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Increase Quality and Efficiency

When your offshore team cares about the outcomes of their work, they’ll work harder and commit to continuous improvement.

Offshoring is improving the efficiency of businesses continuously. Find out how OpenXcell can elevate your business with offshoring.

There are a number of challenges faced by a growing business, and the biggest one that takes a lot of effort is the quality of the service. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring in-house resources or outsourcing to offshore ones, the issue of quality poses everywhere.

This is not true for offshoring actually. You can elevate the quality and efficiency by getting an offshore team for developing a customized solution for your business. To give you a clearer view of what OpenXcell does and what you actually think about offshoring.

Retain Complete Control

The first thing that comes to your mind when you say offshoring is probably a BPO right? But that is totally wrong.

And you are imagining why?

No, OpenXcell is not a BPO. In a BPO, you have to give complete control to the team that you have hired offshore, and everything is in their hands, right from training the resources, and quality to the culture and sole power. And that’s where you should be scared.

No, this is not the case with OpenXcell. In our model, you are the king. You can choose your team, they will solely work for you, you are the decision maker, and your teams are your own. You retain complete control over the entire team and you can treat them like your in-house team. Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about stuff like HR, IT infrastructure, payroll, support, recruitment, laws, etc. We will take care of everything.

So, you are in complete control of training your offshore team the way you want. You can strategize, monitor, give suggestions and feedback, set deadlines, and everything that you want to get your solution developed your way. Just like you do with your in-house team, you can get work done by the offshore team at OpenXcell.

You can get complete transparency, right from performance management, and accessibility to testing and maintenance. So, if you encounter any issue, you can identify, pin-point, and get it solved instantly.

Now, you might realize that anything of this is not possible with Business Process Outsourcing(BPO).

Best Product Development Practices

Product development comprises all the phases right from requirement analysis, and designing to development, maintenance and deployment. With OpenXcell, you can get your own team of experts in all the fields required for developing that perfect solution for you.

With OpenXcell, you don’t need to worry about searching for the right talent and skill for application development, you just need to choose from the large pool of experts ready to showcase their skills.

You can get continuous support and commitment from the team that you choose at OpenXcell and complete consideration of the outcome of their hard work.

Your business improves continuously by support right from the scratch till your product is deployed and even after that. Get a complete team to guide you smoothly through the entire process of development and even support you after that.

Just bring in your idea, and rest will be handled by the team of experts that you choose. The product development process is quite straightforward and our experts will be with you at every stage of the process.

Majorly the processes can be categorized into,

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Testing the idea
  • Analysis
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Marketing and branding

Our experts can steer you through the entire process swiftly and make sure that you get the perfect product developed.

Best Practices Guaranteed

For any growing business, it is mandatory to follow the best practices but many times it is overlooked. With limited resources, less availability of specialized in-house teams, and IT infrastructure. When you are working with OpenXcell, you can get best practices guaranteed, whether it is in terms of security of data, performance, training or desired talent, we are here for everything.

You can get experienced resources and team in all the desired areas with OpenXcell, you just have to pick your team. Our experts work whole-heartedly to provide you everything they have and make all the processes as smooth as possible. Share your ideas with us today!

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