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To stay ahead of the curve, it has become significant to analyze the past results, current market conditions and predict future changes in technology, political state and other circumstances which can have an impact on your business. Business Intelligence & Analytics tools play a major role in examining past, present data and predicting future in order to make informed decisions responsible for the growth of the business.

Difference Between Business Intelligence and Business Analytics

In a simple context, generating last year’s sales report is business intelligence, whereas predicting next year’s sales is business analytics solution. As you know measuring both the aspects are equally important.

For example, if you want to decide which product line you should be investing in the current year, Business Intelligence and Analytical tools can help you in evaluating the products highly demanded and yielding maximum sales and profits. Based on that data you can take decisions helping you to suffice your consumers’ demands ultimately anticipating the success of your business.

Basically, we develop business intelligence and analytics tools for our clients focusing on below mentioned highly significant facets –

Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions @ OpenXcell:

Big Data

Lead the competition by accessing the huge amount of data and using it for your advantage. Gather significant insights, analyze to acquire clear visibility of your business and improvise your business processes. Whether it is manufacturing, supplying, or after-sales services, our tools provide accurate data enabling you to optimize business processes at each level.

Advanced Analytics

Most of the enterprises have unique requirements relating to accessing information helping them in decision making and improving business processes. Our solutions are customized based on your requirements, whether it is about analyzing performance or predicted risk, we do it for you so that you can run your business seamlessly.

Data Management

Manage the end-to-end process starting from data acquisition & storage to delivery using comprehensive tools customized as per your business requirement. Multiply speed, flexibility, and visibility across your business processes and experience extraordinary growth in ROI.

Data Visualization

Bridge the gaps between demand and order fulfillment by using intelligent tools helping you to visualize flaws in your business processes. Make smarter decisions on a day-to-day basis by analyzing information using visually attractive dashboards helping to comprehend data in a perfectly.

Selecting right business intelligence and analytical tools tailor-made to your business preferences is extremely important. OpenXcell using best practices, latest trends and updated technology, can design a customized business intelligence and analytical software imparting accurate measurements driving enterprise transformations.

Harnessing the power of trusted data, our business intelligence and analytical tools used by enterprises features –

Benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics Services


The Business Intelligence and Analytical tool developed by us is scalable which means it has room for improvement as your business grows. You don’t need to invest in another solution as your business requirement changes. We are here to support you to adjust our developed tools to your business.

Tailored Focus

We can develop business intelligence and analytical tools for versatile industries and departments. We very well understand that one size doesn’t fit all. Just let us know your requirements, our skilled developers ensure to deliver a solution which is tailor-made suiting to your business logic.

Accurate Measurements

We very well know that accuracy is the key factor when it comes to business analysis. One simple mistake in data can result in wrong strategy planning which can impact the profitability of the business. We ensure that the tools developed by us deliver quality data enabling you to move towards the right direction.


Having customer-centric approach, we develop extremely user-friendly tools. Testing of the software we develop is an integral part of our development process. Moreover, with OpenXcell after sales support services & training, you can enable your teams to use our developed software without any glitches.

Smart Integration

Our Business Intelligence & Analytical tool is developed keeping one thing in mind and that is it should help users to view and comprehend data easily. Smart integration of data from different departments like IT, marketing, supply chain, human resources, etc. and displaying it on a single dashboard can make the task of finding new opportunities and driving a business forward easier.


You can now get a single business intelligence and analytical tool tailor-made to your business requirements, which means no more investing in different expensive template-based tools for different tasks in an organization. Investing in just one tool made exclusively for your business needs would definitely help you in reducing costs and accelerating profitability.

Why OpenXcell as Business Intelligence and Analytics Company?

We make effortless for you to get the answers to difficult questions like – When to launch a specific product? Which market segment should be targeted? Where to invest? And many other similar kinds of complex queries. At each and every step of research and analysis process, whether it is retrieving information or discovering insights, we make the data accessible in a simplified manner to everyone regardless of their technical ability.

Modern Approach Towards Technology

To stay ahead of the competition, it is quite significant to embrace the latest tools and technologies. We ensure that our clients use upgraded business intelligence and analytics tools powered with modern approach including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) leaving no chance of facing setbacks.

Addicted to Our Clients’ Success

We believe that our clients’ success is our success, and so after understanding their requirements in-depth, we come up with solutions made specifically for their business. At each and every level starting from grabbing information to testing and deployment we work with our clients to achieve their ultimate satisfaction.

Habituated to Prompt Response

We value time and thus believe in providing prompt response to our clients’ queries. Moreover, our business intelligence and analytical tools are designed to deliver quick and effective results. Does it seem to be unbelievable for you? Just speak to our experts to get an instant and positive response against your doubts.

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