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SaaS based services are stretching into a number of domains. Speedy search results is one of them. The potential for ‘Search’ within websites has long remained undermined and unexploited. However, as people gravitate more towards an app based environment, Speedy search has emerged as an important feature. SaaS is opening that up and one of the front runners in the game is Elastic Search. Elastic Search is an open source SaaS service that provides speedy search services for all types of sites and apps.

There are so many use-case scenario that depicts the utility of speedy search and its positive implications. Elastic Search also has a lot of Use-Case scenarios that extends across a host of app and site categories. Let’s peep into a few of them.

Extracting information for a large number of variables

Sites meant for hotel bookings and e commerce often come with a myriad of information. A lot of variables are used to extract this information which includes, dates, sizes, color, brands and so many other factors. Often, the data is stacked in a particular format into the servers and retrieving it is often a sluggish task. With Elastic Search in place however, it can be accomplished with lightening speeds.

Irrespective of your users searching by model number or brand name, it is extremely effective in fetching relevant results in no time.

Highly effective for sites serving multimedia-

Changing search results with successive keystrokes


Sound Cloud has employed Elastic Search for its users. It does not get any clearer than this that Elastic Search is a great tool to mine multimedia content. Along with the core search term, One can dig out a lot of secondary information. This may include small thumbnails alongside the search results.  It makes is extremely easy and effective to recognize the content being searched for.

Handling high Search volumes-



One of the challenging aspects for speedy data mining and presentation is the ability to handle high volumes of search requests. With any site or app, growth can come at exponential rate. And if your site or app has a prominent search functionality , you cannot miss out on that. High search volumes are handled smoothly by Elastic Search with low latency.  

High-end tech for startups at cost effective price tag-



Mobile startups are everywhere. They constitute to the majority of tech start up these days. It is no surprise that many of these apps demand in-app search feature. In fact, apps that list places or restaurants, one has to provide a substantial search bar that provides quick results. Elastic Search is proving to be a great tool for that. A number of apps are using it already and it is getting the stuff done for these cash starved startups in very few pennies.  

The Elastic Algorithm

Speed Search is cool but useless if not accompanied by a working algorithm for ranking the results. However, with Elastic Search one need not worry. The search results for any term are stacked perfectly putting the popular results on top and vice versa. This is fast and cost effective for startups that do not have much cash to burn.  

While Elastic Search is nothing but a SaaS, it is an open source technology with a substantial community at its back.  This makes Elastic Search a lot more promising and set straight for the future. Believe it or not, Speedy search is going to get big by the next few years and Elastic has already laid its groundwork. If you are also a start up, look into the possibilities of integrating Elastic into your venture. If you need a partner with expertise, we are ready to help.

Arup Dey

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