What’s so Exciting About Drupal 8?


People use Drupal to develop and maintain millions of websites all around the world. As a premiere open source development platform for the Web, Drupal is free to use and powers such prominent sites as Whitehouse.gov, NASA, Oxford University, Pfizer and the Red Cross.

Drupal enables site administrators to set up multiple users with different levels of access control so teams can log in and make adjustments collaboratively. Use it to host as well as promote your content with social channels, and update the look of your site with completely customizable themes. Drupal undergoes highly rigorous safety tests, which is one reason why so many users feel comfortable about using it to power their sites.

Why was an Update Needed?

Software can never remain static because it must keep up with evolving hardware capabilities and user demand for new features. Accordingly, developers continue to make incremental improvements. Despite widespread adoption of Drupal around the world, users have been critical about how it hasn’t been the easiest application to use, especially when compared to other options for building websites, such as WordPress. The newest version, Drupal 8, is designed to address such concerns.

Version 8 of Drupal now includes a built-in WYSIWYG editor, enabling you to edit your site’s content at the front end instead of working with cumbersome back-end form editing. What’s more, users will be able to update their Drupal content using mobile devices so they can work while on the go. Drupal’s upgrade makes it more competitive with other CMS solutions.

What’s in it for You?

In addition to letting you edit your content from your website’s front end, Drupal has improved how JavaScript loads and it brings more efficient entity caching. Users who administer foreign language websites will be pleased to learn that the latest version of Drupal makes it much easier to build and manage multi-lingual sites.

If your organization is making an effort to reach more mobile web users, you’ll want to upgrade to Drupal 8 because of the new responsive design capability, which makes websites look great on matter what device being used to access it.

Drupal 8 and Digital Marketing

Digital marketers who do not happen to be programmers or even savvy users of content management systems sometimes struggle with creating, updating and improving their websites and wind up relying on developers and designers to help them. Drupal 8’s ease of use and improved built-in editing capabilities now enable users to create robust and engaging sites with components that are pre-programmed.

Being able to quickly adjust a website by using your smartphone or tablet will make it even easier for marketers to extend their brand and better engage with potential customers.

Fast Facts and Features to Look Forward to:

  • Page markup is HTML 5-based in Drupal 8
  • New Twig theming engine makes it easier than ever before to build great looking websites
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor for faster development and changes
  • New field types such as telephone numbers, email and dates for customized contact forms
  • Built-in Web services let you use Drupal as a source of data

The professionally trained developers at OpenXcell are experts at using Drupal and other tools to build websites for organizations both large and small. We are working with the beta version of Drupal 8 so that we can take advantage of its new capabilities to better further the business interests of our customers. For details on our web development services, please contact OpenXcell today.