Wearable Tech from The Future



Fifty years ago, the most powerful computer in the world required an entire room to fit into and could do little more than simple arithmetic. Fast forward to today, and technology like Apple watches, Android Wear, Pebble, Go Pro, and Google Glass allow us to take our computers with us as we go without needing to sit down at a desk or boot up a laptop. Intel believes the trend of pocket-sized, wearable technology will continue, highlighting the fashion and tech trends in a report titled Wearables 2014, noting that nearly every tech company on the market has began operations to bring customers electronic gadgets that can be worn or carried without effort. It’s not going to be fifty years out, either: RockHealth believes the wearable tech market could expand to as much as $50 billion by 2018. What wearable tech can we own in the near future?

Virtual Reality


The holodeck that allowed Star Trek captains to relax after a hard day of fighting the Klingons is no longer a paragon of science fiction. Strap on an Oculus Rift and it’s possible to enjoy all the delights of artificial reality in your home today. Currently, Oculus Rifts are only compatible with video games, allowing immersion into your favorite titles rather than separation from a television screen, but the tech allows you to interact with games using only your limbs for hyper-realism. Now that they’re owned by Facebook, furthermore, it’s only a matter of time before social networking goes virtual.

LED Clothing

cute circuit

If you’ve ever watched a futuristic movie from the 80s and remember neon-flashing clothing, you’ll appreciate the capabilities of LED clothing that’s now available from CuteCircuit, a French fashion start-up that’s promised customers the potential for clothes that light up on cue. With everything from wedding dresses to exercise gear that provide illumination, your clothes will soon pack their own share of power.


martin jetpack

Although you can’t zoom around to cities in the clouds just yet, we now have the technology to send someone through the atmosphere rather than waiting on a bus in order to get to work. Jetpacks, staple of futuristic fantasies like The Jetsons, can be purchased for commercial or private use, with the Martin Jetpack is capable of traveling as high as 800 feet, with half an hour’s flying time at fifty miles per hour.

Personal Heating Systems


How many times have you stepped into a room that’s too hot or too cold without being able to do anything about it? Or, for that matter, how often does your spouse complain about the temperature? A personal thermostat by Team Wristify can be the perfect solution for those who find they can never get warm or cool enough in the course of the day, allowing for temperature control that fits neatly on your wrist and sends pulses of warm and cold to your blood vessels, which in turn spread throughout your entire circulatory system. This tech acts on brain triggers, meaning there’s no need to constantly adjust the temperature: the computer does it all for you.


baby guard

Mothers who worry about their newborns exist the world over, but there’s no technology that exists to tell them what a baby is thinking — yet. The Chinese BabyGuard may be the solution to countless problems of raising children, providing health information about an infant by measuring the electrical signals of heart, brain, and nervous system so that there’s no ambiguity about why a child is crying. This data can be sent to doctors, furthermore, at the touch of a button, so that professional care is never far away.

GPS Jackets

GPS Jacket

What if you could wear clothing that helps you to never get lost again? Such is the spark of innovation behind We:eX, offering jackets integrated with GPS systems that allow people to be guided by technology without ever needing to pull out a smart phone or set up the connection in their car. Simply pull on a GPS jacket and the sleeves will vibrate whenever you need to turn left or right, allowing you to get from point A to point B without taking your eyes off the road.

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