerce – America Leather, Beer Cartel, Sony, Skullcandy, Woolrich, Etc.

Official Website of BigCommerce –

11. Moltin

moltin headless ecommerce

Moltin is one of the best cloud-based headless commerce solutions with features like checkout flow, shopping cart & inventory management.

Incorporating Motlin headless commerce to any website or app is very easy through powerful and simple APIs. Moltin is digital-first commerce that enables you to build distinctive shopping experiences and collaborate them into multiple consumer touchpoints.

Pricing of Moltin – Quote Based

Top Brands Using Moltin – Breville, Deckers Brand, SVP Worldwide, Etc.

Official Website of Moltin –

12. headless ecommerce is a headless ecommerce platform that takes you to an entirely new level of experience in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). This makes headless commerce to be highly customizable according to your required look and feel.

With features like serverless hosting, commerce keeps your site active, fast, and secure. It also lets its user customize their site without any boundaries. Besides that, it also has integrations with popular business apps and plugins.

Pricing of – Quote Based (Contact from here)

Top Brands Using – LawChamps, Halfdays, Forum, Cryptos, Etc.

Official Website of –

13. Acro Media

acro media headless ecommerce

Acro Media is a Drupal-based headless ecommerce solution that allows strategizing, design, and delivery of ecommerce products. Its agile methodology is helpful in building strategic partnerships.

With more than 10 years of experience as a headless commerce open source solution, the Acro Media team helps in building a platform that optimizes workflow, improves customer experience, and can easily integrate third-party vendors.

Pricing of Acro Media – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Companies Using Acro Media – Telus, Discover, National Federation of The Blind, Etc.

Official Website of Acro Media –

14. Swell

swell headless ecommerce

Swell is one of the most powerful headless ecommerce platforms for agencies, enterprises, and startups. Unlimited design possibilities, modern developer’s workflow, powerful performance, and sleek dashboard make it a perfect modern-day commerce solution.

A truly API-based and headless architecture of Swell allows small, medium, and large enterprises to proliferate and sell creatively through fully customizable solutions.

Pricing of Swell :

Basic – $59/month (Max 3 Admin Users)

Standard – $299/month (Max 10 Admin Users)

Advance – $548/month (Max 25 Admin Users)

Enterprise – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Swell – Spinn, Great Heights, Smilo, Nowvac, Etc.

Official Website of Swell –

15. Bloomreach

bloomreach headless ecommerce

Bloomreach is a leader in the headless commerce market. They deliver a high level of the customized journey to its clients that feel like magic.

The three main pillars of Bloomreach headless ecommerce solution are discovery, content & engagement.  As a result, it serves more than 700+ clients globally with annual revenue of $250+ billion.

Bloomreach’s digital platform connects deep customer data with deep product data enabling the enterprises to drive engagement and optimal eCommerce experiences.

Pricing of Bloomreach – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Bloomreach – Puma, Albertsons, Staples, Bosch, M&S, Etc.

Official Website of Bloomreach –

16. Saleaor

saleor headless ecommerce

Saleaor is a headless commerce platform that puts developers first. It is a headless ecommerce open source that delivers a dynamic, ultrafast, and personalized shopping experience to the end-users.

Saleor offers an authentic omnichannel experience with high flexibility and best-in-class features. It can easily integrate with any CMS, API, CRM, ERP, or other solution of an enterprise.

Pricing of Saleor: 

Open Source – $0, Free

Startup – $695/month (Max 2500 Orders)

Pro – $1795/month (Max 500k Orders)

Enterprise – $6795/month

Top Brands Using Saleor – Pretty Green, Patch, RoomLab, Adam, Lush, Etc.

Official Website of Saleor –

17. Spree

spree headless ecommerce

Spree Commerce is a headless open source ecommerce platform for multiple languages and multiple currencies global brands. It is available for free with PWA, Web storefront, and headless.

Spree lets you launch a multi-vendor market with limitless SKUs with unlimited vendors on board in just a few weeks.

Pricing of Spree Commerce – $0, Free

Top Brands Using Spree Commerce – Urban Ladder, GoDaddy, Violet Grey, Craftsman, Ratio Clothing, Etc.

Official Website of Spree Commerce –

18. Fabric

fabric headless ecommerce

Fabric is a headless commerce platform specially built for growth. It is a force multiplier of retail technology and helps to grow digital revenue at a rapid scale.

Fabric decouples the UI from the database, and that allows easy customization. Also, the API call updates the details and information very quickly.

Pricing of Fabric – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Fabric – GNC, Universal Lacrosse, MSC, Counter Culture, Etc.

Official Website of Fabric –

19. TakeShape

takeshape headless ecommerce

TakeShape is a headless commerce platform based on GraphQL API and a static site generator to easily get your projects done. It provides collaborative, adaptable, and instant services to power any size or complexity of the project.

TakeShape allows you to quickly build and deploy the sites, making them ready to scale. On the other hand, the services tied together in TakeShape make it effortless and help to grow your business.

Pricing of TakeShape : 

Developer – $0, Free

Professional – $100/month

Enterprise – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using TakeShape – Comcast, Leonardo Dicaprico Foundation, Massive Science, Slingshot Fund, Etc.

Official Website of TakeShape –

20. Amplience

amplience headless ecommerce

Amplience brings the headless ecommerce experience to life by enabling you to create rapidly, organize it properly, and deliver it consistently. It allows you to make the shopping experience seamless across multiple channels and devices such as web, mobile, IoT, smart wearables, and much more.

Amplience offers the best UI extensions and powerful integrations that enable your team to scale faster and better. It is a  centralized and collaborative interface with modern technologies such as microservices, cloud, and API that enhances business management efficiently.

Pricing of Amplience – Quote Based (Contact here)

Top Brands Using Amplience – Mulberry, Coach, Argos, Traeger, Etc.

Official Website of Amplience –

Concluding Thought

The important factor in being a formidable competitor in your industry is creating, managing, and distributing quality content. You can create a personalized experience for your customers by choosing the right headless commerce that fits your business needs. And so, this top 20 headless eCommerce list will help you in selecting the right and most suitable one for you.

OpenXcell, A top Headless CMS and Headless eCommerce development company, has expertise in customizing and developing solutions with a headless approach. And we are here to help you choose and customize any headless eCommerce for your business. Get in touch with us for all your Ecommerce and CMS-related needs.

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