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Why employ Incentivized ads to market your game app?

The flow of user acquisition and monetization
The flow of user acquisition and monetization in an incentivized ad network

What is the best part about making a game application? I think it is frequent and recurring usage of the game. Yes, if your game is addictive enough, you might have your users opening it many times a day. Apps of other categories do not attract the frequency of usage a game app can attain. High frequency of usage means higher chances of selling premium content within the app.

However, to begin with, you need to be found by users. In other words, your game app must be discovered by users. And to do that, competing against a million apps for app discovery is really tough. This is where Incentivized ads give you a headstart.

Once you sign up for an incentive-based ad network, your app would appear on other applications as advertisements. They may appear in any ad format. However, app walls are the most common form where you can find incentivized ads.

Incentive reward ad wall from Tapjoy
Incentive reward ad wall from Tapjoy

Depending on the game they are appearing in, the rewards are either given in points, coins, Gold etc. Once, you set your ad-inventory, your app starts to appear on these walls. When a user installs your app, they get the reward promised against the action.

Why incentivized ads are great for games?

Incentivized ads are extremely cheap when compared to non-incentivized ads. On an average, it costs  20-40 cents per click for incentive-based ads. On the other hand, it can cost you $5-$6 per click for a high-value non-incentivized platform.

Hence, if you set a daily budget of $100 to market your app, you can only obtain 20-25 clicks at max for non-incentivized ads. On the other hand, an incentivized campaign may get you 4-5 clicks for every single dollar spent. Therefore, you may expect 400-500 clicks for every $100. This is a huge difference. Many of these convert to installs, as the reward is delivered after that.

As far as our experience goes, we have seen an open rate of 20% of all the installs coming from incentivized campaigns. This is why your game can shoot to the stars through incentive-based ads within a few days.

Coupling User Acquisition with Monetization for great returns-

When you are promoting your game through incentivized networks, you may zoom to success provided your game is engaging and of high quality. If you acquire a substantial volume of users through a user acquisition campaign, you now have a dependable userbase that triggers recurring usage of the game every day.

Now, on this, you may parallelly run a monetization campaign for your game. In other words, now, your app will feature other apps and ads for rewards exactly the same way your game was promoted in the beginning. If your game is engaging enough, you will receive your share of profits from the ad network. But money is not the only thing you get out of an ad network when you run a monetization campaign.

When you make a great game and provide incentives within your game, your game quickly gets  referred within circles of friends and family. These referrals give you high-quality users, since these come as a result of authentic bragging from their friends. Thus, not only you monetize your app, you also trigger user acquisition through word of mouth and social referrals. This is what is special about incentivized-ads.

As far as other app categories are concerned, they do not generate the frequency of recurring usage game apps do. Messaging apps may attract frequent usage but they do not provide a proper platform for incentivized ads to do their job. It won’t be incorrect to say that incentivized networks work best for games.


Incentivized ads are a great way to kick start your app marketing campaign. Since app discovery is a formidable challenge these days, it is necessary to go above the threshold and be known to the users at first place. Incentive-based ads help you to attain that in a short period of time. Apart from initial users, your monetization campaign may give you additional and high-value users from social referrals and word of mouth.

With high CTR and low CPC rates, incentivized installs give you great value for money, quick and high volume app discovery and a sure shot chance of success. However, in the end, it all comes down to- how good and engaging your game is!

Arup Dey

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  1. Ashlyn
    June 28, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    I have wondered about how this works. A friend of mine used to have a gaming website with incentivized ads on it- he told us he got a few cents per click! It makes sense now! Thanks!

    • Arup Dey
      Arup Dey • Post Author •
      June 29, 2016 at 7:05 am

      Thank you Ashlyn!

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