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Get the right front and back-end ecommerce solutions to offer the best buying experience to your customers across multiple channels.


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Common ecommerce management problems:

  • Low conversion rates
  • High Shopping cart abandonment rate
  • Shipping delays and order returns
  • Lack of centralized inventory practices
  • Zero automation of time-consuming tasks
  • Wrong order delivery

With the rapid growth of e-commerce industry, there are numerous channels for tech-savvy buyers to search and buy their desired products from. To fight competition and enhance buying experience, getting rid of all the painful problems that are mentioned above is important.

OpenXcell offers the best e-commerce solutions that beautifully combines front and back-end technologies.

We offer an integrated ecommerce management platform that includes website development, content management, creating exceptional shopping experiences, inventory & order management, and advanced business analytics.

Ecommerce Management Solution Highlights:

  • Website development on platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce.
  • Integration with effective apps like backorder, videos, etc. to increase footfalls and sales
  • Ready cloud-based solution to manage inventory, shipping, CRM, purchasing, etc.
  • Catalog and content management
  • Comparative store analytics and back-end reports to increase sales

Our ecommerce management solution offer plug-n-play integrations to help you manage multiple channels in one centralized platform. Our cloud infrastructure makes it easy for retailers to get upgrades, maintenance, and server space as per their growing needs and budget.

We will work with you to understand your e-commerce business model and requirements, and eventually offer a solution that is just perfect for you.

To know more information about our ecommerce management solution, contact our expert today.

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