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Our BI analytics for retail & logistics gives you the complete insight of how your business is performing.

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Common problems:

  • Zero predictability
  • No real-time reports to showcase the changes in business
  • Less understanding of your customers and their buying experience
  • Decisions based on gut feeling
  • No aggregated data from multiple data sources

Retailers are required to manage large amounts of evidence from multiple selling channels. With an increase in selling opportunity on multiple online, as well as, offline channels, the data remains scattered and difficult to analyze.

To generate the highest level of satisfaction, retailers need to analyze every possible piece of data generated via interactions with customers at various buying stages.

To help you achieve this, Our retail business intelligence software will leverage big data and aggregate information from different channels, allowing you to identify problem areas that hamper business growth and look for opportunities that will take your business to new heights.

Highlights of solutions:

  • Detailed reports for products, inventory, sales, customers & shipments.
  • Role-based real-time dashboards
  • High-level analysis & forecast of inventory
  • Multi-warehouse and channel reports
  • KPIs for performance standards

Our integrated BI capabilities include consolidation and analysis of data, data warehousing and mining, detailed reporting, dashboards, and customized reports.

Our experienced consultants and developers have deployed complex retail business intelligence software solutions for retailers, and have made buying experience seamless for customers.

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"Often times we would have items come up unplanned. We would have to work through the night, and they literally worked around the clock. That’s what made OpenXcell a good partner..."

Swagata Sarangi,
Head of Marketing, Google India

"There's often language barriers and cultural differences that make it challenging. OpenXcell did a great job with that. We communicated well. They got the idea."

Stephen Anderson,
President, Netqwerk (Business Networking Startup)

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