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Common CRM Problems:

  • Lack of integration with selling channels
  • Complex CRM tools with excessive fields
  • No update of information in real-time
  • Manual and time-consuming entries
  • Lack of insightful reports

Modern retail businesses need to offer multiple touchpoints to customers so that they access the company’s information easily and get all the required details to make buying decisions.

The entire customer lifecycle – right from the first interaction with your company to repeat purchase, every activity needs to be recorded and analyzed.

To help you achieve this, OpenXcell offers a robust and scalable CRM solution. Our CRM solution is designed for retail companies who want to enhance the customer experience by consolidating all the channels and make informed decisions with the help of powerful customer analytics.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Highlights:

  • Integration with storefronts, marketplaces, accounting platforms.
  • Real-time and automatic sync of customer details
  • Manage Customer profiles
  • Assign tags for easy search and categorization.
  • Customer activity timeline to know interactions and sales
  • User access for sales and support teams to resolve customer queries
  • API Integration with third-party CRM systems for quick migration
  • Customer metrics like buying patterns, loyal customers, predictive analysis, lifetime value, and more.
  • Real-time chat interface for quick communication

OpenXcell has extensive experience in developing CRM platforms and extending current CRM processes for better engagement. OpenXcell offers a unified solution that integrates with online channels, mobile applications, various social media platforms, and offline stores to centralize CRM tasks.

Our team of consultants will analyze your business needs, study your current CRM practices, and propose a modern solution that beautifully combines the latest technology and legacy business practices.

Get in touch with our expert today to know more details about our CRM solutions.

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